How do You Resolve QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working?

How do You Resolve QuickBooks PDF Converter Not Working?

QuickBooks PDF Converter is an integrated feature of the accounting program. By using this tool, you can convert reports and forms into PDF formats. However, the converter might create conflicts when printing or saving the file. This usually happens when the QuickBooks PDF Converter is not working.

In general, incorrect Windows permissions can bring such interruptions to the converter. Sometimes, you may find the problem in QB 2010 and 2011 too when the feature has been activated. This problem can be easily resolved by adjusting the permissions. Sometimes, when the cause is seen other than the permission-related problems, other fixes such as the correct configuration of the document writer XPS can be applied.

Why won’t QuickBooks PDF Converter Work?

The QuickBooks PDF Converter not working error can occur for a number of reasons in the PDF Converter. For instance, the operating system or accounting program may have bugs affecting its performance. The component required for converting the document can also be missing in the system. More causes of the error can be:

  • The converter cannot work when the XPS document writer is not properly configured.
  • An outdated version of your accounting software can bring complications.
  • The Temp folder may be loaded with cache due to which the PDF converter may not work.
  • Certain permissions of the Temp folder may not be set to full control for all the groups and usernames.

How to Fix the QuickBooks PDF Converter not Working Error?

When this feature is unable to work, the issue can be resolved by running the QuickBooks Print and PDF Repair tool. You should also check the reconcile windows and close them all. Those of you who use the Microsoft XPS Document Writer should find out whether it has been configured properly. To repair MXDW, you can also adjust its permission or reinstall it. With more such fixes applied, the QuickBooks PDF converter not working error should be repaired.

Fix 1: Run QB Print and PDF Repair Tool

Intuit provides dedicated tools to repair the program when needed. When you find that the PDF Converter is not working, running the Print and PDF Repair tool among these will be suggested. You will find it inside Tool Hub software after clicking on Program Problems. Then you can open the converter to check if it is working.

Note: This fix can work for the software users on Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.

  • Browse the “QuickBooks Tool Hub” online and download it on your computer. The version of the tool should be the latest and compatible with your operating system.
  • To proceed with the installation, run the file with a double click.
  • Pursue the prompts displayed on your screen and accept the terms.
  • When the tool hub is successfully installed, launch it to perform.
  • From the left menu, choose “Program Problems”.
  • Now, click the “QuickBooks PDF & Print Repair Tool” button.

The process might take a minute to scan the program and repair it. Once the process is finished, the QuickBooks PDF Converter not working on Windows 7 or other versions should be fixed. You can attempt to email, print, and save files as PDFs. When this reflects any further error, it indicates that the Windows system needs to be configured.

Fix 2: Test XPS Document Writer

QuickBooks software uses the MS XPS Document Writer service to save the document in PDF format. When the converting tool does not work, see to it that this service is working by performing a test. You can do so through Notepad. You need to test whether you can easily print the documents to the MXDW. 

  • First of all, launch “Notepad” on your PC.
  • Type “test” in the notepad.
  • Then, click the “File” menu.
  • Select the “Print” button.
  • Click on the “XPS Document Writer” option.
  • Press the “Print” button once again.
  • Now, type the filename and save it to the desktop screen.

When you are done saving the test file on the desktop, you can open the printed document from Notepad. It should be noted that you need to print to a printer when testing the error. Also, check that you can properly print the document outside QuickBooks. 

Fix 3: Reset Permission of Temporary Folders

The Temporary folder stores cached data and can launch configurations for the programs installed on your Windows system. As the QuickBooks PDF Converter not working bug surfaces in, you can reset the permissions of this folder. This can be done through Run. All you have to do is open the folder and give full control to all the user names and groups.

  • Launch “Run”.
  • As the dialog box displays, type “%TEMP%”.
  • Press the “Ok” button to open the temp folder.
  • In the folder’s window, right-click anywhere and choose “Properties”.
  • Switch to the “Security” tab.
  • Review all the groups and user names displayed in the “Security” tab. Make sure that they all have full control.

Once you set the permission to full control, you can start printing PDF documents. The converter should be working now. This will let you save the document as well.

Resolve PDF Converter Issues in QuickBooks 2010/2011

When you choose the reconciliation option from the Banking menu, QB 2011 or 2010 can appear locked up. Should this happen, the PDF converter may work but the reconcile window might not show on the screen. This may also lead to problems such as the QuickBooks 2011/2010 PDF converter not working.

  • To fix the problem of the converter, select the “Windows” menu.
  • Browse the list to find the reconciliation window.
  • Now, click the “Close All” button.

Thereafter, you can proceed with reconciliation again. At any point, when the program cannot create the necessary PDF files, adjust the permissions on the Windows system.

Summing Up

Saving the file in PDF format is one of the common tasks QB users perform. You might also need to send the financial report and forms to the clients in this format. As you find any difficulty while using the QB PDF converter that stops it from working, you can fix the issue in a few simple ways. With the ones suggested here, you can use the most reliable options.