Fixing Error Message: QuickBooks the System cannot Find the Path Specified

Fixing Error Message: QuickBooks the System cannot Find the Path Specified

For most users, company files work smoothly while for some, they may trigger unwanted issues when opening. Causes like incorrect firewall configuration and folder permission on Windows can lead to the “QuickBooks the System cannot Find the Path Specified” error message. 

The error message may display in different forms. While confronting such interruptions, one should enable UAC settings as this can resolve the issue in a snap. However, other workaround methods can also be performed. For this, understanding why the system is unable to find the specified path can be essential.

Why the System cannot Find the Specified Path in QuickBooks?

In a few instances, the installation of the accounting software may be damaged. That is why, when you look for a company file, the path may not be found. Hence, you may find the error message informing the same. 

The additional causes of the error message can be:

  • Faulty configuration of the firewall
  • The inability of the software to read the data
  • Missing folders or files
  • Any issues with the folders

How to Fix QuickBooks the System cannot Find the Path Specified Error?

When you are unable to open the QB company file, you should try opening it another time. In some cases, the error message might appear only once. However, when you attempt to access the file a second time, it can work. In case you are still having issues, a list of other fixes can help you to solve the “QuickBooks the system cannot find the path specified” error message.

Note: It is recommended to update QuickBooks to the latest version before implementing any solution.

Fix 1: Run QuickBooks with Administrative Rights

Using the QB software without admin rights may halt you from performing certain tasks. If you are unable to open the company files, then you should run the software as an administrator. Then you can try opening the files. The path should be specified this time.

  • Before starting, one has to make sure that the Intuit software is closed.
  • Then, look for the “QuickBooks” program icon on the desktop and right-click on it.
  • Select the “Run As Administrator” option from the menu.

Since you can run your accounting software with admin privileges, it becomes easy to access company files without conflicting any errors.

Tip: Run the Windows system as an administrator to avoid any restrictions and errors in the QuickBooks program.

Fix 2: Correct User Account Control Settings

Incorrect Windows settings can trigger errors in QuickBooks unexpectedly. By changing the UAC settings on Windows, one can get fixed the error QuickBooks the system cannot find the path specified. Before you toggle the UAC settings on your Windows version, the QuickBooks app should be closed.

  • Use the “Windows” logo on the keyboard.
  • Type “User Account Control” in the search bar.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select the “Change UAC Settings” option.
  • Use the slider to set the “Always Notify” setting.

When you enable the UAC settings, you may receive a prompt as a confirmation. You can click the “Yes” button and restart your computer to reflect the changes.

Fix 3: Change the Read-Only Status

When your company files are set to Read-Only, you will be unable to edit or work on your file. Thus, you should make sure that your QB company files are not set on the Read-Only status. Assuming that it is, change its status so you can access the file using its path.

  • To get started, open “Windows Explorer” and locate your company file.
  • Once found, right-click on the file with “.QBW” format.
  • Switch to the “General” tab.
  • Here, you have to make sure that the “Read-Only” checkbox is not selected. In case you see it marked, clear the checkbox.
  • Hit the “Ok” button to continue.

Now, you will not be restricted to opening and editing the company file. Thus, you may not encounter the QuickBooks the system cannot find the path specified issue.

Fix 4: Configure Internet Explorer

Although accounting software can be accessed through multiple web browsers, Internet Explorer is the default one used by QuickBooks. Therefore, configuring the internet settings is a must to avoid any errors related to the file path. Please use the settings of the explorer and head to Advanced to make the changes.

  • Launch “Internet Explorer” on your PC.
  • Then go to the “Gear” icon usually located on the top-right.
  • Select “Internet Options”.
  • Go to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Here, you can scroll down to reach the “Security” field.
  • Now, mark the following:
    • “Use TLS 1.0”
    • “Use SSL 3.0”
    • “Use SSL 2.0”

Ensuring the correct SSL and TLS settings in Internet Explorer can save you from unexpected error messages linked to the path of your files.

Fix 5: Adjust Windows Permissions

QB may be unable to find the specified path of a file due to faulty settings of the computer. To correct the settings of your Windows system, one has to go through the relevant folder location and set the permission to Full Control. Before you configure Windows settings, your accounting program should not be running.

  • Browse the location: 
    • “C:\Program Files\Windows Explorer. In case you find C:\Program Files\(x86)\ location” 
  • Then open this folder as this indicates your Windows system has 64bit.
  • Now, right-tap on the “Intuit” folder.
  • Select the “Properties” menu.
  • Open the “Security” section.
  • Choose the “Advanced” tab.
  • The “User Group” option should be selected in the “Owner” section. In case you find some other name such as “SYSTEM”, make sure to take ownership of this folder. The following can be done to take ownership:
    • Go to the “Advanced Security Settings”.
    • Tap “Change”.
    • Type in “USERS”.
    • Press the “Enter” key.
    • Select the option for replacing the owner on the sub-container & objects.
    • Click the “Users(Your System Name)Full Control” option.
    • Press “Ok”.
  • From the “Intuit Folder Properties” screen, select the “Edit” option in the “Security” tab.
  • Choose the “Users(Your System Name\Users)” option.
  • The “Full Control” option should be marked here.
  • Press “Ok” to complete the actions.

This will resolve your problems related to the file paths. To avoid any kind of interruptions, you can perform the same steps for other Intuit folder locations.

Conclusive Words

The performance of Intuit software may largely depend on the settings you have made on the Windows system. Incorrect Windows firewall configuration may result in the “QuickBooks the system cannot find the path specified” problem. By correcting internet settings and enabling UAC settings, the error can be simply fixed.

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