How to Record a Debit Card Transaction in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, and Online?

How to Record a Debit Card Transaction in QuickBooks, QB Desktop, and Online?

When transactions are made via your debit card, recording them can be a useful practice. This can be done to know the purchases that were made by you and on which date. Usually, these transactions can be recorded in QuickBooks. This software has been provided with a Banking menu. The menu gives you access to the option of Write Checks. This is a significant option that helps you in recording your credit card’s transactions. 

Here, we aim at helping you to use the Write Checks option for this purpose. We will show you how to record a debit card transaction in QuickBooks via it. Along with this, we will see how the transactions can be recorded on QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop for multiple debit cards.

Before moving further, looking at this summary will be suggested:

How to Record a Debit Card Transaction in QuickBooks?

You can record your debit card transactions in QuickBooks by providing their details and saving them. These details can be added via QuickBooks’ Banking menu. In it, you will see Write Checks. This is the option using which you can add the code for your transactions. In case you have multiple transactions from different debit cards, you can add the codes for all of them. Afterward, you can include the date, memo, and other such pieces of information. Now, when you select Save, the transactions of your debit card will be recorded in the software.

  • Ensure that “QuickBooks” has been started on your system.
  • View the software’s “Toolbar”.
  • Locate “Banking” and enter its menu.
  • Click on “Write Checks”.
  • Make certain that “Print Later” has not been selected.
  • In “Check Number”, provide the code for the transactions of your debit card.

Important: You may be using multiple bank cards. You may want to enter the transactions for each of these. The name of the bank will have to be included for every debit card along with the necessary codes.

  • Add the date of the transaction.
  • Now, mention the recipient.
  • Write the transaction’s total amount.
  • View the field of “Memo”. Here, input any extra amount that you wish to.
  • Use “Save” for recording the debit card transactions in QuickBooks.
  • After this, you can click on “Lists”.

Important: The option of “Lists” is usually seen in the menu bar. Using this, you can get access to the register. In the register, your transactions will be displayed.

  • Switch to “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Find your account name and click twice on it.

Important: Steps 12 to 14 are given to help you ensure that your debit card transactions have been added to QuickBooks. However, these steps are not mandatory to perform. You can consider doing them for checking the register for your transactions.

How Do I Record Debit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop?

In QuickBooks Desktop, the transactions of your debit card can be entered by running Banking. This is a menu available in QBDT. Select it to find Write Checks. Now, start writing the information that is required for recording your transactions. Once you review this information, you can save it. Then your transactions will be recorded.

Let us now teach you more about how to record debit card transactions in QuickBooks Desktop. To do so, we have listed the following steps:

  • Visit “QuickBooks Desktop”.

Note: In Windows, you can open QuickBooks Desktop from the “Start” menu or by clicking twice on its icon on “Desktop”.

  • Press “Banking”.
  • Select the “Write Checks” command.
  • Deselect “Print Later”.
  • The information relating to your check has to be filled in.
  • Review this information to ascertain that it is correct.
  • You will view a box that will be available for your debit card. Write “DC” in this box.
  • Decide whether you will be using multiple debit cards. Then provide the name of these debit cards’ banks.
  • Provide the following details:
    • “Name of Payee”
    • “Date of Transaction”
    • “Amount of Transaction”
  • Choose “Save and Close”.

How to Record Debit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Online?

Being a user of QuickBooks Online, you should open the tab for Banking for the purpose of recording your debit card transactions. After this, you can consider clicking on Write Checks. You can skip the option of Print Later in case no printout is needed. Then you will have to write the Check Number and type in the other details that are required. After saving the information, you can confirm whether the debit card’s transactions have been successfully recorded. You can check the same by running the Chart of Accounts. 

These steps can guide you better about how to record debit card transactions in QuickBooks Online:

  • Open the tab for “Banking” in “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Choosing “Write Checks” is the next step.
  • Do not tick the option of “Print Later”.
  • View “Check Number”.
  • In this field, you need to write “Debit Card”.
  • Fill in the information that has been asked for.
  • After this, tap on “Save and Close” to leave the current window.
  • Now, you can check whether your debit card’s transactions have been recorded. For this, select “Lists”.
  • In this step, use “Chart of Accounts” to proceed.
  • Look for the name of your account. Press it twice.

Bringing up Rear,

Recording your transactions for your debit card is so easily possible, as you saw here. They can not only be recorded for one debit card but also for multiple others belonging to different bank accounts. You can also add memos for extra amounts spent by you in the form of transactions via your card. These memos can help in working as your references in the future.

For additional readings, you can go through our guide on how to record a returned check in QuickBooks. To invest more of your time, you can read about the ways to record a vendor refund check in QuickBooks.

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