Knowing How to Record Amazon Sales in QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

Knowing How to Record Amazon Sales in QuickBooks Desktop and Online?

For businesses who wish to record Amazon Sales, QuickBooks is a reliable software. In versions like QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can enter the sales using journal entries. Convenient methods including settlement reports can also be suitable for recording them. For more convenience, you can also prefer apps to input the sales of Amazon or Amazon Seller Center in QB.

Assisting you to quickly record your company’s Amazon sales, we have authored this post. Here, we will see how to record Amazon sales in QuickBooks Desktop and versions like QBO. These methods will be accompanied by the directions you need. 

This blog’s summary is as follows:

How to Record Amazon Sales in QuickBooks Desktop?

QBDT users should access the Sales Receipt option for saving Amazon sales. To access the option, first, run Lists. Choose Item List, view the products/services you can see, and then open Item. from here, head to New. Soon, you will be directed to Customers. Here, you can find the Sales Receipt option. Using it, enter the details of the Amazon sales to save them in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Opt for “Lists” in “QuickBooks Desktop”.
  • From this menu, select “Item List”.
  • Ensure that you can see every product and service added to the accounting software.
  • Visit the end of the page.
  • Choose “Item”.
  • Now, press the option of “New”.
  • Wait for a new window to be launched.
  • Add the items here one by one.
  • Define a category for the items. Use “Type” for this purpose.
  • Fill in the fields with the information relating to the products.
  • Now, select “Ok”.
  • After this, select “Customers”.
  • Use “Enter Sales Receipts” from this menu.
  • Pick a payment method for recording Amazon sales in QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: We will suggest that you choose “Sales Receipt” as the method for payment.

  • Ensure that “Amazon” has been used as your bank. Or, you may select “Undeposited Funds Account”.
  • Click on “Customer:Job”.
  • Mention the name of your customer.
  • In “Date”, add the period of the transaction.
  • From the column named “Item”, the first line has to be chosen.
  • Input the right amount in the line.
  • Then fill in the other fields.
  • Press one of these at the end:
    • “Save & Close”
    • “Save & New”

How Do I Record Amazon Sales in QuickBooks Online?

In QuickBooks Online, Amazon sales can be added by using the settlement report. The information of this report will have to be recorded in a journal entry in QBO. You can prefer using the Amazon Settlements option in the accounting software to record the sales. In addition, these sales can be added using apps available in QuickBooks Online.

Elaborating on these methods in detail, below we have shown how to record Amazon sales in QuickBooks Online.

Method 1: Recording Sales via Amazon Settlements Option

Amazon Settlements is an option in QuickBooks Online that helps you in recording the sales of the platform. You can conduct a search for this option in QBO. After finding it, you can ensure that the name of the default category is Amazon Sales. If not, then the changes can be initiated. Now, you can add the deposit to the accounting software. 

For recording Amazon sales in QuickBooks Online, you can also find these directions useful:

  • Access “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Here, look for “Amazon Settlements”.
  • You may find the default category named “Sales of Product Income”. It will have to be named “Amazon Sales”.
  • Choose where the deposit of sale will have to be added.
  • Now, press “Add”.

Method 2: Adding Sales Using Amazon Settlement Report and QBO Journal Entry

Amazon sales can be added to QuickBooks Online by downloading the settlement reports and then preparing a journal entry. To download the reports, you will have to open Amazon Seller Central and log into your account. Via Payments in Reports, you can get the settlement reports. After viewing them, they can be downloaded. Now, you can move to QBO. After pressing + New, you can pick the Journal Entry option to proceed.

These steps explain how to record Amazon sales in QuickBooks Online using settlement reports and journal entries.

  • Open “Amazon Seller Central”.
  • Access your account for “Amazon Pay”.
  • Now, open the option of “Reports”.
  • Tap on “Payments”.
  • Go to “Statement View”.
  • You will see your statements here. Download their copies by pressing “All Statements”.
  • Choose “View” to go through the statements.

Note: The step given above is optional.

  • Now, press “Download”.

Note: The reports will include information relating to shipping, selling charges, order activity, transactions, refunds, etc. This information will relate to the activities that have happened in the last two weeks.

  • After this, a journal entry has to be prepared. Go to “QuickBooks Online”.
  • Select the button for “+ New”.
  • Choose “Journal Entry”.
  • From the new window, you need to pick “Accounts, Debits, and Credits”.
  • The line items need to be mapped.

Note: “Black” will resemble “Credits”. Likewise, “Red” will work as an indicator for “Debits”.

  • Decide the “Bank account” to which the sales belong.
  • Check that the total of the deposit is correct.

Method 3: Using Apps for Recording Amazon Sales

There are certain apps available in QuickBooks Online that enable a user to easily record Amazon sales. For finding them, you can select the option of Apps. Here, you can enter Amazon and see the apps that appear. Pick the most suitable application and start using it. Then you can enter all the Amazon sales of your company into the QBO program.

  • Start by opening the “QBO” program.
  • View “Apps” in it.
  • Write “Amazon” in the field you can see.
  • Go through the applications on the list.
  • Look for an app that connects or integrates your “Amazon” and “QuickBooks Online” accounts.

Note: On the list appearing in Step 4, you will find a range of apps. You may prefer “A2X”, “Webgility”, and apps like these for recording Amazon sales in QuickBooks Online.

Tip: You may require help to integrate your Amazon and QuickBooks accounts using such apps. See here how you can use them.

  • Select a suitable app and get it.
  • Then follow the prompts of the application to enter your Amazon sales in the accounting software.
Thoughts in Ending

So you see, there are several ways to record the sales of Amazon in QB. Journal entries, settlement reports, etc., are some of these. Based on your preferences, you can choose the best way for yourself. You can also get in touch with us to get additional help. Add a comment below for the purpose.

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