Why QuickBooks Keeps Logging Me Out and How to Fix?

Why QuickBooks Keeps Logging Me Out and How to Fix?

The QuickBooks log out user error causes you to be signed out of the software. This is a situation in which you do not log out yourself. Rather, the software automatically takes the action. The main reason for the problem can be incorrect settings. Sometimes, when you set up QB or QuickBooks Online, the effect of particular settings may be observed on the others. Hence, this log out user issue may arise. To fix the problem, it is apt to make changes to the settings like location and time. However, when you find the actual cause, troubleshooting the error becomes easier.

Why does QuickBooks Keep Logging Me out?

Several settings exist in QB. Any fault or problem in these can be the reason why the QuickBooks log out error persists. To be specific, you may have entered your location in the software. It may result in changes that may be affecting the sign-in sessions.

To resolve the error, you should also know the other causes of the automatic logout problem.

  • The time-out preferences in QB may have been set to a short duration. Hence, it may be logging you out very often.
  • A user may be signing in to the software from multiple browsers.
  • In case you use the QuickBooks app to log in, you may not have updated it. Therefore, a glitch may be causing the software to keep logging you out.

How to Fix QuickBooks Keeps Logging Me out Error?

A common way of fixing the QuickBooks log out user problem is by extending the time-out duration. You can also see to it that settings like the ones for location are not incorrect. Possibly, by signing in to the accounting software from only one web browser as well, you can get rid of the error. Above all, please check whether or not you are using an updated app for QB. Otherwise, the problem may keep occurring.

Fix 1: Change the Preferences for Time-out

This software can come with a limitation, that of a limited duration for staying signed in. It can get activated when you are inactive on the software. Thus, you may be auto-signed out from QB. To troubleshoot the QuickBooks log out user error, you can make changes to the preferences for the time-out settings. You can set the number of hours after which QB should log you out.

  • Tap on the QuickBooks “Gear” icon.
  • Then come to “Account and Settings”.
  • Now, you need to click on “Advanced”.
  • After this, please move to “Other Preferences”.
  • In the section, you need to view the icon resembling “Pencil”.
  • Press the dropdown given for “Sign Me out if Inactive for”.
  • Here, you may choose “3 Hours”. 

Note: Please change the duration as per your preferences.

  • Next, choose the “Save” option.
  • Then you have to select “Done”.

Fix 2: Login from only 1 Browser

The QuickBooks log out user issue can occur when you sign in to the software from 2 browsers. Usually, for the privacy and safety of data, the software lets you access the account only from 1 browser at a time. In case you use an additional one to log in, such a problem is likely to emerge.

Note: When you are finding the same error in QuickBooks Online as well, this fix can work.

A possible solution for staying logged into the Intuit software is by accessing it only from a single internet browser. Should there be a need to use any other browser, then please manually log out of QuickBooks from the current one and then proceed with the action.

Tip: Sometimes, your browser may be problematic. Issues such as too much cache, lack of updates, etc., may result in the sign-out error. It will be of use to fix these issues as well. Ultimately, you should be able to access the software without this error emerging.

Fix 3: Change Location Settings

In this software developed by Intuit, you can find several settings. One of these is related to the location. Depending on the location set in the software, some changes may occur. Due to these changes, you may notice that QuickBooks is signing you out on its own. You can verify these settings and see whether there is anything faulty/incorrect in the location settings. This should help fix the QuickBooks log out user problem.

Note: The following method is best suited for QuickBooks Time users. However, the users of other versions can also locate the same settings and make changes to them.

  • Visit “Settings” in the software.
  • Now, you have to press “Location”.
  • See whether all the settings are correct. Or, make changes as necessary.

Fix 4: Update the QuickBooks Application

A number of users may be accessing the software from the QuickBooks app. Although it makes it convenient for you to sign in, the application may not work as usual on your mobile. The most common problem can be the occurrence of the QuickBooks log out user error. The main reason can be that the app may not have been updated. Hence, processes as basic as signing in may not correctly work. As a consequence of this, the app may frequently log you out.

To fix the logging out error, please check for the updates. Install them for this application. Later, you can log in to the app again. After this, it should not automatically sign you out.


The QuickBooks log out user error may not be complex to resolve. You can always ensure that the settings are correct. Otherwise, you can make certain modifications and simply fix the error. To be mindful of the error in the future, you can check the software settings from time to time to remove any faults.

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