How do I Cancel My HBO Subscription for Max, Now, and Go Services?

How do I Cancel My HBO Subscription for Max, Now, and Go Services?

Home Box Office, better known as HBO, is among the widely used TV networks. HBO Max, Now, and Go offer the extended video streaming services of this network. Customers can subscribe to these services through HBO or other platforms to entertain themselves with movies and shows. 

In spite of the engaging videos, the geographically limited availability, cost, etc., may be the reasons why some subscribers may not need the services any longer. They can benefit from apprehending how to cancel the HBO subscriptions. According to the exact service you have subscribed to and from which platform, cancellation methods can be started. You can do them via Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows.

How do I Cancel My HBO Max Subscription?

HBO Max comes with a wide number of streaming options but not necessarily at a reasonable cost for all users. Other than the price, certain other elements may make unsubscribing seem more suitable. A simpler option for a user of HBO Max to cancel the subscription is by visiting the official site. It directly allows you to manage it. On a smart device with Android or iOS, the HBO Max application’s settings should be checked for cancellation.

Method 1: Via

A customer may tend to check the website of a service provider to gain an option when the service has to be ended. The same approach may be applied by a Home Box Office Max customer as well. On its site, Subscription can be easily seen. From this section, you can find the option to manage it. The Cancel Subscription option should be revealed. Use it to do away with the video streaming service.

  • Rush to your account on “”.
  • From your profile, you have to tap on “Subscription”.
tap on “Subscription” to cancel hbo subscription
  • Hit the tab that mentions “Manage Subscription”.
manage subscription to cancel hbo subscription
  • Hover the mouse on “Cancel Subscription” and press it.

Remember: The date on which the subscription ends should appear. You may want to note it. Till the date is reached, the HBO Max service can be utilized.

  • Now, you have to click on the following:
    • “Yes, Cancel Subscription”
Yes, hbo Cancel Subscription

Remember: A number of users may have the misconception that deleting the app will auto-cancel the HBO max subscription. The service shall remain active even then until you cancel it as suggested.

Method 2: On Android/iOS

The television network provider has made its app, Home Box Office Max, for easy access to shows on Android and Apple phones. On deciding that the service may not be temporarily or permanently required, the same application may be used for cancellation. To explain how to cancel your HBO Max subscription through it, in brief, you can go to Profile. You should see your billing details in the settings. From here, you can start the method to end the service.

  • Run the application “HBO Max” on one of these:
    • “Android” smartphone
    • “iPhone”
    • “iPad”
  • Select the icon for “Profile”.
  • Move to the section where you can see the information relating to billing. You should see it after pressing the “Gear” button.
go to settings to hbo now cancel subscription android
  • Please tap on “Manage Subscription”.
  • Now, you have to choose “Cancel Subscription”.

When this button is not present, you may not have directly bought the service from HBO Max. The Learn More button should be available. Push it to reach the platform through which the service was purchased. On that platform, you will have to log in to your account. Afterward, you can check the billing information region and stop the service.

What is the Method to Cancel an HBO Subscription?

A Home Box Office subscription can be canceled both offline and online. Presently, the best way to stop it offline is by calling the provider. However, to obtain its number, you may have to use the web. You can cancel an HBO subscription from an iPhone as well. When you are using its application, you can check the device’s settings to view all the subscriptions and stop the suggested one. When your device has Android OS, you can use a similar method. This time, you have to open the Play Store in place of the settings.

Method 1: Calling for Cancellation

You can look for the Contact Us page of Home Box Office. You can decide whether you use HBO Go, Max, or Now. Accordingly, you can press the link for the help-offering page of the website. You will be taken to the site. Here, you can find the contact number and connect with the service provider. Please share your request to cancel the HBO subscription. For any further queries, you may seek the help of the representative on call.

Method 2: On iPhone

Customers of HBO who are using iPhones can end the subscribed service from the main settings. All the subscriptions active on the iOS device can be seen here and the ones not needed can be withdrawn from. Apart from this, you may check the iTunes & App Store to find the subscribed services and pick HBO from them.

  • On your “iPhone”, please access the “Settings” application.
  • Press the user’s name.
  • In the menu that you can see, please tap on “Subscriptions”. From here, you have to find the subscription to HBO and end it.
  • In Step 3, when the said option does not appear, you can open “iTunes & App Store” and proceed.
  • Tap on “View Apple ID”.
  • Selecting “Cancel subscription” is needed in this step.
  • Find “HBO” on the list of subscriptions.
  • Press the “Cancel Subscription” button.

Method 3: In Android Devices

When you are using HBO on Android, you can see its subscription in the Google Play Store. You can directly cancel it from there. How to cancel your HBO subscription on this OS can, therefore, be quick. This method can be applied on smartphones and tablets having this software.

  • The first direction is to run the “Google Play Store”.
  • Find the “Subscriptions” tab by pressing the 3-line symbol.
  • “HBO” should appear on the list in this tab.
  • Hit the “Cancel Subscription” button.

How to Cancel Your HBO Now Subscription on Website?

The official website of Home Box Office Now can be used for subscribing or unsubscribing. As easy as it is to purchase the service, ending it is also not challenging. You can view your profile on the site and manage the service. Also, using an additional link to the website of HBO Now, you can cancel the subscription online. As some users may find issues opening the main site, at times, the second one should be useful.

Method 1: Using

When the subscription has been directly purchased via the provider, you can cancel it from the official website of HBO NOW, The link gives you access to your profile. Through it, your Billing Information can be managed. It will show the option to stop the service. To continue to cancel the HBO Now subscription on the website, you will be asked for confirmation as well.

  • Please open the site of “HBO Now”.
  • Look for the symbol of “Profile”. Through it, please visit “Billing Information”.
  • You should find “Manage Subscription” in the section. Open it and look for “Cancel Subscription”. The provider needs to be specified.
  • You will be asked to confirm whether you want to end the subscription. Give your confirmation. 

Method 2: Through

A secondary link to HBO Now’s website can be found. In instances wherein the main link does not work or is restricted due to any limitations, you might visit the second one. By signing in to your account, you can navigate to Billing Information and disable the automatic renewal of payments. With the payments not being made, the subscription shall stop working after a date.

  • Go to your account and click on your name.

Remember: Some users may assign any other name to the service instead of theirs. The same name should appear in the account. It can be selected.

  • Check the section for “Billing Information”.
  • Press the slider that has enabled the “Auto-renew” option and ensure that it gets turned off.
  • You may see the tab “Yes, Turn it off”. Cancel the subscription for HBO Now by ascertaining your decision.
Yes, Turn it off

Remember: On both Windows and Mac OS, these methods can be used.

Can You Cancel an HBO Go Subscription?

HBO Go can be an ideal streaming platform. Even then, a customer may not require the service as it comes with a prerequisite, that of a powerful internet connection due to its resolution as high as 1080p. You can cancel the HBO Go subscription to save costs needed for this service as well as such a connection. The first approach should be by using the settings of your account. Other than this, the app for Home Box Office Go can be run to opt out of the service.

Method 1: From Settings on Browser

You may use a supportive web browser on your mobile. Or, a computer can be used for the subscription’s cancellation. Open the website of HBO Go, login, and cancel the subscription from the settings. The link to the site can vary as per your location. Therefore, you can search for it accordingly on the browser.

Certain users may find help below for finding the location-specific website:

  • See the “Settings” of your “HBO Go” account.
  • Find the option which says “Subscription Management”.
  • Move to the page “To Cancellation”.
  • The user can tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

Method 2: Access HBO Go App

Whether you own an Android or iOS device, the HBO Go app may be used on it. Via the same app, you can run your Profile and access the settings through the Gear-resembling option. Specify the provider through which you have purchased the subscription. Then locate its number and can get the service canceled on call.

  • Running the application “HBO Go” forms the basic step.
  • Go to profile.
  • Push the “Gear” option.
  • The service provider should be displayed. Select it.
  • Further guidelines should be there on the screen. Continue to execute each one of these until you find the provider’s contact number.
  • Then call the service provider and let it cancel the HBO Go subscription for you.

For any refund-related queries, you may request the information from the provider on call.

Quick Recap

Every user can have a different reason for not using Home Box Office services beyond a date or time. The company provides for easy cancellation of subscriptions. The involved methods can be administered through several devices and ways, whether online or offline. At a later point, should you require the service again, you may connect with HBO to ask for the same.

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