How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on Browser, Mobile, and Computer

How to Cancel Spotify Subscription on Browser, Mobile, and Computer

For years, Spotify has been providing audio and video services. Popular for streaming and downloads, you need to subscribe to use these services. The platform can enjoy several users each year. Some of them may want to leave the service at a later point. As one of them, you too can leave or cancel your Spotify subscription.

The platform can give you more than one way to unsubscribe. On, you can cancel subscriptions for premium/non-premium purchases via a browser. On mobiles with iOS and Android software, iTunes or the phone browser can be utilized. With certain variations, these methods can be used on a computer as well. The cancellation is not limited to these. As per the way of subscribing to the service, more methods can be applied.

How do I Cancel My Spotify Subscription?

Spotify can be subscribed through its website, iTunes, and other ways. When the action has been pursued using the former way, you can check the Contact Us page of the provider or reach its support or customer care team. Especially when you have lost your account’s password, these ways can be the best. When the subscription has been bought via iTunes, you can use your Apple ID or other details to opt-out of it. This method to cancel Spotify subscriptions on iPhones and Mac computers can be very reliable.

Method 1: On iTunes 

The media player application, iTunes, can run on iOS devices like Apple computers, iPhones, etc. It can connect you to music and help you get subscriptions to services like Spotify. Even for cancellation, it can be open and varying instructions can be applied. Having said this, how to cancel a Spotify subscription through iTunes can then be learned in two ways that make use of the same player.

Option 1: Running in iPhone

To use iTunes on the iPhone for withdrawing from Spotify, you can check the Settings. Select the media player and tap on your Apple ID. Later, the subscriptions should be visible. You can pick the one for Spotify and then cancel it. You may check the date on which the subscription really ends and use the streaming service till then. 

  • Run the app available for “Settings”.
  • Press the following option:
    • “iTunes & App Store”
Select iTunes & App Store to cancel spotify subscription
  • The user’s “Apple ID” needs to be selected.
  • Wait for a new window. Then opt for “View Apple ID” in it.
View Apple ID
  • Push the option titled “Subscriptions”.
  • All the subscribed services should be shown on the display. Tap on “Spotify Subscription”.
  • Simply press “Cancel Subscription” in the final step.

Please Note: Spotify customers may find no option to cancel the Spotify Subscription on iPhone/Mac while using the method. Possibly, they may have subscribed through any other platform. They can be advised to check only that platform for cancellation. 

Option 2: Open on Mac

You can cancel your Spotify subscription at any time using the iTunes player on Mac. For the cancellation of the service via the media player, you will not be required to open it. iTunes shall be indirectly used for this purpose. You need to ensure that the service has been purchased through the player. Then you can run the App Store on your computer. Go to View Information via your credentials or name and manage the service.

  • On the “Apple” computer, run the “App Store”.
  • Choose one of these:
    • “Sign-in” button
    • User’s name available at the bottom
  • Click on the “View Information” tab.
  • Tap on the “Subscription” feature.
  • “Manage” has to be selected from here.
  • Click on “Spotify” as well as the “Edit” tab.
  • Push the button for “Cancel Subscription”.

Method 2: Cancel without Password

The password of the audio-streaming platform, just like that of any other one, can be lost or forgotten. How to cancel the Spotify subscription with no access to the account can either seem complicated or unfeasible. In an instance like this one, you can contact the platform in 4 ways: 

The page gives you the option to contact the team of the provider by dropping a message. You can press “Send Message” and wait for a response for the service’s cancellation.

  • You may use the email address mentioned as follows and request to cancel your subscription to Spotify:
  • In addition to the above, calling on +18009525210 can enable you to register the request. Thereafter, you should be given the instructions to cancel the service.

Tip: It may be easier and less time-taking for the company to stop the service when the reason has been mentioned. Even when the reason relates to the quality of the service, unavailability due to shift in the user’s location, or high prices, providing it can be suggested.

How to Cancel a Spotify Premium Subscription?

Spotify Premium can enable you to have access to music with no interruptions from ads. Downloading playlists and enjoying them whether online or offline can also be an added advantage. The cost of subscribing to it may be perceived as expensive by some users. As a consequence of this and other reasons, you might cancel the Spotify Premium subscription. The first method is by running the provider’s website on your Desktop or Android phone. On iOS devices, the App Store can help with direct cancellation.

Method 1: Using Browser

Internet browsers can run on both computers and smartphones. Based on optimization, certain websites can smoothly work on Desktop and mobile browsers. The website of Spotify can also be launched on them. How you can cancel your Spotify subscription for premium services on the browser can follow a different approach as per the device. On Desktop, you can go to Account Overview while on a mobile, you can see the Account Page and then close the service.

Option 1: On Your Desktop

Visit the website of the music-streaming platform on your Desktop. Select the section Account Overview. You have to proceed to Your Plan. The option to change it should be given. Here, you will find the option to cancel the premium plan’s subscription. The reason to cancel the Spotify Premium subscription may need to be stated and confirmed. 

Please Note: The below-shown methods can work only when the subscription has been bought from Spotify.

  • Using this link, log in to your account:
    • “”
  • Choose “Account Overview”.
  • You have to view “Your Plan”.
  • Tap on the “Change Plan” option below it.
  • Find the option which reads “Spotify Free”.
  • Under it, you will see “Cancel Premium”. This is the button you need to push.
  • Going further, press “Yes, Cancel”.
  • View the date on which the subscription ends. You can know for how long you can continue using the service. 
  • You should notice “What’s the Main Reason You Canceled Your Spotify Premium?”. Choose from the listed reasons.

Please Note: After canceling the subscription, your playlists can be accessed on the app. You can find them via the listening history. On removing Spotify, the history may get cleared. Thereafter, you may not find these playlists. Hence, access shall be completely lost.

Option 2: On a Mobile 

You can use a compatible browser on your mobile that supports You should find an icon with three lines. Using this, you have to visit the Account Page. In Account, the user’s plan will be displayed. Through the help of Change Plan, you can go to the cancellation option. Finally, you will be able to cancel your Premium subscription on Spotify.

  • Open the browser on your mobile and run the main site of Spotify.
  • Sign in by hitting the 3-line icon above. On the “Account Page”, press this icon again.
  • Choose “Account”. 
  • Tap on the “Your Plan” option.
  • Then press the “Change Plan” feature.
  • A new page should show “Spotify Free”. From its section, you can press “Cancel Premium”.
  • You should be shown the features/services you may lose as you cancel the Spotify Premium subscription.
  • You may hit “Continue to Cancel” as well as affirm this action.

Please Note: The user may be asked to press the option twice.

Method 2: In iOS Devices

Your subscribed services on iOS can be viewed through the App Store. Not only can you check but also end the services through it. Open this store and locate your profile image. With a tap on it, you will be navigated to Subscriptions. Cancel the Spotify subscription on the App Store and verify your action.

  • Open either your “iPad” or “iPhone” and view the “App Store” on it.
  • Your display picture should appear on the right. Press it.
  • Touch the option of “Subscriptions”.
  • Scroll to “Active” and then choose “Spotify”.
  • You need to find “Cancel Subscription” in the direction.
  • Press the “Confirm” button.

Taking Everything into Account

Music or media streaming services like that of Spotify can be unmatched. Even then, when a customer seems to not be satisfied, the provider allows cancellation in several ways. The ways to cancel Spotify subscriptions were focused on in this reading. Whether you own a computer or mobile, feasibly ending the service can be availed from now on.

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