How to Change PowerPoint Slide to Portrait Mode? A Complete Guide

How to Change PowerPoint Slide to Portrait Mode?

When any user access Microsoft PowerPoint, all slides by default appear in horizontal or landscape mode. To make your presentation beautiful and inclusive, at times, we have to switch to the PowerPoint portrait mode. 

Basically it is changing your input document or content from tall to flat or the other way around. At times, your slide appears fantastic, if you have more space from top to bottom (PowerPoint portrait orientation) instead of placing your requited data from side to side.

Our tutorial is all about how to transform your slides from the PowerPoint landscape to portrait mode. Let’s understand why it is essential to include a verticle or portrait content for our presentations:

Reason to Switch from PowerPoint Landscape to Portrait Orientation And Viceversa

Content Looks Exclusive Rather Mundane – Imagine you have a business meeting and you have to create a slide show. All the data you going to present is all about the company’s performance, achievement, or product-centric. Your content will definitely look good in a tabular form having numerous columns and rows. Therefore, you need to change from landscape to portrait in PowerPoint, which makes your presentation looks informative and appealing. 

Landscape Orientation, at Times, could be Nightmarish – Creating tables for your presentation might require you to switch to excel and then switch between the applications to present your slides. But the better way out would be to access PowerPoint slides for all your information and switch to make PowerPoint portrait useful by changing the dimension to fit the content accurately.

Any Video Content Sits better in Vertical Mode – One of the prime reason to change PowerPoint to portrait mode is for application to support video content in slides which look apt and presentable in vertical format. Any video projected in the PowerPoint slide in portrait mode fills the entire projector’s screen. 

How to change PowerPoint to portrait from the landscape in Microsoft 2013?

To switch to the PowerPoint portrait mode, you should use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and all the above versions. 

  • On the menu bar, click on the Design tab.
  • Click to select the ‘Slide Size’ button. Then, choose the Custom Slide Size option.
Custom Slide Size Option -Powerpoint Portrait
  • Select the Portrait option under Orientation.
  • Now click OK to save the configuration.
OK - How to Change Powerpoint to Portrait

In the next tutorial, we will learn how to make PowerPoint portrait orientation, especially in iOS.

How to change from landscape to portrait in PowerPoint for Mac?

To alter PowerPoint landscape to portrait mode for Mac computers,  do the  following:

  • Select the File menu and click to choose the Page Setup option.
  • A Page Setup dialog box will appear. Across from Slides, select the Portrait orientation. As an alternative, users can select custom dimensions in the Size section, making the height greater than the width.
  • Click OK to save the changes.

The guide to reorienting slides from landscape to PowerPoint slide portrait mode on Mac is a very easy and less time-consuming process. 

How to initiate PowerPoint change from landscape to portrait in Google Slides?

  • Select the Design tab from the Google Slide main menu.
  • Select Slide Size, then choose Custom Slide Size.
  • Click to choose the portrait orientation image.
  • Click on OK to save changes.
  • You will get the option to choose from Maximise, which helps maximize the use of the available slide space or Ensure Fit, which makes sure that the slide aptly fits into the PowerPoint portrait mode.
Ensure it - How to make Powerpoint Portrait

This is how you can change all Powerpoint slides to portrait mode. In the below-mentioned post, we will tell your steps to accomplish PowerPoint change from landscape to portrait for individual slides by actually linking two presentations.

Note: Please these steps will remain the same for a variety of PowerPoint applications in Microsoft, iOS, and Google.

How to make a PowerPoint Slide portrait from Landscape Mode For Any  Individual Slide?

To make PowerPoint Portrait oriented slide individually, we would be linking the two presentations. Do the following:

  • Click File, and then New button to launch a blank presentation slides.
  • Select the particular thumbnail that you want to make a modification of, drag, and drop into the new window. Powerpoint creates a duplicate copy of the slide. To change multiple slides, drag, and drop one at a time. 
  • Change the orientation of the slide in the new window. 
  • Select the ‘Design’ tab, click on ‘Slide Size’ icon. 
  • Now select the ‘Customize Slide Size’ and then click on ‘Portrait’ in the slide settings.
  • Click on OK to save changes.
  • You will get the option to choose from Maximise, which helps maximize the use of the available slide space or Ensure Fit, which makes sure that the slide aptly fits into the PowerPoint portrait mode.
  • Save the new presentation file in the same folder, and assign a different name to avoid confusion while using it.
  • In the original presentation, select the slide one before the slide you want to present in portrait orientation.
  • Click on the Insert Tab on the main menu. Under the ‘Links’ section of the ribbon, click on the ‘Action’ icon.
  • A pop-up box by the name ‘Action Settings’ will appear. Click on the ‘Hyperlink to’ radio box and then select the ‘Other Powerpoint Presentation’ button. Click on the OK button to proceed. 
  • Browse the other Powerpoint presentation file which you saved in the same folder by the different name. Click on Ok to proceed.
  • Select the title that you changed from landscape to portrait in PowerPoint. Click on the OK button twice to save the changes. 

This will help link the selected object to slide in the second presentation. When you click the link from the first presentation, the slide will open in a way that you can see the inputs from the second presentation which would be invisible to the audience.

If you still not sure how to make a PowerPoint slide portrait from landscape mode, feel free to reach out to us for more information. Our technical experts will guide you through the process should you have any concerns regarding any step mentioned in the guide above. 

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