How To Disable Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

How To Disable Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The Malwarebytes program restricts some of the program usages and you may be willing to Disable the Malwarebytes program to gain access into the restricted program. Now, if you have this question “How to Disable Malwarebytes?” in your mind then, you can read below the article in detail to know the steps to disable Malwarebytes. Many of the users don’t even know how to install Malwarebytes and uninstall Malwarebytes. No worries, you can find a step-wise guide on our ErrorsDoc website for all the Malwarebytes software/application related problems and errors.  

How to Disable Malwarebytes on Windows OS

Find below the multiple methods that provide an answer to the “how to disable Malwarebytes?” question.

Method No. – 1

Disabling the Real-Time Protection

Many users install the Malwarebytes software/application in their system and it further installs some of the supporting software with your permission. But, if you do not wish for further supporting software and think that the Malwarebytes alone is sufficient for the system protection. Then, you must disable the real-time protection wherever possible. There are two ways for disabling the real-time protection in Malwarebytes software/program:

Disabling Through The System Tray

– Firstly, search for the Malwarebytes application icon in the system tray. If you are not able to find the icon, click on the system tray arrow and see the list.
– Make a right-click on the Malwarebytes application icon and you will see a window popup with different options.

Disable Malwarebytes

– You will see that the box beside the “Web Protection” option is checked. Now, you must click and disable this option. 
– In the end, you will see the option as “Web Protection: Off” and the box beside it is not checked.

Disabling Directly Through The Program

If you have tried but cannot find the Malwarebytes application/program icon in the system tray then, you can run the program through the shortcut on system desktop and follow the below-mentioned steps.

– Make a selection for the “Settings” option from the left sidebar of the screen.
– When you click on “Settings”, you will find multiple tabs being displayed on the top of the screen. Select the “Protection” tab from the available tabs options.

Protection tab-Disable Malwarebytes

– The first option that you will see under the protection tab is real-time protection,  set the web protection setting to off.
If the above-mentioned method did not solve your problem then, you can move ahead with method no.2 for the same.

Method No. – 2

Disabling The Option of Potential Threat Protection 

If you are having trouble in running a program/application due to the Malwarebytes program then, you must be searching for the process to disable Malwarebytes. You can run all your applications/programs by disabling the threat protection in the Malwarebytes. Follow the below-mentioned steps for the same:

– Go to the “Settings” option from the left sidebar of the system
– From the available tabs, go to the “Protection” tab.
– Click on the “Real-Time Protection” option then, “Scan options” and you will find an option of “Potential Threat Protection.”
– Now, change the settings to “Ignore Detections” under the Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) option.

How to Disable Malwarebytes

If you have followed all the above-mentioned steps as per the sequence but still not got the desired output/result. Then, you must try the method no.3 to disable Malwarebytes in your system.

Method No. – 3

Disable Malwarebytes Startup 

Many of the users worldwide prefer using the Malwarebytes program/application only when they wish to scan and detect threats and viruses in their system. If you also wish to use the Malwarebytes application in the same way then, find below the steps to disable Malwarebytes startup.

– Launch the Malwarebytes application/program and go the settings option from the sidebar.
– Now, go to the “Protection” tab.
– Scroll down and find the “Startup Options.” 
– Now, make sure to turn off the “Start Malwarebytes at Windows Startup” option.

Disable Malwarebytes Startup

Also, you can enable the option below that says “Delay Real-Time Protection when Malwarebytes starts”, if you wish to ensure fast system boot up. This option also lets the users choose the duration of the delay for the Malwarebytes protection process startup. You can use the same above-mentioned methods to temporarily disable Malwarebytes pro and Malwarebytes premium versions as well. 

There is a possibility that even after following all the mentioned methods, you still remain with the question “how to disable Malwarebytes?”. There may be some other errors like Malwarebytes Real-Time Protection Won’t Turn on or System Mechanic Not Working on Windows 7, etc. in your system due to which you are not getting the desired output/result. No worries, you can chat with one of our ErrorsDoc experts and they will guide you with the steps and procedures to fix different types of errors/problems in your system.  

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