Hulu won’t Load? We Got 19 Time-tested Solutions

why won t hulu load

Your plans to binge-watch the best shows on Hulu might not work when Hulu won’t load. Hulu loading error is a common problem and can be troubleshot in numerous ways. And we know as many as 19 ways to fix this problem with Hulu. So, let us explore these ways and quickly get you binge-watching the shows on Hulu.

Why won’t Hulu Load?

Hulu loading issues such as, Hulu keeps loading but does not stop, Hulu won’t load at all, Hulu will not load quickly can be due to multiple reasons. On top of the list of reasons for why is Hulu not loading is an inconsistent network connection. Hulu will not load when the network connection offers slow speed or poor service. Also, when too many devices have been connected to the home network, the internet services will become slow.

Sometimes, Hulu won’t load when the server of the app is down itself. At other times, not updating the Hulu app can cause bugs. Change in location and language is another cause of this issue. Lastly, we believe that not clearing the cache on your device regularly may also produce the problem. 

How to Troubleshoot Hulu Loading Error?

Here we will explore all the solutions to troubleshoot the loading failures on Hulu on different devices, such as Firestick, Roku, TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PS3.  

Fix 1: Check whether Hulu is Down

When the loading failure arises on Hulu, the first thing to do will be to check whether the Hulu application is down. In case it is down, then the ideal thing to do will be to patiently wait.

Fix 2: Check Internet Connection & Restart Router

Check Internet - hulu won t load

It will be helpful to note that the account page of Hulu will not load when your network connection is bad. You will need an upgrade in the internet services. However, if you are sure that your network connection is working absolutely well, then you can restart the router to troubleshoot any bug because of which the page isn’t loading. Check the 5 steps here to restart the router. 

1. Turn off your router.

2. Next, unplug your router.

unplug - hulu loading error

3. Now, wait for a minute.

4. Plug in your router and switch it on.

5. Access Hulu. The issue of Hulu account page not loading will have been resolved. 

Fix 3: Turn Off Devices on Home Network

Is Hulu stuck on loading for more than the usual time? Do you know that sometimes Hulu takes too long to load when multiple devices have been connected on your home network? Even though connecting multiple devices to it is a usual thing, it can often strain the network connection. That is why we will suggest you turn off all the unnecessary devices connected to your home network and then open Hulu. 

Fix 4: Lower the Streaming Quality

Hulu keeps loading when the internet connection is slow. Do you also have an internet connection that does not provide you a good speed? You can still stream Hulu by lowering the streaming quality. Here is how to do it. 

1. Access the “Settings” of the Hulu application.

2. Open the “Quality Settings” to adjust them. 

why won't hulu load

3. Set the quality to “Low”.

4. Now, stream movies and shows without the Hulu loading issues.

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on Firestick?

For the users of Firestick, here we have provided 2 solutions to resolve the problem when Hulu will not load. The solutions include updating the Hulu app and restarting the device.

Fix 5: Ensure Hulu is Updated on Firestick

An outdated application can be the cause for Hulu not loading on Firestick. Updates are released for Hulu from time to time to improve your experience on Firestick. So, if you don’t have the latest version of this app, then upgrade it right away in just 6 simple steps. 

1. Go to the “Settings” of Firestick. 

2. Next, tap on “Applications”.

hulu won't load on firestick

3. Now, click on “Manage Installed Applications”.

4. Tap on “Hulu” under “Manage Installed Applications”.

5. Next, press “Update”.

6. Once the app gets updated, the problem of Hulu not loading on Firestick will be gone.

Fix 6: Restart Firestick

When Hulu keeps loading but does not actually load on Firestick, then restarting the device will be a good solution. Restarting the Firestick will reboot the device. Here is how you can restart Firestick to fix the issue.

1. First, plug out the Firestick as well as your TV.

2. The second step is to plug out the router.

3. Now, wait for a few minutes to allow the devices to discharge.

4. The next step is to plug back in the Firestick, the TV, and the router. 

5. Allow a few minutes for the devices to start.

6. Now, check for Hulu load failure on Firestick. 

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on Roku?

Are you wondering why is my Hulu not loading on Roku? There could be a minor bug with the device or app. Below we have provided you a simple solution to clear the bug.

Fix 7: Restart Roku Device

Roku Hulu not loading error or the problem of Hulu won’t stop loading can be easily fixed by restarting the device. While many of you would already be familiar with the process to restart Roku, we have mentioned the steps here just in case you need them.

1. Turn off the Roku device and then unplug it.

unplug - hulu thumbnails not loading on roku

2. Now, you have to wait for one minute to discharge the device.

3. Next, plug in the device. Turn the device on.

4. Wait for a few minutes again and let the Roku device start. 

5. Now, access the “Home” screen of Roku.

6. Click on “Settings”.

7. Then click on “System” and “Power” in the “Settings”.

8. Next, click on “System Restart”.

9. Access Hulu after the system has been successfully restarted. 

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on TV?

A minor problem in your TV may be the cause of the Hulu loading error. There is one excellent method to fix this minor problem on the device. You can find this method along with the instructions in the following section. 

Fix 8: Power-cycle Your TV

Are you giving a thought to “Why Hulu will not load on my TV?” Whatever be the cause, the simplest of all fixes for Hulu not loading on TV is to power-cycle it. Learn how to power-cycle your TV in just 7 steps.

1. Turn off your TV and remove its plug.

2. Press the “Power” button of your TV’s remote. Keep holding the “Power” button for a few seconds to discharge the TV.

3. Also, remove any devices connected to your TV.

4. Now, wait for two minutes at least.

5. Next, plug in your TV and turn it on.

hulu loading issues

6. Connect all the devices to your TV that were connected earlier.

7. Open the Hulu on your TV. The error on TV will have been settled by now.

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on Apple TV?

Nothing is more amazing than streaming Hulu shows on the big and beautiful screen of Apple TV. But when Hulu won’t load on this device, it can be truly disappointing. We have found 3 solutions to fix this problem. These solutions involve restarting, force closing Hulu, and updating Hulu on Apple TV. 

Fix 9: Restart Apple TV

Hulu not loading on Apple TV is a common trouble and can be solved in a jiffy. Restarting your Apple TV can help you fix the problems with Hulu loading. Let us find out the procedure for restarting the Apple TV in the right way.

1. Turn on your Apple TV.

2. Open the “Settings”.

3. Click on “General” in “Settings”.

4. Now, find and tap “Restart” from the list of options in “General”.

5. Your Apple TV will take some time to finish the resetting procedure. Afterwards, try the Hulu application. The trouble with Hulu not loading on Apple TV will have ended.

Fix 10: Force Close App on Apple TV

When Hulu keeps loading or takes too long to load on your Apple TV, we will recommend you to close the application completely. Choosing the force closing option when Hulu won’t load will fix the problem in less than a minute. Follow the 7 steps given below for this fix.

1. First of all, ensure that your Apple TV has been turned on.

2. Go to the “Home” screen of your Apple TV.

3. Now, on the Apple TV’s remote, tap the “TV” button twice.

4. Next, swipe right on its trackpad to view the Hulu application.

5. Now, To force close the Hulu app, swipe up. 

6. The sixth step is to press the “Menu” button on your Apple TV’s remote. By doing so, you will exit the multi-tasking mode.

7. After a few seconds, launch the Hulu app. 

Fix 11: Update App on Apple TV

In case you have not installed the latest version of the Hulu application available for your Apple TV, then you are likely to see the problem of Hulu account page not loading. Therefore, to escape the situation, it will be essential to update the application. In this section, we will provide you with 5 steps to update the Hulu app on your Apple TV.

1. On your Apple TV, go to the “Apple Store”.

2. Head on to the “Purchased” section.

3. Find “Hulu” and check whether any updates are available for the application.

4. In case the updates are available, click on “Update”.

5. Now, check whether the issue of Hulu not loading on Apple TV has been fixed.

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on LG Smart TV?

The users of LG Smart TV have experienced problems wherein Hulu keeps loading or Hulu will not load for more than the expected time. We know 3 brilliant solutions to resolve this issue on your LG Smart TV. These consist of reinstalling, updating, and factory resetting Hulu on this device. 

Fix 12: Reinstall App on LG Smart TV

At times, the Hulu site won’t load on your LG TV due to an unknown problem. At other times, it won’t stop loading at all. Deleting and installing the application again can be effective. In this fix for Hulu won’t load on LG Smart TV, we will tell you how to uninstall and reinstall the application on your device. 

1. On your LG Smart TV’s remote, tap the “Home” or “Smart” button to open the “Main Menu”.

2. You’ll see “More Apps” in the bottom-right corner. Click on this option.

3. Now, look for an “Upward facing arrow” near the Hulu application and click on it.

4. An “X” will be visible on your screen now. Tap this option to remove the Hulu app and click “Ok”.

5. Now, reinstall the Hulu application again by visiting the “More Apps” menu.

6. Click on the “LG Content Store”.

7. Next, you have to select “Premium”.

8. Then click on “Hulu” and press “Install”.

9. The installation process will take a while. After that, open the app. The error will have been corrected.

Fix 13: Update App on LG Smart TV

Enjoying your favourite shows on Hulu may not be possible when Hulu won’t load on LG Smart TV. Hulu will not load on your device when you have not installed the latest version of the app. Every time a bug is fixed in the application, an update is released for Hulu. So, we will advise you to update it quickly to fix any possible bugs. 

Fix 14: Factory Reset LG Smart TV

Here is another brilliant solution for Hulu won’t load on LG Smart TV. Factory reset is an easy troubleshooting measure for this problem. And not only will the Hulu loading issues be cleared but your LG Smart TV will also perform better. This method is only 7-steps long.

1. Begin the factory reset by pressing the “Home” button on the LG Smart TV’s remote.

2. Next, you will find the “Cog icon” in the top-right of the LG Smart TV’s screen. Tap this icon.

3. Then click on the “Settings”.

4. Now, go to “General” in the “Settings”.

5. Choose the option “Reset to Initial Settings”.

6. A set of instructions will appear on your screen. Follow these instructions to complete the process.

7. After performing factory reset, try the Hulu app. The Hulu load failure will have been removed.

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on Xbox One?

Reinstalling the Hulu app, checking its location and language, and clearing its cache are the top 3 fixes for fixing the Hulu loading issues. Take a look at the step-by-step instructions given below to perform each of these fixes. 

Fix 15: Reinstall App on Xbox One

Hulu loading error Xbox One can be fixed without much effort by reinstalling this application on your device. Let us see the steps to reinstall the Hulu app on Xbox One. 

1. On your Xbox One, “Logout” from Hulu.

2. The second step is to choose and highlight the “Hulu app tile”.

3. Now, tap the “Menu” button on the controller. 

4. Then choose the option of “Manage Apps”.

5. Next, tap on “Internal”.

6. Now click on the “Uninstall” button.

7. Go to the “Store” and search for the “Hulu” app.

8. Install the Hulu app again. After the installation has been finished, there will be no chance to complain that Hulu isn’t loading.

Fix 16: Check Location and Language

You may be taken wholly by surprise to know that the loading error Hulu Xbox One can be caused by faulty language and location settings. The Hulu application has been created for the US and Japan primarily. Therefore, the location as well as the location should be US. Hulu won’t load on Xbox One when these conditions have not been met. 

1. Open the Hulu App on your Xbox One.

2. Go to the “Main Menu”.

3. Now, click on the “Settings”.

4. Then click on “System”.

5. Choose “Location” and set it to “U.S.”.

6. Change the “Language” to default.

7. Now, stream the Hulu app peacefully. 

Fix 17: Clear Cache on Xbox One

Most of the time, it has been observed that users do not clean the cache on Xbox One periodically. When the cache interferes with the functioning of the device, Hulu won’t load on Xbox One. For this reason, clearing the cache will be a good fix. 

1. Press the “Power” button of your Xbox One. Hold it until the device turns off.

2. Remove the “Power brick” from the device. 

3. Press the “Power” button of your Xbox One. Press it repeatedly to fully discharge the power and clean the cache.

4. Now, plug in the “Power brick” again.

5. Next, wait for a while. The power brick light will change from white to orange.

6. Turn on your device as usual and use it normally. 

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on Xbox 360?

When Hulu won’t load on Xbox 360, the problem cannot be considered as an uncommon one. The following solution is the simplest of all and will definitely work in clearing up the Hulu won’t load error on Xbox 360. 

Fix 18: Restart Xbox 360

Hulu Xbox 360 loading error can be fixed without any difficulty by restarting your device. You can restart your Xbox 360 by following the 7 steps given below. 

1. On your Xbox 360 controller, press the “Xbox” button and then release it.

2. When the “Xbox Guide” opens, click on “Settings”.

3. Then tap on “General”.

4. Now, choose “Power Mode & Startup”.

5. Next, click on “Restart now”.

6. To confirm, click on “Yes”.

7. After restarting the device, open the Hulu app. The Hulu Xbox 360 loading error won’t trouble you. 

What to Do When Hulu won’t Load on PS3?

Hulu plus works smoothly on PS3. However, Hulu loading error on PS3 can make the experience rough. Even though it may be a small issue, it can mess up greatly with your entertainment. In the upcoming part of the blog, we have provided you with a solution to fix this issue.

Fix 19: Uninstall and Reinstall App on PS3

Uninstalling the Hulu app and then reinstalling it on your PS3 can troubleshoot the loading error within a moment. Try the 7 steps of the little procedure given below to fix the error like a pro. 

1. On your PS3, first highlight the Hulu application. 

2. Hit the “Triangle” button.

3. Then press “Delete”.

4. Now, power-cycle your PS3 for a minute.

5. Next, go to the “PlayStation Store”.

6. Search for the “Hulu” app and download it.

7. After the download is done, stream the app to check whether the Hulu loading error on PS3 has been troubleshot. 

While we come to a close here, you’ll be pleased to know that we have the most effective ways to resolve Hulu error 94 and Hulu error 5003. If your device encounters these errors, follow our solutions for quick fix. 

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