14 Netflix Code UI-800-2 Fixes We Totally Love

14 Netflix Code UI-800-2 Fixes We Totally Love

Completing all the work from home tasks, you sit down to stress-free yourself with Netflix only to find out that your system has encountered the Netflix code ui-800-2 error. To top it all, you have no clue what to do. Are you looking for an expert to fix the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on your device? Revealing the unbelievable, you don’t need an expert to do that. You can yourself resolve the error like a pro! 

To fix the Netflix ui-800-2 error code on your streaming device, all you need to do is read this blog. From the meaning and causes to the fixes for Netflix error ui-800-2, you will discover everything in this blog. 

What Does Code UI-800-2 Mean on Netflix?

Before we turn you into an expert in troubleshooting the Netflix code ui-800-2 error, we will explain to you what this error is. When you stream Netflix, due to certain reasons such as cached data, a poor network connection, or a problem with your device, you may encounter the Netflix error code ui-800-2. For troubleshooting the Netflix ui-800-2 error code, you need to refresh the information stored on your streaming device. 

Usually, you can encounter the Netflix error ui-800-2 on your Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Roku, Blu-ray Player, any other Smart TV or device. You will find the solutions for all these devices in this blog. Along with the solutions, we will provide you clearly-defined steps for every fix. 

What Causes the Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

Take a look at the 6 common causes of the Netflix error code ui-800-2:

1. An improper internet connection

2. An error with the connectivity of your device

3. A bug in the Netflix app

4. A hardware or a software error with your device

5. The Netflix app cache

6. Any Netflix account restrictions

How to Troubleshoot Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error?

In the coming up sections, you will be amazed by the numerous solutions we have to troubleshoot the Netflix error ui-800-2. Whether the error code ui-800-2 on Netflix is coming in your way on your smart TV, LG Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, streaming media player, set-top box, Roku, or Blu-ray player, you can fix it effortlessly with the 14 solutions given below. 

Fix 1: Check Internet Connection

Check internet - netflix error code ui 800 2

An improper internet connection is the most obvious cause that you are seeing the Netflix Code UI-800-2 Error on your streaming device. So, when you have an improper internet connection, not only Netflix but you will not be able to use any other applications too. Therefore, you should first check that your internet connection is working great without any fault.

Fix 2: Restart Your Wi-Fi

Restarting your wifi is one of the quickest solutions to escape the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on any device. In just 4 easy-to-perform steps, you can remove this error and delve again in the movie you were watching.

1. First, turn off your wifi and remove its plug from the power source.

unplug- netflix code ui 800 2

2. Let the wifi be off for at least a minute.

3. Now, turn on your wifi and again wait for one minute.

4. Next, open your device and launch “Netflix”. The Netflix ui-800-2 error code will have been swiped away.

Fix 3: Clear App Data

Clearing app data on Netflix is an uncomplicated method. If you are thinking about how this fix will be useful, let us tell you that clearing the app data will bring Netflix to its default state, just like you first installed it. This fix is only 10 steps long. Let’s read it right away.

1. On your device, go to the “Home” screen.

2. Tap on “Settings”.

3. Now, choose “General”. In case you cannot find “General”, then move to the fourth step.

4. Next, click on “Apps” or “Applications”.

5. The fifth step is to click on “Manage Applications”. Your device may have this option by a different name, such as “Manage All Apps” or “Application Manager”. If at all you cannot find any of these options, then move to the sixth step.

6. Now, you have to scroll down and tap on “Netflix”. In case this option is not visible when you scroll down, then you can look for it in the “Downloaded” tab.

7. Next, click on the “Storage” option. You can move to the eighth step if this option is not available.

8. Click on “Clear Storage” or “Clear Data” and confirm by hitting “Ok”.

9. Allow some time for the Netflix data to be cleared on your device.

10. Access the Netflix app after the data is cleared. The Netflix error ui-800-2 will not be in your way anymore.

Quick Note: This fix is handy to pull out the error code ui-800-2 on Netflix from your device. However, it will be helpful to know that while clearing the app data, any titles downloaded by you on your device will also be deleted. 

Fix 4: Restart Smart TV

In this section of the blog, we will tell you how to fix the error Netflix code ui-800-2 smart TV. Even though there can be different reasons for this error to appear on your smart TV, we find restarting the device the best fix for this problem. You can restart your smart TV to remove this error in just 4 simple steps.

1. The basic step is to unplug your TV for at least a minute.

pulg in -netflix error code ui 800 2 samsung smart tv

2. Keep it unplugged and press its “Power” button for 5 seconds. This will discharge the smart TV completely. If your smart TV does not have a “Power” button, then you can keep it unplugged for at least 3 minutes.

3. Now, plug in the TV again.

4. Then try streaming a movie on Netflix. The ui-800-2 Netflix smart TV error will not be on your screen now. 

Fix 5: Sign Out Netflix on Smart TV

The second fix for the error Netflix code ui-800-2 smart TV is to sign out of your Netflix account and then reset it. This fix can be really helpful if you perform it just the right way.

1. Click “More Info” or “More Details” on the Netflix error screen of your device. Alternatively, you can click “Settings” or the gear icon in case “More Info” or “More Details” is not available on your screen.

2. Now, click on “Reset”. If the “Reset” option is not available, then choose “Sign Out” or “Deactivate”.

3. Then you will be signed out. “Sign in” to your Netflix account again. The ui-800-2 Netflix smart TV error will have been fixed.

Fix 6: Restart Samsung Smart TV

For those of you who are wondering how to resolve the Netflix error code ui-800-2 Samsung Smart TV, this can be a brilliant solution. We will teach you the proper way to restart your Samsung Smart TV and resolve the Netflix code ui-800-2 error as quickly as possible.

1. Unplug your Samsung Smart TV for one minute.

2. Tap the “Power” button of the TV and keep holding it while the device is unplugged. Hold the “Power” button for at least five seconds to completely discharge the TV.

3. Now, plug in your Samsung Smart TV and turn it on.

4. Lastly, open the “Netflix” app. The error Netflix code ui-800-2 Samsung Smart TV will have been resolved. 

Fix 7 : Reset Smart Hub on Samsung Smart TV

Smart Hub is a pre-installed application on your Samsung Smart TV that gives you access to numerous advanced features. This application has been introduced to give you an unbelievable TV watching experience. Interestingly, the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on Samsung Smart TV can be corrected by resetting Smart Hub. Follow the 6 steps given here to fix the error code ui-800-2 Netflix Samsung TV with great ease.

1. Your Samsung Smart TV needs to be on. Tap the “Smart Hub” button on the TV’s remote. Now, the Smart Hub screen will open up. 

2. On the remote, tap the blue-coloured letter “D” to open the “Settings” of the Smart Hub app.

3. Next, you have to click on “Reset” and hit the “Enter” button on the Samsung Smart TV’s remote.

4. You will be required to enter the “Password”. In case you have forgotten the PIN, you can use the default pin, which is “0000”.

5. The resetting process will begin as soon as you fill in the password. You will be notified when the process is complete. 

6. Start the “Netflix” app after Smart Hub has been reset. The Netflix error code ui-800-2 Samsung Smart TV will have vanished.

Fix 8: Restart LG Smart TV

The Netflix error code ui-800-2 is no new exception to the LG Smart TV. Restarting the device to troubleshoot the error code ui-800-2 Netflix LG Smart TV can work well for you. Let us see how you can restart your LG Smart TV to skip the Netflix code ui-800-2 error.

1. Turn off your LG Smart TV and remove its power cable for a few minutes.

2. Press the “Power” button of your LG Smart TV for at least 5 seconds and then release it. Doing so will remove any external charge on the device.

3. Now, plug in the power cable and switch on the TV.

4. Open the “Netflix” app and check whether the Netflix error ui-800-2 LG Smart TV has been resolved. 

Fix 9: Reset LG Smart TV

While restarting your LG Smart TV is a superb fix and works great in most of the cases, just in case this does not work then you can definitely troubleshoot the Netflix code ui-800-2 LG Smart TV by resetting the device. Scroll down to find out the 5 steps to troubleshoot the Netflix ui-800-2 error code by resetting your LG Smart TV.

1. On your LG Smart TV, first press the “Menu” icon.

2. Then open the “Settings”.

3. On the “Settings” screen, scroll down to find the “Reset” option. In case the “Reset” option is not there, then you will find the option of “Sign out” or “Deactivate”.

4. To confirm, tap the “Ok” button.

5. Once the resetting process is complete, launch the Netflix app and check for the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on LG TV. The error won’t be there any longer. 

Fix 10: Restart Roku

Experiencing the Netflix error code ui-800-2 on Roku is a usual thing and should not take away your breath at all. Restarting the Roku device is the number one fix for this error. Below you will find the correct procedure to restart Roku in 5 steps.

1. Unplug the Roku and turn off the power for as many as 10 seconds.

2. Next, plug in Roku and turn on the power.

3. Tap any button on its remote to turn on the device.

4. Now, leave the device untouched for a minute.

5. After that, open “Netflix” and check whether or not the Netflix ui-800-2 error code has been resolved.

Fix 11: Restart Blu-ray Player

Restarting your device is an easy solution for the Netflix error code ui-800-2. Also, you will be happy to know that if you are facing the Netflix ui-800-2 error code on your Blu-ray Player, then this method will work excellently for you. This method can be executed in only 5 steps.

1. The first step is to unplug your Netflix streaming device for a minute.

2. Tap and hold the “Power” button of the device for a few seconds while it is unplugged.

3. Now, plug in your device back to power. 

4. The fourth step is to turn it on.

5. Now, open the “Netflix” application and play any movie you want to. The Netflix code ui-800-2 will not bug your device now. 

Fix 12: Sign Out and Reset App on Blu-ray Player

Here we have another easy fix for our readers. Using this method, you can release yourself from the error code ui-800-2 on Netflix on several devices. Interestingly, it will work on Blu-ray Player the best. So, in this fix, all you have to do is sign out of your Netflix account and then reset it. Let us look at the right procedure to do so. 

1. When this error turns up on the screen of your Netflix streaming device, click on “More Info” or “More Details”. 

2. Now, choose the option of “Reset”. For users who cannot see the “Reset” option, click on “Sign out”/”Deactivate”.

3. After performing the second step, you will be signed out of your Netflix account. So, now you have to “Sign in” again.

4. Now, launch Netflix. The Netflix error ui-800-2 will not be a problem anymore. 

Quick Note: In case you do not see “More Info” or “More Details”, select “Settings” by navigating up. You can also press the “Gear Icon” to open the settings. Then press a combination of these arrows on the remote of your device “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up”.

Fix 13: Restart Streaming Media Player/Set-top Box

However awesome your streaming media player or set-top box maybe, the Netflix error ui-800-2 can be encountered on this device too. With one little procedure, you can keep this error at bay. This procedure involves restarting your streaming media player or set-top box and can be performed in less than 5 minutes.

1. Initially, unplug your streaming media player or set-top box for a minute.

2. Now, keeping it unplugged, tap and hold the device’s “Power” button for a few seconds. Doing so will discharge it completely.

3. Next, plug in your device and turn it on.

4. Try the “Netflix” app. The error code ui-800-2 on Netflix will have settled by now. 

Quick Note: Are you unable to locate a “Power” button on your device? Do not worry. Leave your device unplugged for 3 minutes in that case. 

Fix 14: Contact Device Manufacturer

Despite performing all the fixes we have shared in this blog, if you are still disappointed by the Netflix code ui-800-2 error, then let us tell you that there could be a hardware or a software error in your device. The manufacturer of your device can help you with that. That is why we will suggest you get in touch with the manufacturer of your streaming device at the earliest. 

Rounding Up

We hope we did an excellent job giving you all the useful information about the Netflix error ui-800-2. We told you the meaning, causes, and the devices on which the error code ui-800-2 on Netflix can be typically encountered while streaming entertainment on this application. By now, you must have pioneered fixing the Netflix ui-800-2 error code like a pro on any device. We would love to hear how these 14 solutions to fix the Netflix code ui-800-2 error worked for you. Let us know your views on this blog in the comment section.

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