How to Fix Netflix Code UI-800-3 on Amazon Fire TV/Stick, Smart TV, Samsung TV & Xbox One

How to Fix Netflix Code UI-800-3 on Amazon Fire TV/Stick, Smart TV, Samsung TV & Xbox One

Netflix errors such as the ui-800-3 error demand you to refresh your streaming device. The Netflix code ui-800-3 error is caused by a certain problem in the data saved by the application. The cached data or the application can be the main culprit. of this problem. Resetting the device on which you are running this app is a simple way of dealing with this Netflix code ui-800-3. On devices such as Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick, Smart TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One, etc., signing out and signing in to your Netflix account can be helpful. 

To find out more ways of fixing this Netflix error, you can look at the measures researched by our tech experts.

What does Netflix Code UI-800-3 Mean on My Smart Device?

The error ui-800-3 while using Netflix can mean that you need to refresh your device or the information that has been stored on it. This error code can be of different types. One of its types can suggest that a hardware issue has occurred on your smart device. Along with this issue, a message stating “Couldn’t Connect to Netflix. Please Try Again or Restart Your Home Network and a Streaming Device. For More Information, Visit Error Code: UI-800-3” can be found. You can find the error code Netflix ui-800-3 on Fire TV/Stick by Amazon, Smart TV, Samsung TV, Xbox One, etc.

Why Do I See the Netflix Error UI-800-3?

When you see the “Netflix has Encountered an Error Code UI-800-3” message, one of these causes may be responsible for it:

  • Your streaming device may be carrying certain issues.
  • Netflix cache may not have been cleared on your device.
  • The Netflix application may be having issues in it.
  • Your network connection may be problematic.
  • The wifi signals of your router may be poor.
  • While using Netflix on your gaming device, the DNS Settings may not have been verified.

How Do I Fix the Netflix Error Code UI-800-3?

In order to get rid of the Netflix ui-800-3 error, you can first power cycle your device on which this application is running. In the process of power-cycling it, the streaming device will get restarted. Should you require further help for escaping this Netflix error, visiting the Help Center of this streaming service will be excellent. You can find it on the main site of Netflix.

Now, you can receive more information about these measures by reading the following sub-sections.

Fix 1: Power Cycle the Streaming Device

When you power cycle the device on which the code ui-800-3 on Netflix is taking place, you will be able to restart it. For power-cycling it, you can completely shut it down. Along with that, you can remove its cables from the main power source. You will be advised to restart your device after some time. When it restarts, the Netflix error should not be present.

Fix 2: Check the Help Center of Netflix

On the official website of Netflix, the users can access the Help Center. With respect to the particular device that you are using, you can get help for removing the Netflix UI-800-3 error. It is worth noting that the support team of Netflix will provide you with detailed instructions after understanding why the error is occurring on your streaming device.

How to Troubleshoot the Error UI-800-3 on Netflix on Amazon Fire TV or Stick?

On encountering the Netflix error code ui-800-3 on Amazon Fire Stick or TV, restarting the device should be the first approach. After resetting it, you can sign out of Netflix on your Amazon Fire TV. You can stream the application after signing in later. Clearing the data of this application can also help in removing the ui-800-3 error on this device. For more assistance, you can prefer removing and reinstalling Netflix on the television.

netflix code ui 800 3 firestick

Fix 1: Restart your device

Restarting your Amazon Fire TV or Stick will be favorable when the device is responsible for the Netflix ui-800-3 error code. To start it again, you can locate the Home button on its remote. You will be able to access the Settings. Open Devices using the Settings. Look for a tab named My Fire TV. The tab will provide you with an option to restart the TV or Fire Stick. Later, you can connect to the movie-streaming app and ensure whether or not the error code is emerging.

  • Press the “Home” button on your Amazon Fire TV’s remote.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Devices”. 
  • Enter the tab named “My Fire TV”.
  • Pick the “Restart” option. 
  • Now, connect to “Netflix”.

After you have connected to the app, inspect it to be sure that the Netflix UI-800-3 on Amazon Fire TV is not present.

Fix 2: Sign out and Sign in Again on Netflix on Amazon Fire Stick

On your Amazon Fire Stick, the Netflix error ui-800-3 may be coming due to a minor cause. For troubleshooting it, you can perform a simple fix such as signing out and signing in to your Netflix account on this device. This fix can be performed when the error is being seen on your Fire Stick. Accompanied by the error, you will see the More Info option. After pressing it, you will have to press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys in a particular sequence.

To find out the sequence for pressing these arrow keys on Amazon Fire Stick or TV, you can read these directions:

  • On seeing the error, tap on “More Info”.

Quick Note: As an alternative to “More Info”, you can press the gear-like icon. Then choose “Settings”.

  • On the remote, press the arrow keys mentioned in the following sequence:

“Up”, “Up”, “Down”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “Left”, “Right”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”

The “Deactivation” screen will get pulled up.

Fix 3: Clear Your Data from the Netflix Application on Amazon Fire TV or Stick

Not clearing the data of certain applications can lead to the collection of cache on a particular device. Coming to the ui-800-3 error, the data of the Netflix application may not have been cleared on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick. Thus, the cache may be deriving such an error while watching movies on the application. To remove the cache, the data will have to be cleared from Netflix on your smart device. Using the Home button on this device’s remote, you can navigate to Settings. Select Applications and further choose Manage Installed Applications. You will see the Netflix app here. Then look for the Clear Data and Clear Cache options. You will be able to remove your data as well as the cache.

  • On the device’s remote, tap on “Home”.
  • Open “Settings”.
  • Navigate towards the right and choose the “Settings” tab.
  • Now, opt for “Applications”.
  • Tap on “Manage Installed Applications” for finding the “Netflix” application.
  • Scroll below and select “Clear Data”. Choose this option one more time.
  • Pick “Clear Cache”.
  • Now, detach all the cables and cords of your device for 60 seconds.
  • Plug in the Amazon device now.
  • Finally, check “Netflix”.

On Amazon Fire Stick, the Netflix ui-800-3 error code may have been emerging due to the accumulation of data or cache. By now, the data/cache would have been cleared. Hence, this Netflix error would have stopped showing.

Fix 4: Uninstall and Reinstall Netflix on Amazon Fire Stick

When your Amazon Stick shows the Netflix ui-800-3 error, consider deleting this application. You can use the Manage All Installed Applications for removing Netflix. After successfully deleting it, you can visit Home and press on Search. Input Netflix here and begin downloading it when found. You can sign in again using the correct credentials. You can expect the Netflix error to have been removed from your Amazon Stick or Fire TV.

  • On your TV’s remote, click on “Home”. 
  • Visit the “Settings”.
  • Select “Application”.
  • Opt for “Manage All Installed Applications”.
  • Choosing “Netflix” is the next step.
  • After 30 seconds, press “Home” one more time.
  • Go to the “Search” tab.
  • Here, write “Netflix” and select it.
  • Start downloading the application.
  • Press “Open”.
  • Tap on “Sign in”.
  • Provide the “Username” as well as “Password” of your Netflix account.

Quick Note: On learning that the Netflix code ui-800-3 error is still appearing on your Amazon Fire TV/Stick, you can presume that something is not right with your home network or router. You will be advised to contact your internet service provider (ISP) to get the network or router checked.

Can I Remove the Error Code UI-800-3 on Netflix on Smart TVs?

It is possible to remove the error Netflix ui-800-3 on your smart TV by resetting or logging in to this application. Certain users of Netflix have been able to fix this issue by restarting their devices. Along with these fixes, it will be helpful to bypass your router as it may be generating this Netflix error. Sometimes the restoration of the default connection settings can also give you a way to deal with the problem. One more way to troubleshoot this Netflix error is inclusive of improving the signals of wifi.

Fix 1: Reset/Log out and Log in Again on Netflix on Your Smart TV

Let us begin removing the Netflix code ui-800-3 on the smart TV by resetting the streaming app. You can do so by logging out and logging in to the app on your smart device. 

While seeing the ui-800-3 error code on this application, you may have come across the option of More Info. You can press this option. However, if this option is not seen, then you can enter the Settings on your smart television. You can press the arrow keys in a certain sequence to view the Deactivation screen. You will view an option for resetting Netflix on your television on this screen. Subsequently, you can sign in to Netflix and start streaming it.

  • When the error emerges, press “More Info” or select “Settings” via the gear icon.
  • You are required to press the arrow keys shown here in the same sequence:

“Up”, “Up”, “Down”, “Down”, “Left”, “Right”, “Left”, “Right”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”, “Up”

  • You will see the “Deactivation” screen now. Press “Reset”/“Deactive”/“Sign out”.
  • Now, sign in to your account.

Fix 2: Restart Your Smart Television

Errors emerging on applications such as Netflix on your smart TV can be settled by restarting the device. You will be needed to turn off the device as well as plug out the modem. When a minute has passed, you can connect the cable of your modem and plug it in. The Indicator light should start blinking. It will be suitable to turn on your television now. On starting the streaming app after these steps, the Netflix error code ui-800-3 on the smart TV should not exist.

  • Turn off your “Smart TV”.
  • Unplug your modem for one minute.
  • Now, plug in the modem and let the “Indicator” light blink.
  • Turn on your TV now.
  • Head to “Netflix” and play any video of your choice.

Fix 3: Try Bypassing the Router

Errors on Netflix can be witnessed when your internet connection is problematic. The problems with the connection may be developing due to issues with the router. As you choose to bypass the router, you will be able to remove the issues. Thus, the problems with the internet connection will get resolved and help you watch Netflix error-free. 

To bypass your router for removing the Netflix error code ui-800-3, you can first unplug your smart TV. Then you can connect the TV with your modem via an Ethernet Cable. Let the Indicator light blink. You can turn on your television now and run Netflix. 

  • Begin with unplugging your “Smart TV”.
  • With the help of an “Ethernet Cable”, connect your device with the modem.
  • When the “Indicator” light is blinking on the modem, start the television.
  • Finally, you can start using “Netflix”.

Fix 4: Attempt Restoring the Default Connection Settings on Smart TV

You may have changed the connection settings of your smart TV. The custom mode of these settings may be having an effect on Netflix. This can be one of the reasons for seeing the error ui-800-3 on Netflix on the smart TV. You can consider restoring default connection settings for preventing any unlikely effect on Netflix.

You may be using VPN/Virtual Private Network or some proxy internet service. You can disable it. Then you can directly use the home network. Additionally, you will have to reset your smart TV’s DNS settings and run it using the Automatic Mode. When the changes described here have been made, you can run Netflix. The ui-800-3 error should not be occurring.

Fix 5: Improve the WiFi Signals

The poor signal strength of your wifi may be triggering a situation in which the Netflix ui-800-3 100018 error may be coming up. Such signals can occur when the location of your router is either not suitable or wireless devices have been placed near it. 

For improving the wifi signals to fix this Netflix problem on your smart TV, you can make use of the 4 tips cited as follows:

  • Pick a new location for keeping your router.
  • Check that your router has been positioned in a central location.
  • Keep wireless devices away from your router. These devices can be inclusive of a microwave, Bluetooth speaker, etc.
  • Select an elevated spot for placing your router. 

Troubleshooting the Netflix Error Code UI-800-3 on Your Samsung TV

Smart Hub is a pre-installed application on your Samsung TV by reconfiguring which the issue of Netflix ui-800-3 on your Samsung TV can be cleared. The re-configuration of this application on your television can be attempted via the Settings. When Smart Hub has been configured again, you can expect to stop observing this Netflix error code.

The complete information for doing this measure on your Samsung TV can be known by reading ahead. This information will also be inclusive of the required directions.

Fix 1: Reconfigure Smart Hub on Your Samsung TV

An error like the nethelp code ui-800-3 on your Samsung TV can be found when Smart Hub requires you to configure it again. Its re-configuration can be done by tapping the Home button on your TV’s remote. Then you can choose Support from Settings. Here, the Self Diagnosis option will be available. Select it and then close the pre-installed application. A few minutes later, you may try launching Netflix to check for this problematic code.

  • Locate the “Home” button on the device’s remote. Then press it.
  • Opt for “Settings”.
  • Tap on “Support”.
  • Select the “Self Diagnosis” option.
  • Close “Smart Hub” now.
  • In the end, run “Netflix” on your Samsung Television.

What is the Fix for the Code UI-800-3 on Netflix on Your Xbox One?

When the users of Xbox One report the error ui-800-3, we suggest then to log out of their account and then log in again. Besides this, such an error can be dealt with by deleting Netflix from your gaming console. After completely deleting it, the application has to be reinstalled. If the error Netflix ui-800-3 on Xbox One can still be observed, you can check the DNS Settings of the console. You can initiate the changes as per the requirement and then check for this Netflix issue.

Fix 1: Sign out of Netflix and Sign in Again on Xbox One

On finding the Netflix code ui-800-3 on your Xbox One, you can first sign out of this application. On the console, the B button can be pressed or you can directly open the Menu of Netflix. From the Settings, you can pick the Sign out option. Now, you can visit the Sign-in screen. In the fields available, your Username and Password have to be entered. When the procedure to sign in is complete, you can ensure whether or not this Netflix error has been sorted.

  • Visit “Netflix” to begin and select “Menu”. You can also press “B” on your console.
  • Head to “Settings” with the help of the gear-shaped icon.
  • Choose the “Sign out” option.
  • Then input your “Username” and “Password” on the “Sign-in” screen of “Netflix”.
  • When you are signed in, try streaming any movie.

Fix 2: Delete and Reinstall Netflix on Xbox One

At times, the Netflix application on your gaming console may not properly function. After some time, it may also start displaying the ui-800-3 error code on your Xbox One. For deleting this error from the device, you can uninstall the application. You can open My Games and Apps from the Dashboard of the console. You can select Apps and start highlighting Netflix. Using the Manage App option in the Menu, Netflix can be uninstalled. Later, you can launch Store on your Xbox One and install Netflix one more time.

  • From the Xbox One’s “Dashboard”, select “My Games and Apps”.
  • Choose “Apps” and then highlight “Netflix”.
  • Tap on the button for “Menu”. 
  • Prefer selecting “Manage App”.
  • Choose the option of “Uninstall All”. Select this option one more time.
  • Again launch the “Dashboard” of the console.
  • Move towards the right and pick the “Store” option.
  • Go to the “Apps” section. 
  • Select the “Netflix” app. 
  • Choose “Install”.
  • Tap on “Launch” for opening “Netflix”.

As you launch the streaming application this time, you may be unable to see the Netflix error code ui-800-3 on your Xbox One. This would indicate that this fix has been effective.

Fix 3: Verify the DNS Settings of Xbox One

The DNS settings of gaming consoles like Xbox One should be correctly set. This ensures that errors like the Netflix ui-800-3 104001 code are not experienced at the time of watching movies or shows. Contrary to this, when the settings are not correct, you can verify them. For this, you can open All Settings from Settings. Then visit Network and select Network Settings from here. After this, you can find Advanced Settings and verify the DNS Settings from here. 

  • On the Xbox One’s controller, press the Menu button. 
  • Navigate to “Settings”. 
  • Push the button for “All Settings”.
  • Make a selection for “Network”.
  • Go to “Network Settings”. 
  • Opt for “Advanced Settings”.
  • In “DNS Settings”, choose “Automatic”. 
  • On the Xbox One’s controller, press “B”.
  • You can run “Netflix” and start streaming it now.

Summing up

As you would now know, the ui-800-3 error on a streaming app like Netflix is not complex to handle. Indicating that your smart TV or console needs to be refreshed, you may find an error message on the display. For troubleshooting such an error, restarting your device will always be helpful. Likewise, you can remove the data and cache of Netflix. Sometimes, by resetting Netflix on your device, it can be possible to get rid of such an error code. Along with this, we suggested you several measures for implementing on your device when you find this Netflix issue. If you have feedback for these measures, you can let us know by posting a comment.

Also, feel free to reach us if any of your streaming devices are not able to sync with the Netflix application. Share your concerns related to any Netflix error such as Netflix error code NW 3-6Netflix error code NW 2-5 and one of our technical specialists will help you tackle and resolve all your concerns in no time. 

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