9 Solutions to Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

9 Solutions to Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012

Do you often encounter the Netflix error code ui3012 while streaming movies or shows on your device? If you’re thinking of reloading the page to clear away this error with the Netflix application, then that might not really work. You need fixes that guarantee you error-free streaming on Netflix. We know at least 9 fixes that can take you out of this problem with all speed. To find out what these fixes are, what this Netflix error code actually means and what are the most likely causes of this Netflix error code, get yourself engaged in reading our informative blog. 

What is Error Code UI3012 on Netflix?

The Netflix error ui3012 is a code that will turn up on your device while you’re watching a video. This error code is accompanied by messages like “There was an unexpected error” or “Whoops…something went wrong”. This Netflix error code indicates that there is a connectivity problem, which will not go away without you troubleshooting it to the roots. To understand more about the causes of this error with the Netflix application and how to troubleshoot it, let us move to the next section of this blog. 

What is Causing UI3012 Netflix Error Code?

Based on our research and understanding, you may be experiencing the inconvenience of the ui3012 error code on the Netflix application due to the following 6 causes.

1. Internet not Working:

In a number of instances, this error code on Netflix is observed when the internet services are not up. If that is the case with you too, then you need to get your internet services to start working again to escape this Netflix error on your streaming device.

2. Poor Wifi Signal:

The second common cause of this Netflix error is bad wifi signal strength. You need proper wifi signal strength to use Netflix. With the poor strength of the wifi signal, you cannot expect an awesome Netflix experience. 

3. Poor Network:

A poor network will give way to slow network performance, thus, being a source for multiple connectivity problems like the ui3012 error on your Netflix streaming device. A great network will help you stay away from these connectivity problems and errors.

4. Interference from Browser Extensions:

Whether you are using Firefox, Edge, Google Chrome, or Opera, browser extensions can sometimes cause interruptions with applications like Netflix. Disabling these extensions can remove any kind of interference and then you can watch movies without the code ui3012 on Netflix.

5. Limited Streaming Services by ISP:

You may not be able to enjoy an error-free experience on Netflix when your Internet Service Provider allows you only limited streaming services. That is why you may be encountering this Netflix error code. 

6. Change in Default Connection Settings:

Did you recently modify the default connection settings? If yes, then that could be the most possible cause of this error code on the Netflix application. Restoring the settings is one great way of doing away with this error.  

How Do I Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012?

Troubleshooting the error code ui3012 on Netflix may seem like a task too complicated. Our tech experts have chanced upon the fixes that require no great effort to clear this error code on your Netflix streaming device. These easy fixes include checking the network for streaming, restarting the home network, improving the wifi signals, connecting the computer directly to the modem, disabling the browser extensions, switching to a new network, performing a network reset, and a lot more. Below we have explained these fixes in detail for you. 

Fix 1: Ensure Your Wifi is Working

Since the ui3012 error code Netflix is largely a result of the connectivity issues, we will ask you to ensure that your wifi is working. It may be possible that your wifi might not be working on a certain device. So, check that your internet services are working on any other device to be sure. In case there is a fault with your wifi, waiting patiently will be the best thing to do. 

Fix 2: Ensure Your Network Supports Streaming 

Checking that your network allows you to stream Netflix is the very first fix. At times, when the network is not supportive, it will block the streaming of Netflix. Hence, triggering the error ui3012 in the application. We have found 3 good tips to help you with this problem.

1. If you’re on a cellular network, then the slow speed of the internet might be obstructing the streaming services. Switch to a network that gives you great speed. 

2. In case you are using wifi to stream Netflix on your device and this error emerges, your ISP might not be supporting Netflix streaming services. You can connect with your Internet Service Provider to learn about the streaming services that are supported. 

3. Also, check that your network does not have limited bandwidth, which is usually the case with a public wifi network. 

Fix 3: Improve Wifi Signal

You may be facing the Netflix code ui3012 on your system due to poor wifi signals. Improving the wifi signals can be a great remedy for this error code on your system. In this section, we have disclosed 3 cool tips to help you enhance the wifi signals. 

1. Do not keep wireless devices, such as microwave and television, near the router.

2. Ensure that the router has been placed at an elevated spot, such as a shelf or a table.

3. Change the location of the router. Try to place it in a central location if possible.

Fix 4: Try a New Network

Some of the network resources may have been blocked by your Internet Service Provider. Therefore, streaming services could be limited. You may be seeing the ui3012 error code on Netflix because of these reasons. You can switch to a new network or even your phone’s hotspot to stop seeing this Netflix error code on your device.

Fix 5: Restart Your Home Network

Do you know that restarting your home network can also make a difference to this Netflix error code? If you want to learn how to restart your home network, then you can get help from the steps we have listed below. 

1. Turn off your computer.

2. Unplug the modem and router.

Unplug - netflix error code ui3012

3. Now, wait for a while.

4. Then plug in the modem and router and allow the lights to settle. 

5. Next, turn on your computer.

6. Now, run the Netflix app to see whether the problem has been resolved. 

Fix 6: Connect Computer Directly to Modem

Sometimes, when you connect your computer to a wireless router connected to the modem, the connection may not be successful. This connectivity could be the reason for a number of Netflix problems, including the error code ui3012. Bypassing your router can resolve this error. Learn how to perform this fix in 6 steps. 

1. Your computer needs to be shut down.

2. Now, use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the modem.

3. Then plug out your modem for 30 seconds. 

4. Plug in the modem again.

netflix error ui3012

5. Until no new indicator light flashes, just wait.

6. Now, turn on your computer and start using Netflix. 

Fix 7: Try Disabling Browser Extensions

In certain instances, browser extensions can cause interference. This interference could be a source of the Netflix ui3012 error on your system or any device. Disabling these browser extensions can work in your favour. Scroll down to find the sets of instructions to disable the browser extensions on Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

Disabling Browser Extensions on Firefox:

1. First, launch Firefox.

2. Tap the 3-line menu.

3. Now, tap on “Add-ons”.

4. Find the add-on that is causing the interference. 

5. Toggle the switch to turn off the add-on.

Disabling Browser Extensions on Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome. 

2. In the URL bar, type “chrome://extensions/” and tap the “Enter” key.

3. Press the toggle button on the extensions to switch them off. 

4. If not needed, then you can click on “Remove” to delete any extension.

Disabling Browser Extensions on Edge:

1. Open the “Settings” of Edge.

2. Click on “Extensions” and a sidebar will open.

3. Press the toggle to turn off the Edge extensions. 

4. Now, open the Netflix app. The Netflix error code will have been troubleshot. 

Disabling Browser Extensions on Opera:

1. Open the Opera browser. 

2. Press the “O” button on the top-left.

3. Tap on “Extensions” in the menu.

4. Press the “Disable” button to turn off the extension. 

Note: In case you cannot find the browser add-on, we will suggest you disable all the add-ons. Then try them one at a time to check which one is causing the trouble. 

Fix 8: Perform Network Reset

Modifying the default connection settings can introduce connectivity problems. These problems can happen even when you are using a VPN/Proxy. Turning off the VPN/Proxy can work excellently in troubleshooting the error ui3012 Netflix on your system. Start reading the 8 steps given below and then perform this troubleshooting procedure carefully.

1. The VPN/Proxy client will have to be turned off.

2. The second step is to press the “Windows” key.

3. Type in “Network reset” and press the “Enter” key.

4. Then click on “Network reset”.

5. Open the “Network reset window” and tap “Network reset”.

6. Now, you will be asked to confirm.

7. When the network reset is done, restart your system. 

8. Now, try using the Netflix app. You will not see that error code anymore.

Fix 9: Log Out Netflix on All Devices

Using your Netflix account on multiple devices can sometimes cause the ui3012 error code. When this Netflix error code halts you from watching videos on a specific device, log out of the application on all your devices. And then log in again. This will work brilliantly. You can check out the 6 steps shown here to perform this fix. 

1. Open Netflix on your web browser. Alternatively, you can also open the Netflix app on your streaming device. 

2. Find the user name in the upper-right corner.

3. Open the dropdown menu and click on “Your account”.

4. Click on “Sign out of all devices”.

5. Confirm by pressing the “Sign out” button.

6. Now, log in again with your credentials. The error will have been fixed. 

Wrapping Up

Resolving this Netflix error code isn’t as tricker as you think. Surely, this blog would have made you well-aware of the meaning, causes, and fixes for ui3012 error Netflix as well as fixed your problem. Did you find this blog impressive? Our blogs on Netflix code nw-1-19 and Netflix site error are even more awesome. Read them now to see what these errors are and how you can fix them on your Netflix streaming device. 

Wishing you a great Netflix experience!

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