How To Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

How To Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

How To Fix Asus Laptop Battery Not Charging

The Asus laptops are known to function very smoothly but some minor errors and issues are registered every now and then. One of the most common issues notified is the issue of Asus laptop battery not charging. This error may seem minor but can surely be hectic as you will not be able to work on your Asus laptop if it is not charged.

Nobody likes an unproductive device just lying around and cutting to its worth. You can get to know some easy fixes and quick solutions to get rid of this issue. Before starting with the solutions it is vital that you know the reasons behind this error. This will help you in making the solution procedure for Asus laptop plugged in not charging a lot more easier. 

What do to if Asus laptop plugged in not charging?

Solution No.1 – Try fixing the hardware issues if the Asus laptop plugged in not charging:

  • To begin with turn ON your Asus laptop 
  • Now while you are connecting the charger make sure that you have plugged in the AC adapter properly 
  • At times when the adapter is damaged which might be the reason behind this issue 
  • You need to make sure that the cable and adapter are not damaged

If you have not got the solution for Asus laptop battery not charging then, move to the next solution.

Sol No. 2 – Try to power reset your Asus laptop if the Asus laptop not charging:

  • To begin with this solution you must save all your work as you will have to shut down your Asus laptop 
  • You must keep in kind that there are no peripheral devices attached to your laptop. Remove the USB, speakers, etc from the laptop.
  • Disconnect the AC adapter charger as well 
  • Grab a screwdriver, as you will have to remove the battery of the laptop for a while 
  • Unscrew the back cover of the laptop and remove the battery (you may skip this step if the battery of the laptop is irremovable)
  • Keep pressing the power button for 60 seconds approximately 
  • Reconnect the AC adapter charger to your Asus laptop
  • Now turn ON your Asus as you would normally do

After the execution of the steps mentioned above, you must get rid of Asus laptop not charging issue, but if you have not, then move to the next solution:

Sol No. 3 – Try updating the battery driver if your “Asus laptop plugged in charging but not charging”:

Whenever the issue in Asus laptop arises, that indicates that the Asus laptop not charging then there might be an issue with the battery driver. To get rid of the issue you can reinstall the battery driver manually or automatically.

Just uninstall and then reinstall the relevant device drivers via the Device Manager by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose Start that is on the lower-left corner of the screen 
  • Make a right-click on My Computer
  • Now go to Properties at the end
  • Make a selection on the Hardware tab
  • Make a selection on the Device Manager option
  • You will be able to witness the option of “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” under Batteries right-click 
  • Right-click on that option and then select the option of Uninstalling it
  • After this, the battery will no longer be visible in the Batteries list. 
  • In order to reinstall, execute the following steps:
  • Make a selection on the Action menu
  • Make a selection on the Scan for hardware changes
  • Once you have done so, the driver should be visible on the list again

Asus laptop battery not charging Windows 10

If you are owning a laptop or PC with Windows 10 installed in it. There are times when the Windows 10 starts to handle the power improperly and turns off the battery charging process abruptly. Just in case the same has happened with you we recommend you to try the following steps to resolve the error which displays on the screen saying “Asus laptop plugged in charging but not charging Windows 10

  • Turn ON the system to begin the solution
  • Go to the start option that is on the extreme left corner of the screen. 
  • Make a selection on “Control Panel”
  • Now to go “Device Manager”
  • Make a selection on the Batteries category.
  • Select on Microsoft ACPI-compliant Control Method Battery by Right-clicking on it
  • Hit the option of “Uninstall”
  • After this, you will have to shut down your laptop.
  • Make sure you remove the battery of your laptop
  • Now you will have to press the power button and keep holding it for 60 seconds approximately. 
  • Carefully insert the battery back in the laptop
  • Now simply turn on your laptop.

After you have executed the steps mentioned above the chances of Asus laptop battery not charging Windows 10 is high to resolve.

These solutions mentioned above are not exhaustive but are known to be very effective. If you have performed the steps as mentioned then you must have got the solution but in any case, you have not, then you need to get in touch with a professional. The experts are known to be well-versed with such situations and can get the solutions in a jiffy. Just in case you are looking for online expert advice then you can have a chat with our ErrorsDoc chat experts. 

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