How To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Problem

How To Fix Asus Laptop Black Screen Problem

The Asus laptops are one of the most smooth-running laptops. The users have acclaimed them to be very efficient but just like any other machinery, they are also vulnerable in nature. The minor errors or issues are just normal in any device and machinery. In case your Asus laptop displays a black screen then you do not have to worry as there are some easy fixes to it. 

Before starting with the solutions, you should know the cause behind this error. This will make it easier for you in the execution of the steps mentioned below:

Why is my laptop showcasing a blank screen?

There can be more than one reason behind the Asus black screen. But the most common ones are mentioned here. If you have witnessed the rectangular chip in small size is known as the inverter and is responsible for transferring the power to the screen. The other reason might be due to the issue with the screen cable itself.

What can you do to fix the Asus laptop black screen Of Death?

Solution No. 1 – Try to remove the battery

Remove the battery- Asus laptop black screen
  • To begin with,  make sure that your Asus laptop has been turned off. 
  • After turning off the laptop make sure to disconnect the power cable as well.
  • Now you may turn off the display.
  • After turning it off you may flip it.
  • Now look for the battery that is at the backside in a rectangular port
  • After removing the battery, you will have to remove the screws that are screwed on the underside. 
  • Just flip the screen on the right side and make sure to open the display. 
  • After opening the display just remove the top cover of the Asus laptop 
  • When you will remove the top cover you will be able to see the screws that are situated on the plastic bezel. 
  • Once you are able to locate the screws you will have to unscrew all the screws that are surrounding the screen with the help of a screwdriver
  • Gently pull al the corners of the bezel to remove it. 
  • Now you must lean the display a bit forward and pull back the display panel on the behind so that it separates the two and you are able to locate a black thick screen wire.
  • Once you see the screen cable just remove the tape from it that might be covering the circumference of the wire. It is essential that the wire is in a good state and is not broken from any point.
  • Apart from making sure that the cable is in a good state, you also need to see if it is plugged in properly. 
  • To be double sure, just unplug the wire and plug it back again firmly 
  • In case this step did not help you then you need to focus on the rectangular inverter board that is mounted on the backside of the Asus screen.
  • You will witness that there are two cables plugged in on either side of the inverter.
  • While checking make sure that the cables are connected properly 
  • With this, you will be able to solve the issue of Asus laptop stuck on a black screen at once.

In case the aforementioned Asus solutions did not help you then you may go to the below-mentioned solution;

Solution No. 2 – Asus laptop Black Screen After Startup

  • The Asus laptop which you are using must be clean and dry. 
After startup- Asus laptop black screen
  • In most cases, the laptop screens go blank or black when the computer is situated in a moist environment.
  • After the startup of the Asus laptop, you must press the F2 key and the power button together for a while and see to it if this works. In case it does not, then move to the next step.
F2 key- Asus black screen
  • If the F2 key did not help you then you can turn off the system and try to take out the Hard Disk Drive from the system. 
  • Now just switch ON the laptop and after entering the BIOS in the system wait until the default settings are loaded out. Once this is done just insert the Hard Disk Drive and make sure that you make a selection on “Save changes and exit” 

Solution No. 3 – Fix Black Screen of Death on Asus Laptop

If the above-mentioned solutions did not help you in getting rid of the Asus black screen then go for this solution which can be performed by anyone

  • In order to begin with this solution, you must have a hold of a workable system.
  • Now just install the program on the system.
  • After you have installed the program you must an empty CD or USB or DVD in the system.
  • Now launch the Windows Boot Genius after that. 
  • Make a selection on “Burn” 
Make a selection on Burn- Asus laptop black screen of death
  • This will begin the boot disc creation. 
  • Once you have inserted your bootable CD in the Asus system, make a selection “Windows Rescue” which is on the middle-top of the screen in front of you.
  • After that make a selection on the option of “Crash before loading bar”
Crash before loading bar- Asus laptop black screen after startup
  • Once you have executed these steps just follow the on-screen instructions to finish
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