Resolved: Asus Laptop Black Screen Issue

Resolved: Asus Laptop Black Screen Issue

Asus laptop black screen of death can get in your way and not let you do any work on your device. This black screen issue can be seen when you start your Asus laptop, unplug it, or when you are in-between your work. Why are you seeing this problem and what should be the ideal way to resolve it? We have answered everything you want to know in this post. Continue reading to learn. 

Why My Asus Laptop is Stuck on a Black Screen?

The users of Asus laptops often report the problem of black screen. Sometimes it can just be a minor glitch. At other times, major causes can lead to this problem. To understand why the Asus laptop screen goes black when unplugged, just after the startup or even after logging in, we will be displaying its causes below. 

1. Any problem with the battery of your laptop or its loosely connected cables can cause the black screen of death. 

2. This error can appear on your system when its operating system is not able to connect with the display.

3. Not keeping your Asus laptop clean can invite the dust particles to enter within and harm the screen. As a result, you will see the black screen on your Asus laptop.

4. If you are keeping your Asus laptop in a moist environment, then also you can face this error. Such an environment can have bad consequences for your machine in the long run. 

5. If your Asus laptop is on but screen is black, then any issue with your system’s hard disk drive may be the culprit. 

6. You may have connected multiple peripheral devices to your Asus laptop. These devices can also generate the black screen problem. 

7. The Explorer.exe process being closed is the seventh cause of this problem.

8. Sometimes, this problem on your Asus laptop can be experienced after making changes to it.

9. Lack of updated graphic drivers can also be a source of this display issue.

Fixing Asus Laptop Black Screen

For resolving the problem of the Asus laptop black screen of death, encountered under various circumstances, we have 10 successful fixes. For doing each of these fixes, we will advise you to first read the instructions provided. Any mistake made in haste while doing these fixes can surface more problems.

Fix 1: Remove Battery of Your Asus Laptop

Issues with the battery or its cables can hint towards the Asus laptop black screen issue. Inspecting the battery and checking that the cables within are properly connected can clear this issue. For checking these parts of your Asus laptop, go through the following 12 steps. 

Remove The battery - asus laptop black screen

Suggestion: In this fix, you will be removing the screws of your Asus laptop to check the battery and cables inside. Please be very careful while you do so. 

1. Turn off your Asus laptop and remove the power cable. Also, ensure that the display is off.

2. Flip your laptop and locate the battery. You’ll find it in a rectangular port.

3. Open the screws via a screwdriver and then flip the screen towards the right.

4. Open the display and remove the top cover.

5. Remove the screws on the plastic bezel and around the screen.

6. Pull the corners of the bezel gently and allow the display to lean forward. 

7. Pull the display behind and look for a thick black screen wire. 

8. Remove tape from the cable and look for any damages on the wire. 

Note: Also, ensure that the thick black screen wire is in good condition. If not, then this may be causing the black screen problem on your Asus laptop. 

9. Plug out and properly plug in the wire again.

10. Now, inspect the rectangular inverter board mounted on the screen’s backside. Check that the 2 cables on its sides are properly plugged in.

11. Now, place back all the parts you removed. Attach the screws too.

12. Connect the power cable and turn on your Asus laptop. Voila! The black screen problem will have been fixed.

Fix 2: Reset Connection to Display on Your Asus Laptop

In certain instances, the black screen of your Asus laptop may only be a minor error. This generally happens when your device’s operating system fails to connect with the display. A small Asus laptop black screen of death fix for this is presented here. Let’s read it. 

1. When you turn on your laptop, tap the “Windows”, “Ctrl”, “Shift” and “B” keys at the same time. This will reset the connection to the display.

2. Now, use your laptop. The black screen error will not emerge.

Fix 3: Ensure Your Asus Laptop is Not in Moist Environment

An environment with moist air can be one of the top causes of the Asus laptop black screen after login or after startup. This can cause unlikely elements to enter your laptop. Showing the black screen is just one consequence of such an environment. More problems can come in the long run. 

For this reason, you should keep your Asus laptop in an environment with a good flow of air. Also, develop a habit of cleaning your laptop every day. Remove the dust gently and also keep it safe.

Fix 4: Use F2 Key and Remove Hard Disk Drive of Your Asus Laptop

If your display dropped Asus laptop screen black error, then you can first press the “F2” key to resolve it. Further, you can remove and reinsert the Hard Disk Drive. To know the details of this fix, read the 6 steps shown below. 

1. Start your Asus laptop.

2. Press and hold the “F2” key and “Power” button together for a few seconds. The black screen will get removed.

3. In case the black screen persists, turn off your laptop and remove the “Hard Disk Drive”.

4. Now, turn on your laptop and enter “BIOS”.

5. When the default settings get loaded, insert the “Hard Disk Drive”.

6. Tap “Save Changes and Exit”. When your laptop starts, the black screen error will have been resolved.

Fix 5: Hard Reset Your Asus Laptop and Detach Peripheral Devices

We discussed with you that sometimes peripheral devices can generate errors. These can very well lead to the Asus laptop black screen after startup. Here is one of the best procedures to troubleshoot the problem. This procedure will hard reset your machine and remove these errors. 

1. Turn off your laptop, remove the power cord and battery, and then remove every peripheral device connected to it. 

2. Let your laptop sit idle for at least 30 seconds. 

3. Now, keep its “Power” button pressed for 60 seconds.

4. Insert the battery and attach the power cord. 

5. Next, boot your laptop after turning it on.

6. When your laptop turns on and you don’t find the black screen, you can connect the peripheral devices again. 

Fix 6: Start Explorer.exe Process Again on Your Asus Laptop

Now, let us see how restarting the Explorer.exe process can wipe away the issue of Asus laptop black screen caps lock light on. 

For your information, the Explorer.exe process is responsible for managing various processes on your device. In case this process has been closed, you will see the black screen error. Therefore, restarting it can be useful. See the steps for restarting this process below.

1. Press together the “Ctrl” key, “Shift” key, and the “Esc” key on your Asus laptop’s keyboard. 

2. When the “Task Manager” opens, access the “Details” tab. For the users of Asus laptop Windows 7, this will be shown as the “Processes” tab.

3. Find “Explorer.exe” in the tab. Then tap “End Task”.

4. Now, restart your Asus laptop. The issue of the black laptop screen will not bother you now. 

Fix 7: Try Disabling Fast Startup on Your Asus Laptop

For Windows 10 Asus laptop light on but screen black issue, we will show you how to disable fast startup. This is one of the quick fixes for this problem. This can be done in 7 steps only.

1. Open “Run” on your Asus laptop Windows 10.

2. Paste “powercfg.cpl” in “Run”. Then tap “Enter”.

3. Tap “Choose What the Power Buttons Do”.

4. Tap “Change Settings that are Currently Unavailable”.

5. Ensure that the “Turn on fast startup (Recommended)” option has not been selected.

6. Save the changes made and then exit. 

7. Lastly, restart your Asus laptop Windows 10.

Fix 8: Execute System Restore on Your Asus Laptop

“My Asus laptop has a black screen after making some changes”. As one of the readers reported this problem, we found out what was causing it. When changes are made to your Asus laptop, there may occur a problem while making these changes. The system restore process can fix it. See how this process is done in 11 steps. 

1. Press the “Windows” key.

2. Type in “System restore”.

3. Tap “Create a Restore Point”.

4. Open the “System Protection” tab.

5. Tap on “System Restore”.

6. Go through the instructions provided on your screen. 

7. Tap “Next”. 

8. Select “Show More Restore Points”.

9. Choose a suitable restore point and press “Next”.

10. Again perform as per the instructions provided on your screen.

11. Then restart your laptop. The problem will not persist.

Fix 9: Update Graphics on Your Asus Laptop

If your Asus laptop screen goes black when moved or if it turns black and white then the outdated graphics could be the culprit. Learn here how to update the graphics of your Asus laptop to do away with the black screen display. 

1. Press the “Windows” key along with the “X” letter key. 

2. Click on “Device Manager”.

3. Then choose “Display Adapters”.

4. Expand the options of “Display Adapters”. Select your graphics driver. 

5. Right-click on the selected driver and select “Update Driver”.

6. From the 2 options available, select “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”.

7. Do as per the instructions available on your screen.

8. Finally, restart your Asus laptop. The Asus laptop black and white screen or the problem of black screen when moved will be fixed. 

Fix 10: Use Safe Mode on Your Asus Laptop

In this Asus laptop black screen fix, we will show you how to use the safe mode for resolving this problem. For doing this troubleshooting fix, you will have to first read the 6 steps given below. Make sure that no mistake is done while you do this fix. 

1. Open the “Safe Mode” on your Asus Laptop.

2. Choose the option of “Browse My Computer for Driver Software”.

3. Here, a list of drivers along with their date will be available. Select the oldest driver. Then press “Next”.

4. Perform the on-screen instructions.

5. Now, you have to restart your Asus laptop.

6. The last step is to ensure whether the Asus sonicmaster laptop black screen got fixed. 

Tips to Prevent Asus Laptop Black Screen

Asus laptop black screen no BIOS error is a common problem that you are likely to encounter. We presented you with many fixes to troubleshoot this problem. We thought you will really benefit from knowing some tips also to prevent this error again in the future. Let’s go through these tips now. 

1. Install a suitable antivirus in your Asus laptop. It will keep away any bugs or threats that can cause this error. 

2. Always shut down your Asus laptop properly. Some users often shut down their devices hastily. Doing this can easily give rise to the Asus laptop black screen with cursor.

3. The third most important tip is to ensure the environment of the place where you are keeping or using your Asus laptop. A moist environment can harm your computer by affecting it with this black screen of death problem. 


Hopefully, the Asus laptop troubleshooting black screen issue will have been resolved by now. Do make use of the tips we shared to avoid seeing such a problem again. 

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