How to Fix Asus Laptop Running Slow

How to Fix Asus Laptop Running Slow

Asus laptops are one of the best laptops available in the market. Just in case your Asus laptop is running slow then you do not need to worry as this is normal with any laptop available. 

Before you begin with the solution it is necessary that you must know the reason behind this error. 

What are the reasons behind my Asus laptop running slow?

  • Presence of Virus or Malware 
  • Low disc space
  • System update pending
  • Slow on startup 

Please note that the aforementioned list of reasons behind the Asus laptop running slow is not exhaustive

Solution No. 1- Antivirus To The Rescue:

  • To begin with the solution turn ON your Asus laptop
  • Your Microsoft will have in-built security software known as Windows Defender
Security at a glance- Asus laptop running slow
  • But windows defender is not that powerful to rectify serious virus threats to your system
  • Hence, you must purchase good antivirus software for your system
  • Once you have a hold of the antivirus, just run a system scan
  • Once you scan your system, the antivirus will detect all types of virus and malware in the system 
PC status- Asus laptop running very slow
  • After that, it will suggest the next course of action to repair and fix the system with on-screen instructions 
  • Just follow the on-screen instructions and you will be done 
  • Go to the next solution in case this one was not helpful

Solution No. 2 – Free Up Disk Space If Your Asus Laptop Running Slow:

Before you begin with solution keep in mind this is a bit time consuming

  • As we all know that the CPU acts as the brain of the system and just like that the Hard drive also plays a vital role in the functioning of the system 
  • Turn ON your system firstly 
  • Your system must be running slow so you need to free up some space 
Storage- Asus laptop running slow
  • In case you are not technological friendly then you will require some expert assistance to execute this step
  • You can get in touch with “ERRORSDOC” if you are looking for an expert at your doorsteps
  • Go to the next solution in case the aforementioned solutions were not a help

Solution No. 3 – Update OS If Your Asus laptop Windows 10 Running Slow

  • To begin with turn ON your system 
  • Now make sure your system has an Internet connection
  • You will get a pop-up message if your system needs an update
  • Just click on the message on your screen and you will be directed to the Windows auto-update process
  • Once you have made a selection to update your system you will have to wait for a while as this is a time-consuming process
Update Window- Asus laptop windows 10 running slow
  • After your system is updated it should work just fine 

Solution No. 4 – Clean Fan If Your System Is Heating Up:

  • Firstly, make sure that your Asus laptop is turned OFF to get started with this solution
  • Grab a screwdriver to begin
  • Flip your Asus laptop and open the back panel entirely to have a sight of the fan 
  • Once you locate the fan, just make sure it is not jammed or covered with dust
  • Take the help of a Vaccum cleaner or Compressed Air to clean the fan 
Clean the fan- Asus laptop running very slow
  • You can take the help of a professional if you are not confident enough to take care of the hardware section. (Have a look at “ERRORSDOC” for expert assistance)

Solution No. 5 – Try Switching To SSD :

Try switching to SSD- Asus laptop windows 10 running slow
  • You may have to switch to SSD (Solid Speed Drive) in case your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is full.
  • The SSD is known to work 30% faster than the HDD 
  • This is most recommended if your Asus laptop is quite old
  • To execute, just grab a screwdriver and flip your laptop
  • You have to unscrew the 2 screws that are on the bottom
  • Once you have unscrewed you have to remove the plastic cover
  • You will locate the Hard disc on the left side
  • The hard disc is held with the help of 2 screws which need to be unscrewed
  • Remove the hard disc by sliding towards left
  • Grab the Hard drive mount and unscrew the four screws to open it
  • Once the hard disc is the open place the SSD inside
  • Now you have to put everything in place like before 
  • Note: you must make sure that the SSD fits in your laptop before the purchase. (it should not be more than 10mm)

Solution No. 6 – Upgrade RAM

Go for extra RAM- Asus laptop running slow
  • There are times when the system needs extra RAM because there is less memory  
  • You can get different options in the size of the memory 
  • Just in case you are using your Asus laptop for gaming, editing or more you must replace the RAM with more 
  • Purchase one from the need by market or online 

The aforementioned solutions are not exhaustive but are acclaimed by many users. Contact “ERRORSDOC” if you were not able to find a solution for Asus laptop running very slow. You will get expert assistance by getting in touch with us.

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