How To Fix Asus Laptop & Touchpad Not Working Issue

How To Fix Asus Laptop & Touchpad Not Working Issue

Where all these technologies are coming back and forth, some of them can really stand the test of time. All the devices are acquiring touchpad technology with wide arms. 
From laptops to mobile phones, everything is now with a touchpad. But there are some of the drawbacks as well.

What to do if Asus Touchpad not Working?

There can be various reasons for this issue. Just in case, you have also faced this issue you may follow the steps mentioned in the solutions below:

Solution No. 1 – Enable the Touchpad:

  • Turn ON your Asus laptop at first 
  • Now enter the settings of the Windows by pressing the “Windows key and I together
  • Once you are in the Windows settings, you must make a selection on “Devices”
Windows settings- Asus touchpad not working
  • Select on “Touchpad”
  • Now click on “Additional Settings”
  • After this, you will have to ensure that the checkbox in front of “Enable Touchpad” is checked 
  • Now click on “Apply” followed by “Ok”
Enable touchpad- Asus laptop touchpad scroll not working windows 8
  • Once you have executed the steps mentioned above, make sure that you check the Touchpad

This a universal solution but you may move to the next one if you were not able to get rid of the issue.

Solution No. 2 – Enable the Trackpad in the BIOS:

There are times when the touchpad of your Asus laptop must have been disabled in the motherboard BIOS. (Might have occurred because of the firmware update)

  • Press the Delete or F2 key (Press Repeatedly) if you wish to check if this is the cause behind this issue.
  • Similarly, All motherboards comprise of different BIOS layout, but your target is to look for “Internal Pointing Device” or something similar to this option and make sure that it is enabled.
Internal pointing device- Asus touchpad scroll not working windows 8
  • You will be able to locate it under the option of “Advanced”
  • Just choose the option of “Save changes and exit” to end this one

We have many solutions for you, try executing the next one in case this one was not your cup of tea:

Solution No. 3- Remove the Mouse Drivers:

There are times when we are not comfortable with the touchpad and plug in a mouse. Even if you have unplugged the mouse, there are chances that you have not uninstalled the device which is creating an issue with the drivers. To do so execute the following steps:

  • Turn on your Asus laptop
  • Now go to the start button that is on the extreme left corner of the screen
  • Type “Device Manager” in the search box in front of you and click on it.
  • Now locate the option of “Mice and other pointing devices” and make a selection on it
Device manager- Asus touchpad not working
  • Under this option, look for the mice installed and uninstall all the mice to disable

Go for the next one if did not help you solve the issue:

Solution No. 4 – Update Drivers:

  • Enter the Device Manager for this solution as well
  • Make a selection on Start
  • Now type Device Manager in the search box available 
  • Now under the device manager, make the right selection on the Touchpad present on the list
  • You will have to ensure that the option of the touchpad is enabled
  • In case the option is enabled already make a selection on the “Update Driver”
  • Now see if there are any updates available

It is better to move ahead to the solutions mentioned below if these did not help:

Solution No. 5 – Rollback Touchback Driver

  • There are times when Windows is creating this issue. In case you have updated your windows to 8 it means the Windows is creating a problem with Touchpad driver
  • Go to the device manager for this by hitting the Start option on the taskbar 
  • Type Device Manager in the search box 
  • Now right click on the device manager
  • Locate the option of Properties 
Roll back driver- Asus laptop touchpad not working
  • In the Properties option, go for “Roll back driver” and make sure that the previous version of the driver solves the issue

Try the solution mentioned below if this did not help you:

Solution No. 6 – Disable Tablet PC Input Services:

The laptops that are hybrid and has a touchscreen, has high chances of Tablet PC Input Service that controls stylus functionality must be interfering with the touchpad.
Disable and enable the stylus according to your preference. To do so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Asus laptop and disable the function by pressing the Windows key and R together 
  • After this, type “services.mac” in the search box
  • You will be able to witness a list in front of you from which you have to locate “TabletInputService” or “Tablet PC Input Service”
Tablet PC- Asus laptop touchpad scroll not working windows 8
  • Make a right-click on this one and click on the option of Disable

Solution No. 7 – Re-enable the Touchpad of Asus Using the Fn key:

At times the users press the Fn key unknowingly which disables the touchpad. This might be another cause why the touchpad of Asus is not working. To get rid of this error follow the steps mentioned below:

Fn key- Asus touchpad not working
  • Press the Fn key along with the other Function key simultaneously possible.
  • This action may turn off your screen but you can turn it back again by pressing the key again
  • You can fix the error of your touchpad not working.

Asus Laptop Touchpad Scroll Not Working In Windows 8

Follow the steps mentioned below to install and update the driver if Asus touchpad scroll not working in windows 8.

Step 1 – For the execution of this solution, you will have to Uninstall the touchpad driver first. And then download the Asus latest driver. You can download it from the system manufacturer website.

  • Hit the Windows Key + R, to launch the Run command
  • Now type “devmgmt.msc” in the search box 
DEVMGMT.MSC command- Asus touchpad scroll not working windows 8
  • Make a selection on the touchpad driver.
  • Select the “Properties” 
  • Now select on the uninstall tab.
  • Select “OK”.

Step 2 – Install the latest drivers in Compatibility Mode by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Make a Right selection on the setup file
  • Now select on “Properties”
  • Now click on the “Compatibility tab”.
  • When you see the option of “Run this program in compatibility mode for” check the checkbox in front of it
Properties- Asus laptop touchpad not working
  • Click on Windows 8

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