How To Update Lenovo Ideapad and Thinkpad BIOS

How To Update Lenovo Ideapad and Thinkpad BIOS

System Update downloads and data updates for BIOS, drivers, and software directly from a Lenovo server over the Internet without the demand of particular user knowledge can be done from the package location by the target system. This package updates the UEFI BIOS stored in the ThinkPad system to solve issues, expand functions, or add new functions as noted below. This package contains the tool to build a bootable BIOS Flash USB memory key. Lenovo System Update is utilized to update, Lenovo drivers install, software, and BIOS. Our technical team are competent enough in providing support service for Lenovo Bios Update, Lenovo Bios Update Windows 10, Lenovo Bios Update for Windows 7, Update Bios Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo Idea pad Bios Update.

Note: Lenovo highly suggests to run the Windows Update prior to using the Lenovo System Update.

Ways in which Lenovo Technologies assist you in keeping your computer updated and safe are:

  • Offer a direct association with Lenovo Support and Service for Think Centre drivers and ThinkPad, software and BIOS
  • It helps to enhance your computer performance and developing security vulnerability.

Lenovo Idea Pad & ThinkPad Bios Updated in Windows 10 & Win 7

Method I: To install BIOS update Use Win flash

  • Download the updated BIOS to the system for simplicity of location
  • Start the Lenovo service website
  • Enter your product name
  • click Drivers and Software, on the product page
  • Clean the UEFI/BIOS, and select the matching Operating System information
  • Download and install the BIOS by succeeding the readme file
  • Right-click on the BIOS flash package and select “Run as administrator”.

Note: Double click the BIOS flash package and follow the program instruction in Windows Vista

  1. Windows displays a pop-up message of the self-extracting window, select the “Install” button.
  2. Select the “Flash BIOS” button.
  3. A warning window display to prompt the user to associate the computer power outlet and to offer the flash information.
  4. Click the “OK” button, and the BIOS update flashing software automatically runs
    Note: Wait till the update of BIOS flashing program finishes the installation
  5. Once the BIOS update finishes, the computer automatically starts rebooting

Method II: Find and download the correct version of Windows

Note: In case you download and install a BIOS planned for a diverse model, your system possibly won’t function.

  1. Go to support home page, Choose your product > and Click on Software & software 
  2. Choose the BIOS  > Select your operating system

If you require further instructions on steps to download software and drivers, then follow the next step.

Method III: Read the included documentation

  1. If you had performed the above-mentioned steps to download the BIOS edition you would see a readme file too.
  2. The BIOS update file ‘Read Me’ will most probably consist a list of solutions and new functions, to support the new hardware and particularly to your model.
  3. These files also include essential information about the updating process and instruction.

Method IV: Update the BIOS from Windows

  1. If possible, try updating the BIOS when using a trustable source of electricity.
  2. If you are updating the BIOS software for a laptop or portable device, assure that the battery is fully charged
  3. These precautions are required since a small power fluctuation can damage the BIOS when it is being updated. That can also lead to an inoperative system
  4. If you have updated the BIOS from the Windows, it is desirable that you inactivate any antivirus or security suite running, so that it doesn’t restrict anything in the update process
  5. The easiest method to update BIOS from the Windows is by Downloading the file  install it and operate the executable
  6. Restart the system and BIOS is updated in your Lenovo Idea pad & ThinkPad Bios

Avail Contact Service from Technical Professionals

Hope the above step to step solution is useful enough in Lenovo Bios Update, Lenovo Bios Update Windows 10, Lenovo Bios Update for Windows 7, Update Bios Lenovo Thinkpad, Lenovo Idea Pad Bios Update and you have fixed the issue without ant issue. However, if you are still unable to update Lenovo BIOS Update then our technical team are available for 24×7. We are the leading support agent and among the best in technical service provider. With a terrific digital footprint and several years of experience. Our technical team has advance knowledge of the  latest tricks and technical knowledge who can give you perfect solution in the limited period.

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