How to Fix Form 2210 TurboTax Error?

How to Fix Form 2210 TurboTax Error?

Did you receive form 2210 TurboTax error while filing the TurboTax form? If so, you don’t need to panic. This TurboTax form 2210 error is temporary and can be fixed easily by taking account of the condition that has caused it. In this article, we will go through all the possible conditions and their solutions simultaneously. Here we go: 

The blog talks about what is form 2210 TurboTax error and how to fix it using different solutions based on the different conditions.

What is TurboTax 2210 Error?

When you file the TurboTax form, there can be instances that you encounter form 2210 TurboTax error. This particular error code arises when the TurboTax form you are filing is denied by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

There can be multiple reasons that your form gets rejected by the IRS. For instance, if your TurboTax software has some missing data, a penalty in payment, or you have shown a less amount of tax then you can encounter errors on your screen. However, this error can be fixed if you understand the valid condition.

What are the Ways to Get Rid of TurboTax Form 2210 AI Error?

As we stated earlier, there can be different conditions related to TurboTax 2018 form 2210 error. In the following discussion, we will go through a number of conditions and implement the solutions accordingly:

Condition 1: Penalty in the Payment

There can be a possibility that you get a penalty on the payment. If that is the case then you can follow these steps to deal with this.

  • If you are eligible for an 85% waiver and part II box A is ticked then you would not be able to file your return electronically. In this scenario, you are supposed to take a print and file the return via email.
  • In case you have the penalty with no 85% waiver and it has been asked for a partial or full penalty waiver then it is important to give a statement for the waiver of penalty. For this, you have to go back to the return. Then, add your penalty explanation in your statement.
  • Also, the waiver of your penalty statement is not required when there is no penalty recorded in line 17. If that is the case, you can return to the underpayment section and proceed with the required changes.

So these are the different conditions for the penalty. Whether you are eligible for an 85% waiver or not, you need to take action accordingly as stated above.

Condition 2: Less Amount of Tax in the Form

There can also be instances when a user shows a less amount of the tax in their form. This can cause a TurboTax form 2210 issue on your screen. To troubleshoot this error, you can pursue the following steps:

  • First of all, you need to switch back to the return.
  • Then, click on the “Other tax situations”.
  • Now, select the “Underpayment Penalties”.
  • If you are prompted for the “Possible Penalty Exceptions”, select the “No” option.
  • In the end, you can add the correct “Tax liability”.

The wrong amount of tax might reject your form that you are filing. Therefore, it is important to check your tax situation and make possible changes in the tax.

Condition 3: Received the Error Unexpectedly

TurboTax can also throw errors even if you are not restricted to file your TurboTax form. When you receive a TurboTax form 2210 error unexpectedly then you can implement the following steps mentioned below:

  • You will have to check for the error.
  • If you see a 2210A1 error then add 1 in a box.
  • Now, you have to switch to the forms mode.
  • After this, you need to delete the 2210A1 form.

Basically, if you are having issues with the 2210A1 form then you can simply delete it and check if the error still persists.

These are the three major conditions that could be the possibility of form 2210 penalty TurboTax error. However, you can fix these errors by modifying the required details.

In some cases, it may also happen that you receive errors even after entering the valid details in the form. This is informed by the several users that their form can get rejected by the IRS even though they added each and every detail correctly.

For such conditions, you can contact the TurboTax experts. The professional will figure out the actual cause and fix the error for you.

Important Things to Remember Before You Fix Form 2210 TurboTax Error

If you go to fix the TurboTax form 2210 error yourself then you should keep a few things into consideration. Here are the following things that you need to review for error check.

  • Click on the duty document and check for the error.
  • Then, type 1 in the box.
  • After this, click on the “Expense tools”.
  • Go to the “Devices” option.
  • Hit the “Erase a form”.
  • Now, scroll down to 2210 structure and delete it.
  • Then, switch back to the return.

Once you remove the problematic 2210 form structure, you can review and check for the error. This will possibly remove the TurboTax form 2210 update.

Fix Form 2210 Penalty TurboTax Error using TurboTax Online

There are users who prefer to use TurboTax online. If you are one of those and receiving this TurboTax form 2210 AI error then you can fix this by deleting the form. Let’s know how to delete the form using online software in the following instructions:

  • First of all, click on the tax file.
  • Then, proceed with the review and error check until you see form 2210A1 error is displayed on the screen.
  • Then, you can type 1 in a box.
  • Now, click on the “Tax Tools” located on the left.
  • Then, select the “Tools” option.
  • Here, you can select the “Delete a form” option.
  • Hit the “Continue with my return” option.

Once you are done following these steps, the 2210A1 form will be erased. Thereafter, you can review and check if any error persists.

Fix TurboTax 2210 Error using TurboTax Desktop

In case you file a tax form using the desktop version then the upcoming information is for you. If the TurboTax desktop users are facing form 2210 penalty TurboTax error then they can fix it by erasing the form. For better understanding, below are the troubleshooting steps that one can follow:

  • Launch TurboTax software on your computer.
  • Check the error.
  • If it displays a 2210A1 error on your screen, type 1 in a box.
  • Now, you have to switch to the forms mode.
  • After this, you need to delete the 2210A1 form from the record.

After you implement these steps, the 2210A1 form will be removed successfully. After that, you can review and check the error. The error must have gone now.

In a Nutshell

It is common to face errors especially when you are filing a TurboTax form. If the form has some penalty issue or the data is missing in your software, you might encounter the TurboTax form 2210 issue.

There can be several reasons for receiving this error. Therefore, it is mandatory to understand the condition and proceed with the solutions.

The most beneficial step is to review and check the error. Thereafter, you can delete the structure of the 2210A1 form from your TurboTax Online or Software. If it is required then you can apply the required modification and then try filling the form again.

In some instances, you can also face TurboTax form 2210 errors even after submitting the correct details. For this, you can connect with professionals to figure out the problem with your form.

Hopefully, we have given you easy solutions to get rid of the form 2210 TurboTax error.

In case you are having other errors in your TurboTax account then we have prepared some curated guides on them. Check out the following links:

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