Resolved: Bad System Config Info Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Resolved: Bad System Config Info Windows 10, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Has the bad system config info error encountered on your Windows computer? Or you are looking for ways to prevent it? In either case, this post will be of great help. 

Readers can check out great fixes to do away or prevent this error on their systems. These fixes are suitable for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 computers. 

In this post on stop code bad system config info Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, and XP, we will cover the following sections. 

What does Bad System Config Info Mean?

Bad system config info is an error just like the blue screen of death. As a result of certain causes, this error can frequently emerge on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. This error will indicate to you that your system is having difficulty while processing. 

What Causes Bad System Config Info Error?

The error of bad_system_config_info on Windows can be the consequence of the following.

1. The system files can sometimes become problematic and be this error’s next cause.

2. You can find this error on your computer as a result of the damaged BCD or Boot Configuration Data.

3. Your system’s drivers may be missing, out of date, or corrupted.

4. The Windows registry settings can be faulty. Thus, this error can appear.

5. In case your system’s hard drive has been damaged, this error can show up.

6. The RAM being damaged, the chances of seeing this error increase.

Troubleshooting bad_system_config_info XP Error

When the bad system config problem emerges on your Windows XP computer, you can troubleshoot it with just 1 fix. This is a guaranteed fix that can settle the problem quickly.

Fix 1: Perform System Restore on Windows XP

Resolving the bad info config system problem is possible by doing the system restore method. To do this method in the correct way, you can read through the 8 steps given as follows.

1. Press the “Start” button.

2. Click on the “All Programs” option.

3. Choose “System Restore”.

4. In the window that opens, select “Create a Restore Point”.

5. Now, press “Next”.

6. In the next step, add a new name for the restore point.

7. Press the “Create” button.

8. Then press “Close”.

These steps will help you in performing system restore to remove the “ stopcode bad system config info” message

Troubleshooting Bad System Config Info Windows 7 Error

To eliminate the error message “bad system config info Windows server 2012” on Windows 7, you can choose from the following 7 fixes. These fixes are as simple as installing driver updates, repairing the hard disk, performing a system restore, etc. 

Fix 1: Install Driver Updates on Windows 7

Doing away with errors on your Windows 7 computer can be less complex when the drivers are kept up to date. Updating them can prevent the Windows bad system config info error as well. Let’s go through the directions for updating them.

1. Press the “Windows” key, 

2. Right-click on “Computer”.

3. Select “Manage”.

4. Open the “Device Manager” from the left.

5. Click twice on the name of the device that has to be updated. 

6. Right-click on the name of the device.

7. Choose “Update Driver Software”.

8. “Browse My Computer for Driver Software” needs to be clicked.

9. Press “Browse” and open the location of the file you have downloaded.

10. Press “Next”. 

Now, the updates for drivers will be downloaded on your Windows 7 computer. Your computer will be able to prevent the error.

Fix 2: Repair Hard Disk on Windows 7

One of the causes of the bad system config Windows 7 problem is a damaged hard disk. If your hard disk has become damaged or gone corrupt, you can repair it. For this, you can implement the “chkdsk/f” command using the Command Prompt. 

Fix 3: Update OS on Windows 7

“Why am I seeing the bad system config info blue screen Windows 7 error message?” Our experts believe that you may be seeing it in the case of a system with an outdated operating system. Therefore, updating the OS is all you need to do.

1. Press the “Windows” key.

2. Write “Update” in “Search”.

3. Click on “Check for Updates”/”Windows Update” from the search results.

4. Tap “Check for Updates”.

5. You will be informed about the updates on your screen. You can view the updates available.

6. Tick the boxes to select the updates you need. Then press “Ok”.

7. Press “Install Updates”.

Note: Avoid turning off your system while you’re installing the updates. In case you are using a laptop, ensure that it has enough battery to keep the process running.

Fix 4: Try System Restore on Windows 7

For Windows 7 users, here is a must-try solution. System restore is one of the guaranteed solutions for troubleshooting the bad system config info Windows 7 error. Let us see the set of directions for doing this.

1. Click on “Start”.

2. Open the “Control Panel”.

3. Head to “System and Security”.

4. Open the System link.

5. From the left, open the link for “System Protection”.

6. In “System Properties”, visit the “System Protection” tab.

7. Click on “Create”.

8. Enter a name for the restore point.

9. Then press “Create”.

10. The restore point will be made. You will be notified. Then you can press “Close” to exit all the boxes.

Once your system has been restored, make certain that this fix worked.

Fix 5: Repair Windows Registry on Windows 7

In many cases, Windows registry had gone bad. Thus, the “Windows stop code bad system config info” error message was being generated. Fixing the Windows registry seemed the ideal option for getting rid of the error. Hopefully, it worked too. In our opinion, you can also try this fix. 

Fix 6: Run Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) on Windows 7 

“How can I fix the BSOD bad system config info problem on my computer?” You can opt for the recovery option “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)”. And for selecting it, you need to do only 4 short steps. These are listed as follows.

1. Start your computer again.

2. When you see the “Windows” logo or a black screen with white text, press the “F8” key and hold it.

3. The “Advanced Boot Menu” will show up. Select “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” from the menu. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys for selecting it.


4. Press “Enter”.

Fix 7: Try Repairing RAM on Windows 7

As you would know, the RAM of your Windows 7 computer needs to work properly. When it doesn’t work properly, you can suspect that there is some fault in it. You can repair it and this Windows blue screen bad_system_config_info error should not be seen any longer.

Troubleshooting Bad System Config Windows 8 Error

Bad system config BSOD error can be found on Windows 8 computers too. If your computer has also encountered it, then we will teach you the best fixes. These fixes include running certain tools on your computer. And in a short while, this error will stop appearing.

Fix 1: Run Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced) on Windows 8

“Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)” is a recovery option that helps in clearing the bad system config issue. To find this recovery option, you can do the following procedure. It is 8 steps long.

1. Head to “Start” in the first step.

2. Now, click on “Power”.

3. Press the “Shift” key and hold it. 

4. Now, choose “Restart”.

5. “Troubleshoot” has to be selected now. 

6. Head to “Advanced Options”.

7. Now, open the “Startup Settings”.

8. Press “Restart”.

9. When the system has been restarted, you will see the menu for “Advanced Boot Options”.

10. Here, you have to pick “Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced)”. 

11. Hit “Enter”.

We believe this fix helped in getting the bad system config info Windows 8 repaired.

Fix 2: Try Repairing Hard Disk on Windows 8

Are you seeing the “Bad system config info server 2012” error message? May be your hard disk is the culprit behind this. To repair your system’s hard disk, you can use the command shown in the following procedure.

1. Open the “Command Prompt” from “Start”. Run it as the administrator.

2. Write “chkdsk/f” in the “Command Prompt”.

3. Press the “Enter” key.

4. Restart your Windows 8 system.

5. Now, check for the error on your system.

Fix 3: Run Windows Memory Diagnostic on Windows 8

In the next fix for the error of bad system config on Windows 8, we will be running the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool. For running it, a set of instructions has been defined here. 

1. Open the “Start Menu”.

2. Write “Memory Diagnostic” in “Search”.

3. Click on “Windows Memory Diagnostic”.

4. Select “Restart Now and Check for Problems (Recommended)”.

Restart now and check for problems

5. Your system will restart. Any issues with the RAM will be checked. When the errors have been found, open your manufacturer’s website for fixing them.

Fix 4: Use Windows System File Checker on Windows 8

Here is a bad system config fix that will guide you to utilize the Windows System File Checker option on your computer. It will excellently work in identifying the source of the error and repairing it.

1. Begin with opening the “Command Prompt”. It needs to be run as the administrator.

2. Write “sfc/scannow” in the window.

3. Hit “Enter”.

4. Your system will be scanned by the Windows System File Checker. When the problem has been identified, on-screen directions need to be followed.

Troubleshooting Windows 8.1 Bad System Config Error

Windows 8.1 users can repair the bad system config info 2019 problem by following 2 methods. To find more information about them, you are suggested to read ahead.

Fix 1: Attempt System Restore on Windows 8.1

Just like on the other versions of Windows, running system restore can be the ultimate bad system config info Windows 8.1 solution. As soon as you finish performing it in the right way, the error will stop occurring on your computer.

Fix 2: Update Your Windows 8.1 Computer

In the next Windows 8.1 bad system config info fix, we will suggest that you update your computer. See to it that its operating system has been updated. Also, be certain that your computer has the recent system driver updates.

Troubleshooting Bad System Config Info Windows 10 Error

Do you know the most effective fixes for the blue screen bad system config info Windows 10 error? We do! And we will be sharing these with you in the sections shown below. You can pick either of the 6 fixes and the error will get quickly repaired. 

Fix 1: Perform Factory Data Reset on Windows 10

When you are unable to identify the cause of the Windows 10 blue screen bad system config info issue and it fails to go away, you can do factory data reset on your computer. Are you familiar with the factory data reset procedure? If you are not, then guidance has been provided here.

1. Ensure that the “Windows 10 Installation DVD”/”Flash Drive” has been inserted.

2. Boot using the “Flash Drive” or “DVD” installed.

3. Click on “Next” on the welcome screen.

4. “Repair Your Computer” has to be chosen.

5. Tap on “Troubleshoot”.

6. Click on “Reset this PC”.

7. Select “Remove Everything”.

8. “Only the Drive Where Windows is Installed” needs to be selected.

9. Click on “Just Remove My Files”.

10. Press “Reset”.

As this procedure ends, you should use your computer to be sure that the error has been sorted.

Fix 2: Ensure Windows & Drivers are Updated on Windows 10

You can encounter the bad_system_config_info Windows 10 error if the drivers and Windows don’t have the updates. To update them, you will have to read the following 4 steps.

1. Head to the “Settings”.

2. Select “Update & Security”.

3. Choose “Windows Update”.

4. Click on “Check for Updates”.

All the available updates for your system can be downloaded from here.

Fix 3: Mend Windows Registry Settings on Windows 10

In this bad system config info Windows 10 fix, you will learn to mend the Windows Registry settings. For this, you will have to write certain commands and the settings will get repaired. Now, let us read the directions for mending the Windows Registry settings.

1. Begin with inserting a “Windows 10 Installation DVD”/”Flash Drive”. Then boot via it.

2. Press “Next” on the welcome screen.

3. “Repair Your Computer” has to be selected.

4. Press “Troubleshoot”.

5. Tap “Advanced”.

6. Click on the “Command Prompt”.

7. Write the commands listed below one by one in the “Command Prompt”.

“CD C:WindowsSystem32config”

“ren C:WindowsSystem32configDEFAULT DEFAULT.old”

“ren C:WindowsSystem32configSAM SAM.old”

“ren CWindowsSystem32configSECURITY SECURITY.old”

“ren C:WindowsSystem32configSOFTWARE SOFTWARE.old”

“ren C:WindowsSystem32configSYSTEM SYSTEM.old”

8. Now, enter these commands in “Command Prompt” one after the other.

“copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackDEFAULT C:WindowsSystem32config”

“copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSAM C:WindowsSystem32config”

“copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSECURITY C:WindowsSystem32config”

“copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSYSTEM C:WindowsSystem32config”

“copy C:WindowsSystem32configRegBackSOFTWARE C:WindowsSystem32config”

9. Exit the “Command Prompt”.

10. Restart your system.

Fix 4: Ensure Hardware of Windows 10 is Not Damaged

In the second fix, you have to check that the hardware of your computer is not damaged. In case you find signs of damages, you will know the cause of the bad system config info Windows 10 2019 issue. Getting the hardware replaced will be best.

Fix 5: Repair BCD on Windows 10

BCD or Boot Configuration Data can become damaged because of certain reasons. Being damaged, you may see the problem of stop code bad system config info. To repair BCD, we have outlined the procedure below.

1. You need to insert the “Windows 10 Installation Flash Drive” or “DVD” and start booting.

2. On the welcome screen, press “Next”.

3. Choose “Repair Your Computer”.

4. Now, click on “Troubleshoot”.

5. Tap on “Advanced Options”.

6. Run “Command Prompt”.

Command Prompt - bad system config info

7. In the “Command Prompt”, fill in the following commands.

“bootrec /repairbcd”

“bootrec /osscan”

“bootrec /repairmbr” 

8. You can exit the “Command Prompt” now.

9. Lastly, restart your Windows 10 computer.

We hope this fix got the problem of bad system config info Windows 10 repaired.

Fix 6: Use “bcdedit” Command on Windows 10

Do you know how to apply the “bcdedit” command? If not, then you should learn it now. This command can wonderfully troubleshoot the bad system config error. 

1. The basic step is to place in the “Windows 10 Installation Flash Drive”/”DVD”. Boot using the same.

2. Tap “Next” when the welcome screen is visible.

3. Tap “Repair Your Computer”.

4. “Troubleshoot” has to be selected.

5. Select “Advanced Options”.

6. Open the “Command Prompt”.

7. Write these commands in the “Command Prompt”.

“bcdedit/deletevalue {default} numproc”

“bcdedit/deletevalue {default} truncatememory”

8. The “Command Prompt” can be closed now.

9. Restarting your system is the final step.

The bad system config info Windows 10 bcdedit issue will not show up on your screen now.

To Wrap up

Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 blue screen bad system config info fixes were learnt in this blog. We wish that you find these fixes helpful. And the error gets quickly settled. 

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