How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Home & Pro Permanently?

How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Home & Pro Permanently?

Cortana, the AI assistant by Windows has proved to be very helpful. It is used by many for web searching, managing calendar appointments, etc. Despite being feature-rich, certain users may want to disable Cortana Windows 10 for certain reasons. Being the pioneers of solving problems, we have figured out the best ways to disable Cortana Windows 10 home, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 2019. 

So, let us read this guide and learn how to disable Cortana in Windows10 permanently.

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 10 Home?

For the users of Windows 10 Home, disabling Cortana can be a tricky task. You’re in luck! We have already mastered the best method to help you with disabling this virtual assistance without putting in much effort. To know what this method is, you will have to read the next section. 

Method 1: How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Home via Windows Registry?

Disabling Cortana in Windows 10 Home requires the editing of Windows Registry. Therefore, it is highly suggested for you to create a restore point before following this process. Doing so will keep you on the safe side.

1. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time to open the “Run” command box.

2. Then enter “Regedit” and hit “Enter” to open it.

3. Follow the path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows”.

4. Now right click on the “Windows directory” and in the “New” select the “Key” option.

Key  - disable cortana windows 10

5. Type “Windows Search” and press “Enter”.

6. Now right-click on “Windows Search” and click on “New”. Then choose “DWORD (32-bit) value”.

DWORD (32-bit) value - disable cortana windows 10 home

7. Type “Allow Cortana” and press “Enter”.

Allow Cortana - windows disable cortana

8. Then double-click on the “Allow Cortana” option and set “0” as its value.

9. Now, restart your Windows 10 system and this process will be complete. Cortana will have been successfully disabled at the end of this procedure. 

Caution! :- We showed you how to disable Cortana completely in Windows 10 home via the Windows Registry. Before you carry it out, you should know that this method can be irreversible if you do not carry out a clean installation of Windows 10. 

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 10 Pro?

If you are using Windows 10 Pro and don’t wish to continue any further with Cortana, then we will aid you in disabling it from your system. We will be using the Group Policy editor for this. To get more information about this method, you can scroll down and read. 

Method 1: How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Pro via Group Policy?

In this section, we will tell you how to disable the Cortana Windows 10 Group Policy. The presence of the Group Policy option simplifies the procedure a lot. Through the Group Policy option, Cortana can be disabled in just a few minutes with the least effect on the system’s data. Follow the steps given below to Disable Windows 10 Pro Cortana permanently.

1. Press the “Windows” and “R” keys together to open the “Run” command box.

2. Enter “gpedit.msc” and hit “Enter” for opening it.

3. In the “Local Group Policy Editor” follow the path “Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Search”.

4. From the right side, click on the “Allow Cortana” option.

5. The “Allow Cortana” window will appear now. Right-click on it and choose “Edit”.

Allow - disable cortana on windows 10

6. From the list of options on the top left, choose the radio button that says “Disabled”.

7. Now, apply all the changes by clicking on the “Apply” button.

Apply  - disable cortana windows 10 group policy

Now you’ll be able to see “Disabled” written on the Allow Cortana. That’s it. This procedure is now complete. 

How to Disable Cortana on Windows 10?

We have not one but many methods to assist you with the disabling of Cortana in Windows 10. In these methods, we will be sharing with you how to use certain features of the assistant to turn it off. We will also discuss the gpedit method, the system restore method, and a lot more. 

Method 1: How do You Disable Cortana in Windows 10 via Windows Search Box?

Here is a quick method to help you disable Cortana in Windows 10. This method is really short and can be performed in the blink of an eye. Don’t believe us? Try performing these 4 steps given below and see for yourself. 

1. On your system, open the “Windows search box” and type “Cortana”.

2. Then choose “Cortana & search settings” from the options visible.

3. Click on “Talk to Cortana”.

4. Then ensure that “Keyboard shortcut” and “Hey Cortana” have been turned off.

Please Note: This method shows how to disable Windows 10 Cortana by turning off certain features. Sometimes turning off Cortana’s feature to auto-respond to voice commands as well as the keyboard shortcut can also be helpful. Turning them off will not activate Cortana accidentally. Also, your search experience will not be affected by this. You will be able to operate your system as usual. 

Method 2: How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Permanently by Disabling Options?

Here, we will focus on disabling Windows 10 Cortana by turning off several options in its settings. By performing this method, you will prevent this virtual assistant from keeping a track of your search histories and search habits. You can complete this method in 9 steps.

1. Go to the “Windows search box” on your system and type in “Cortana”.

2. Click on “Cortana & search settings”.

3. Then go to “Permissions & history”, scroll down, and turn off all the options. 

4. Then scroll up and choose “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”.

5. Again turn off all the options.

6. Next, scroll down and choose “Speech privacy settings”.

7. Turn off “Online speech recognition”.

8. Press the “Back arrow” twice that is available in the top left corner. This will get you back on the “Cortana settings page”. Now, choose “Change what Cortana knows about me in the Cloud”.

9. In the “Start” panel, the “Personal information” page will load. Click on “Clear” at the bottom.

Please Note: After performing this method for how to disable Cortana Windows 10, the assistant will remain installed on your system. However, it will be prevented from collecting any information. Also, it will not be able to interact with you. In case you want to use Cortana again, you can perform the procedure mentioned above and turn on all the options. 

Method 3: How to Completely Disable Cortana in Windows 10 via gpedit?

The disable Cortana Windows 10 gpedit method gives you an effortless way to stop using the assistant. Do you know how to use this method? If not, you can consider reading the 9 steps we have provided here to administer this method. 

1. Press “Start” on your Windows 10 system.

2. Type in “gpedit.msc” and press “Enter”.

3. Then go to “Computer configuration”.

4. Click on “Administrative templates”.

5. Head to “Windows components”.

6. Then click on “Search”.

7. Find “Allow Cortana”. Click on it twice to open.

8. Then click on “Disabled”.

9. The final step is to click on “Apply” and then press “Ok”. Cortana will have been turned off. 

Method 4: How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Permanently via System Restore?

System restore gives you an easy way to disable the Cortana in Windows 10. In case you do not know how to use system restore for disabling it, then you can consider our set of steps given here. These steps have been elaborated to help you perform the procedure excellently. 

1. Open the “Start” menu on your Windows 10 system.

2. Type in “Recovery” and press the “Enter” key.

3. Then click on the “Recovery” option. 

4. Next, click on “Advanced recovery tools”.

5. Tap the option of “Open system restore”. Here, you can check the recent update and program installed. Set it as the restore point. 

6. Select the option of “Recommended restore” and press “Next”.

7. A password will have to be created for the reset disk in case the Windows password has been changed recently. 

8. The “System restore” will restart your Windows 10 computer to apply these changes.

9. You will be required to close every program. The open files should be saved.

Please Note: The recommended restore point will have no effect on your data, pictures, as well as your documents. Click on “Finish” when the steps shown above have been done. 

10. Then you will receive a pop-up informing that the “System restore” cannot be interrupted once the process has begun. To comply with the same, click on “Yes”.

11. You will see the message “Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored”. So, wait until this process gets over. It can take up to 25 minutes. When the “System restore” is successful, you will be notified. 

12. Lastly, tap “Close”.

Caution! :- This Windows 10 completely disable Cortana procedure works very well for a lot of users. However, certain users have reported that the “System restore” failed on their Windows 10 computer. In case the same happens on your system, then will suggest you to open “System restore” once again but select any other “Restore point” this time. 

Method 5: How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 Task Manager by Editing Folder?

Check out this Windows disable Cortana Task Manager method. This method requires you to access the Cortana folder and then make certain changes to it. This method has helped a great number of Windows 10 users to disable the Task Manager of Cortana. It can work for you too! So, let’s read the 9 steps shown below. 

1. In “Windows search”, type in “Task Manager”.

2. Then open the “Task Manager”.

3. Click on the “Cortana process” option.

4. Allow Cortana to show its process.

5. Now, you will see the “Open file location” option. Right-click on it.

6. The next step is to locate the “Cortana folder”.

7. Right-click on the “Cortana folder” and rename it. Add “.bak” at the end of the new name. 

8. A prompt saying “Folder in use” may come up. Then return to the “Task Manager” to halt the process.

9. Now, return to the prompt and press “Try again”.

Caution! :- When you press “Try again”, the virtual assistant will not start. However, certain users of Windows 10 have reported that when the Windows are updated, the Cortana Task Manager gets enabled. You can perform the above-mentioned procedure again to permanently disable Cortana Windows 10 Task Manager. Also, if you are willing to use its Task Manager again, then omit these changes when its folder is being renamed. 

Method 6: How to Disable Cortana Windows 10 2019?

Are you using Cortana Windows 10 2019? If you don’t want to use it anymore, then this procedure for Windows 10 how to completely disable Cortana will assist you the best. You can carry out this procedure in 8 quick steps. 

1. Go to “Start” and open the “Search box”.

2. Type in “Cortana”.

3. Then click on “Cortana and search settings”/”Cortana settings”.

4. Next, Click on “Permissions & history”.

5. Tap “Manage the information Cortana can access from this device”.

6. Turn off all the permissions for location, contacts, email, calendar and communication history, as well as the browsing history.

7. Press “Back”.

8. Now, check that the “History” and “Windows Cloud search” are not on. Then the procedure will be over.

This method is great for preventing Microsoft from storing your personal information. 

Wrapping up Things

This post has been authored to make the disabling of Cortana simpler on Windows 10, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 pro, and Windows 10 2019.  These methods can, for real, help you achieve the results you want when performed correctly. We have covered all the important methods, steps, and tips in this post. What is your opinion about this post? Tell us in the discussion space provided below. We happily welcome your thoughts, suggestions, and questions.

Would you like to see more such posts? Our post on how to wipe a computer Windows 7 is as informative as this one! And if you want to read something more incredible, then we will recommend you to go ahead with our post on how to update drivers in Windows 10 automatically.

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Rosalie Porcella
4 years ago

If you are a Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise user, you can choose to disable Cortana Windows 10 via the Windows Registry or Group Policy Editor. For my perspective, to disable Cortana Windows 10 with Group Policy Editor is simpler.