How to Fix Windows 7 Update Error Code 800B0100?

How to Fix Windows 7 Update Error Code 800B0100?

Windows 7 exhibits numerous improved features such as: new intouch, speech and handwriting recognition, virtual hard disks support, additional file formats support, improved performance on multi-core processors, enhanced boot performance, and kernel enhancements. Despite of so many advanced features there are scenarios when you might face problem. Reformatting the computer leads to freezing of the screen and you encounter 800B0100 error code along with an error message. When you face the error you should attempt the different solutions suggested to fix windows update error 800B0100 or else connect with

Major Causes of Error Code 800B0100

The Windows update error occurs due to many reasons. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

  • Incomplete, damaged or corrupt Windows 7 installation files
  • Improper or damaged Windows registry keys
  • Hindrance by antivirus software or a malware that affects some of the Windows 7 system files

To learn and identify the exact cause of the error is very important. Knowing the reason behind the error helps in quick resolution of the error, that saves time and work flow is not hindered. Thus, it is suggested that to get clear about of the error cause prior moving to the resolutions.

How to Fix 800b0100 Windows 7 Update Error?

Go through the resolutions to fix the Windows 7 error code 800b0100. Follow the steps as mentioned for the accurate resolution of the error and save time. In case you face difficulty in understanding the step connect with for professional assistance.

Solution I: Getting the Registry Entries Repaired

Fixing the damaged/corrupt Windows registry files can be a complex and time-consuming process. In case it is not done properly or carefully it will be very difficult even to reboot your computer. So it is recommended that implement the top preferred tool Auslogics Registry Cleaner. This tool is designed to diagnose/identify the corrupt registry errors that are associated with the error code 800B0100.

Prior to every scan, the program is programmed to create an auto backup and allow to  undo the alterations simply with a click. The tool – Auslogics Registry Cleaner, performs a thorough search of all the hidden/missing reference files, registry entries that are invalid, and the broken links. Once the problem is resolved the tool enhances the performance ability and speed of your system, simultaneously.

Solution II: Implement System Update Readiness Tool

System Update Readiness Tool is designed and developed by Microsoft with a purpose to fix the errors and repair the files that are related with the Windows updates. If your system comprise of corrupt/damaged system files, the error might restrict the Window update from checking the Windows version running in your system. This problem also prevents Windows 7 from updating completely and successfully.

The Windows support experts favor using the System Update Readiness Tool prior trying out the steps that are listed below. With the help of this tool, you system is thoroughly scanned in just 15 minutes. Once the scan is successfully done follow the repair process. Go to the official Microsoft website and download the latest version of this tool. Ensure that you choose the right one for operating system.

Solution III: Turn off the Security Software or Windows Firewall

In case after using the System Update Readiness Tool, the error is still not fixed attempt disabling the Windows firewall and security software running in your system. You can turn off the security software or disable the Windows Firewall by following below mentioned steps:

  • Start your system via admin profile -> then use Windows + R key.
  • Go to the Run dialog box, write Control Panel -> click OK.
  • When the Control Panel is displayed -> Choose System and Security.
  • Then click Windows Firewall -> Choose Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.
  • Moving to the Customize Settings page -> Click the option for disabling Windows Firewall for both private and public networks -> Click OK.
  • Go back and perform prior the error occurred.

Solution IV:  Re-registering Wintrust.dll File

If the above solutions fail to resolve the error prefer the successful way to fix the error code 800b0100 i.e. re-registering the Wintrust.dll file. Follow the steps mentioned below to carry out the resolution.

  • Start your system again by choosing the Administrator profile -> use Windows +R key together.
  • Go to the dialog box and write cmd -> click OK.
  • When the Command Prompt is displayed write regsvr32 wintrust.dll -> press Enter.
  • Write net stop cryptsvc -> press Enter.
  • Again write ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 oldcatroot2 -> press Enter.
  • Write net start cryptsvc -> press Enter.
  • After following all the above steps  -> Carry out the work prior the error occured.

If the above methods fail to resolve the error you can connect with It is a reliable support agency that hires high level Window experts who are capable to solve windows 7 sp1 install error 800b0100. They are easily approachable via email or phone support number. Connect with them by dialing the toll free number +1-844-414-5222 and fetch immediate support.

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