Windows 7 Update Error Code 800B0100 (14 Fixes)

Windows 7 Update Error Code 800B0100 (14 Fixes)

Windows 7 exhibits numerous improved features such as the new intouch, speech and handwriting recognition, virtual hard disks support, improved performance on multi-core processors, kernel enhancements, etc. Despite so many advanced features there can be situations wherein you might face problems. Reformatting your computer can lead to freezing of the computer screen and you can encounter 800B0100 error code along with an error message. 

When you face the update error 800B0100 on your Windows system, you can use our 14 brilliant solutions for instant fix. Know everything about the error code 800b0100 and its solutions in this blog. 

What are the Major Causes of Error Code 800B0100?

To learn and identify the exact cause of the message “800b0100 Windows update encountered an unknown error” is very important. Some of the main reasons for this error code message are listed below.

1. You can find this error on your system due to the incomplete, damaged, or corrupt Windows 7 installation files.

2. Improper or damaged Windows registry keys can be the second major cause of this Windows error. 

3. Hindrance by antivirus software or malware that affects some of the Windows 7 system files can turn up this error on your computer.

4. This Windows 7 update error can be a result of several antivirus software problems.

5. If you have corrupt system files on your computer, then the chances of this error code increase.

6. The sixth major cause of this Windows update error includes faulty or outdated device drivers.

7. When the free disk space on your system reduces, then this error code message too can hamper the work on your computer.

8. The incomplete installation of the files is the eighth usual cause of this problem.

9. When the Windows registry keys are not correct, your system will be affected by this update error. 

How to Fix 800b0100 Windows 7 Update Error?

In this blog, you can find as many as 14 promising solutions that will surely help you fix the Windows 7 error code 800b0100 on your computer. In these solutions, you will learn to repair registry entries, disable security software, update Windows manually, update system drivers, and more to troubleshoot the problem. In addition to these, you will also explore the use of tools like the System Update Readiness, Windows Update Troubleshooter, Windows System File Checker, etc., to fix this error code on your computer. 

Fix 1: Get the Registry Entries Repaired

When the Windows registry files get damaged or corrupt, fixing these can be quite time-consuming. When this process is not carried out properly, you can face troubles with your computer. You may even find it difficult to reboot your system. Getting the registry entries repaired can work well for you. For this, we will advise you to implement the Auslogics Registry Cleaner tool. This tool has been designed to diagnose or identify the corrupt registry errors related to the error code 800B0100 Windows XP install.

Repaired - 800b0100

Prior to every scan, this program is programmed to create an auto backup and allows you to undo the alterations simply with a click. Auslogics Registry Cleaner performs a thorough search of all the hidden/missing reference files, registry entries that are invalid, and the broken links. Once the problem is resolved, the tool enhances the performance ability and speeds of your system simultaneously.

Fix 2: Implement System Update Readiness Tool

When your system is hit by corrupt/damaged system files, the Windows update will be restricted from checking the current Windows version. Also, if you are trying to update Windows 7, this error will halt the process. The System Update Readiness Tool is an amazing Windows update error code 800b0100 solution. This Microsoft tool can fix errors and repair files related to the Windows updates. Learn how to use this tool in 5 steps. 

1. Visit the official website of Microsoft.

2. Download the latest version of the “System Update Readiness Tool” as per your operating system.

3. Run the tool and scan your system through it. 

4. Go ahead with the repairing process after scanning your system. 

5. Click on “Close” when the repairing process is over.

error code 800b0100

Fix 3: Turn off Security Software & Windows Firewall

The third Windows update 800b0100 error fix involves disabling the Windows Firewall as well as the security software running in your system. Learn how to perform this solution in 9 steps.

1. Start your system via the admin profile. 

2. Then use the “Windows” and “R” keys together.

3. Go to the “Run” dialog box. 

4. Type in “Control Panel”. 

5. Then click on “Ok”.

6. When the “Control Panel” gets displayed, choose “System and security”.

7. Then click on “Windows Firewall: and choose the option “Turn Windows Firewall On or Off”.

code erreur 800b0100 windows update

8. Move to the “Customize settings” page and click on the option for disabling the Windows Firewall for both private and public networks. 

9. Then click on “Ok”.

Fix 4: Re-register Wintrust.dll File on Your System

To your surprise, re-registering the Wintrust.dll file can also work as a brilliant 800b0100 fix Windows 7. Let us see the 6 steps given below to perform this solution. 

1. Restart your system by choosing the “Administrator profile”. 

2. Then press the “Windows” and “R” keys together.

2. In the “Run” dialog box, type “cmd” and click on “Ok”.

3. When the “Command prompt” gets displayed, type “regsvr32 wintrust.dll” and press “Enter”.

4. Then type “net stop cryptsvc” and press “Enter”.

5. Again type “ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 oldcatroot2” and press “Enter”.

6. Now, type “net start cryptsvc” and press “Enter”.

Fix 5: Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

When you see the “800b0100 Windowsupdate_dt000” error message on your Windows 7 computer, we will suggest you to use the built-in Windows Update Troubleshooter to troubleshoot it. Below you can find out the steps to use this tool.

1. Open the “Settings” by pressing the “Windows” and “I” keys together.

2. Select “Updates & security”.

3. Tap “Troubleshoot” on the left.

4. Click on “Windows update” on the right.

5. Click on “Run the troubleshooter”.

Run - update error 800b0100

6. Read the on-screen instructions to use this tool.

Fix 6: Manually Update Windows

Manually updating the Windows on your system can help prevent the “error 800b0100 service pack 1” message. In case you don’t know the procedure to update Windows manually, you can consider the 9 steps mentioned here.

1. Open the web browser on your system.

2. Then search “Microsoft Update Catalog” and press “Enter”.

3. Fill in the “Update number” in the “Microsoft Update Catalog”. Then press “Enter”.

4. From the search results, choose the update as per your operating system. 

5. Then click on “Download” to get the update.

6. A pop-up window will open. Press “Browse” for selecting a location. 

7. Press “Continue” to save.

8. Press “Close” once the download is complete. 

9. Open the update package folder. Click twice on it to install.

Fix 7: Rename/Delete SoftwareDistribution Folder

In this section, we will tell the readers how to fix error code 800b0100 by deleting or renaming the SoftwareDistribution folder. Located in the system drive, this is the folder where the Windows updates get stored. At times, this folder can become corrupt and cause this error. Therefore, deleting or renaming this folder can work in your favour. Read further to rename/delete this folder on your computer in 12 steps. 

1. First, you will have to stop the Windows update service. For this, tap the “Windows” key and “R” key together to open Run.

2. In the Run dialog box, type “services.msc” and press “Enter”.

3. In the “Services” window, right-click on “Windows update”.

4. Click on “Stop”.

5. Now, exit the Services window.

6. Also, rename or delete the folder.

7. Then launch “File Explorer” on your system.

8. Go to the folder “C:\\Windows”.

9. Look for the folder “SoftwareDistribution” and delete/rename it.

10. Now, enable the Windows update service. For this, open the “Services control panel”.

11. Right-click on the “Windows update”. 

12. Click on “Start” and look for updates. The error 800b0100 will have been fixed. 

Fix 8: Use Windows System File Checker

This Windows update error can be the result of missing or corrupted system files. Using the built-in Windows System File Checker, you can scan your system and then restore the files. This Windows update error code 800b0100 fix can be accomplished in 8 steps.

1. Go to the “Start” menu.

2. In the search box, type in “cmd”.

3. Then right-click on the “Command prompt”.

4. Select the option of “Run as administrator”.

5. Type in “sfc/scannow” in the “Command prompt” and tap “Enter”.

6. The system file problem will be scanned by your system.

7. When the scanning process is complete, you can exit the “Command prompt”.

8. Now, restart your system.

Fix 9: Update Drivers on Your System

The best way for how to fix Windows update error code 800b0100 is updating the drivers on your system. An outdated driver can shoot up many problems on your system, including this error. Therefore, updating the faulty or outdated driver will be a good approach. Check out the steps to update the driver on your system in 10 steps.

1. Open the “Control Panel” on your computer.

2. Select “Hardware and sound”.

3. Select “Device manager”.

4. Expand the category by clicking on it twice. 

5. Right-click on the device that needs an update.

6. Then click on “Update driver software”.

7. When the pop-up window opens, tap “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

8. Wait till the search process is complete. 

9. Download the latest driver and install it. 

10. Then perform the instructions on your screen.

11. Restart your computer afterwards and ensure that the 800b0100 error has been settled.

Fix 10: Free up Disk Space on Your System

With use, the disk storage space on your system can get low. Low disk storage space can trigger problems such as the Windows 7 update failed error code 800b0100. Freeing up the disk space will be an ultimate solution for this error code on your system. Below you can see how to free up the disk space on your Windows system in 9 steps.

1. Press the “Windows” key.

2. Type in “cmd” in the search box.

3. Then right-click on “cmd” in the search results. 

4. Choose the option of “Run as administrator”.

5. Then type in “cleanmgr” and hit the “Enter” key. This will open the “Disk Cleanup”.

6. In the pop-up window, choose one partition and press “Ok”.

7. Wait till the Disk Cleanup calculates the space for freeing up.

8. Then choose the categories you would like to delete and press “Ok”.

9. Now, try updating your Windows. The problem will have been troubleshot. 

Note: To check the disk space on your computer, you can always run “Disk management” and check it. 

Fix 11: Try Resetting Windows Update Components

If you are seeing the message “error found code 800b0100 Windows 7 64 bit” on your Windows computer, then you can try to reset the Windows Update Components. This solution involves the use of the WIndows Update Diagnostic tool. You can perform this solution in 3 very small steps. 

1. Run the “WIndows Update Diagnostic tool” on your computer.

2. Now, restart your system.

3. Lastly, check for the updates.

Fix 12: Launch System Restore

When you run “System Restore”, your computer will be restored to a previous date, thus removing the Microsoft update error code 800b0100 Windows 7. Do you know how to run “System Restore”? If not, we have listed the steps below to run it. 

1. Using the administrative rights, boot your computer.

2. Press the “Windows” key together with the “R” key.

3. Paste “%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe” in the Run dialog box and press “Ok”.

4. When the “System Restore” is complete, press “Next”.

5. Then choose one “Restore point” and press “Next”.

6. The last step is to tap “Finish”. Now, your system will have been restored to a previous date. 

Fix 13: Clear Windows Update Data

Clearing all the Windows update data can also resolve the Windows 7 service pack 1 error 800b0100. Know how to remove the Windows update data in 11 simple steps. 

1. Boot your system with the complete administrative rights.

2. Tap the “Windows” key and “R” key together. 

3. Type in “Control Panel” in Run and press “Ok”.

4. Go to “System and security”.

5. Under “Windows Update”, Tap “Turn automatic updating on or off”.

6. Choose “Never check for updates” from the dropdown menu. Then press “Ok”.

7. Then go to the following folders one by one via Run and press “Ok”.




8. Click on “Organize” in the folder.

9. Click on “Select all”.

10. Click on “Organize” and press “Delete”.

11. In case a warning appears, press “Yes”.

Fix 14: Try Running In-place Update

In this fix for the Windows update error code 800b0100 Windows 7, we will teach you to run an in-place update. You will require the CD key as well as the original DVD of your operating system for this solution. Now, let us start reading the steps of this fix.

1. Start your computer with the original OS and insert the new DVD that you have the key for.

2. When the DVD is detected, you will see the “Install now” screen. Press “Install now”.

3. In case you don’t see the “Install now” screen, press the “Start” icon, type in “Run”, and press “Enter”. Then enter “X:\setup.exe” and press “Ok”. Please enter the drive letter of the DVD in place of “X”. And click on “Install now”.

4. For “Which type of installation do you want?”, select your method and click on “Update the current operating system” to the “Operating system you inserted”.

5. For further procedure, you will see the instructions will be provided on your screen. Follow these to complete the procedure.


This blog taught you everything about the 800b0100 Windows 7 sp1 error on your computer. Now, the next time you face this error code message on your computer, you will have no reason to worry. You can use our 14 remarkable solutions to fix this problem quickly. Do you have any suggestions for this blog? We welcome the suggestions of all our readers! Drop them now in our comment section provided below.

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