How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7, 10 and Apple?

How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7, 10 and Apple?

Resetting your Windows or Apple computer to its factory settings is a cool way of refreshing it and removing any flaws. Are you resetting your PC for the first time? Or Are you looking for the right way to reset it? We can guide each one of you. Learn with us awesome methods for how to reset computer to factory settings Windows 7 and Windows 10. In this post, you can also glance through the best methods for factory resetting your Apple computer.

Methods for Resetting Windows Computers To Factory Settings

Scroll down to find really simple methods for resetting your computer with Windows. These methods have been largely successful for the users of Windows 7 and Windows 10. In addition to these, you can also explore the methods to reset Dell computers, Compaq computers, and eMachine computers to the factory settings. 

Method 1: How Do I Reset My Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7 by Installing Windows Again?

In this method, we will show you how to reset computer to factory settings Windows 7 through a hard reset. For this, you will have to install the Windows in your system again. Follow the 6 steps presented here to carry on with this method. 


The following set of steps will remove everything from your Windows 7 computer. If there is any file or document that you will need later, then please keep a backup of it before you perform these steps. You can use the backup files feature of the Easy Recovery Essentials. It will help you in keeping a backup even when you do not want to boot your system.

1. Put in a “DVD” or “CD” in the disc tray of your Windows 7 computer.

2. Now, boot your Windows 7 computer.

3. Choose the “Language”, “Time’, and “Keyboard” when the “Install Windows” screen appears.

4. Tap “Next” and press the “Install Now” button.

5. You will be asked to agree with the terms of the license. Check the box for “I accept the license terms”.

6. To complete the procedure of the hard reset, do as per the instructions on your computer. 

Method 2: How to Reset Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7 without Installation Disc?

How do you reset a computer to factory settings Windows 7 without the use of an installation disc? This question may sound impossible but we know how you can do it. Quickly read the 12 steps which have been provided below to learn this method. 

1. On your Windows 7 computer, click on “Start”.

2. Go to the “Control Panel”.

3. Tap on “System and Security”.

4. Click on “Backup and Restore”.

Backup and Restore - how to reset computer to factory settings

5. Choose “Backup and Restore” and then open the “Recover System Settings”.

6. Click on “Advanced Recovery methods”.

7. You will see the following options on your screen. 

i. “Restore Files from a System Image Backup” 

ii. “Return Your Computer to Factory Condition”

You have to select the second option (ii).

8. In the next step, you will again find 2 options, that of creating a backup now or skipping it. You can choose either of the options as per your preference. 

9. Then press the “Restart” button for rebooting your system and starting the process of factory reset.

10. Now, you will find 3 options on your screen. 

i. Restore Operation System to Factory Default

ii. Restore Operating Systems and Retain User Data

iii. Exit

You have to choose the first option and then click on “Next”.

11. Then again tap on “Next”.

12. Now, click on “Ok”.

At the end of this step, you will have finished resetting your Windows 7 computer to the factory settings without the use of any installation disc.

Method 3: How to Reset Your Computer Back to Factory Settings Windows 7 via Recovery Partition?

If you own a Windows 7 computer and it is not working as smoothly as before, then you can reset it to the factory settings. You can use the recovery partition for doing so. Here, we have shown the procedure for how to reset this computer to factory settings.

1. Open the “File Explorer” on your Windows 7 computer.

2. Right-click on “Computer”.

3. Then click on “Manage”.

4. Next, click on “Storage”.

5. Tap on “Disk Management”.

6. Now, ensure that your Windows 7 computer has a recovery partition. 

7. The seventh step is to turn off your system.

8. Also, detach all the peripheral devices connected to your system. Make sure that you do not remove the keyboard, mouse, and the monitor.

9. Then tap the “Power” button and turn on the computer.

10. Next, you have to press the “Recovery Key” for your computer. The “Recovery Key” can be different for different computer brands. The keys for certain computer brands have been mentioned below.

Acer – F10 or Alt + F10 or Ctrl + F keys

Asus – F9 key

Advent – F10 key

HP/Compaq – F11 key

Dell – Ctrl + F11 keys

MSI – F3 key

IBM – Lenovo – F11 key

Sony Vaio – F8 or 10 key

LG – F11 key

Samsung – F4 key

Toshiba – F8 or 0 key

Note: In case the “Recovery Key” for your computer brand has not been mentioned in the list above, you can visit the official website of your machine’s manufacturer to find out the same.

11. After pressing the “Recovery Key”, you will be able to see a set of instructions on your screen. Simply perform these and your system will be reset. 

Method 4: How to Reset Computer Windows 7 Factory Settings via Installation Disc?

Now, let us find out how to reset computer to factory settings Windows 7 with the help of the Windows installation disc. For carrying out this method, you will be required to read the 19 steps given below. 

1. Visit the “Windows 7 Disc Image Download Page”.

2. Type in the “Product Key” for your Windows 7 computer.

3. Click on “Verify” to get the ISO files for your system.

4. Now, make an “Installation USB Drive”. For this, visit the “Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool Download Page”.

5. Then press the “Download” button.

6. Choosing “Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool-Installer-en-US.exe” is the next step.

7. Then click on “Next”.

8. When the file has been downloaded, open it for installing the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool” and then run it.

9. Tap on “Browse”. Then find the “ISO file” for Windows 7 that you just downloaded and click on “Next”.

10. In case you are using a USB drive, tap on “USB Device”.

11. Choose your “USB Flash Drive” and then press the “Begin Copying” button.

12. You can exit the tool when the above procedure is over.

13. Now, turn off your system. Also, remove all the peripherals connected to it except the mouse, monitor, and the keyboard.

14. Connect the “USB Flash Drive” or a “CD”.

15. Then start your Windows 7 system.

16. Tap the “Function Key” repeatedly before you see the “Windows Logo”. The “Function Key” can be different for different computer brands. We have mentioned the “Function Keys” for certain brands below.

Acer – Esc or F9 or F12 key

Asus – Esc or F8 key

Dell – F12 key

HP – Esc or F9 key

Lenovo – F12 key

Samsung – Esc key

Sony Vaio – F11 key

Toshiba – F12 key

Note: If you are using a computer brand other than the ones mentioned above, then we will suggest you to go to the official website of your manufacturer. You will find the “Function Key” there. 

17. You will enter the “Boot Menu”. In the “Boot” tab, choose “Boot Device Priority” through the arrow keys. Then tap “Enter”.

Note: This process can be different for different computer brands.

18. You have to choose the first boot device and set it to your USB.

19. Tap the “F10” key to get the instructions for the further procedure.

Method 5: How to Use Command Prompt to Reset Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7?

“How do I reset my computer to factory settings through the Command Prompt” Are you thinking the same? We have just the right solution for you. Below you can find 8 steps to use Command Prompt for resetting your PC to factory settings. 

1. Shut down your Windows 7 PC.

2. Then turn the PC on by pressing the “Power” button.

3. Tap and hold the “F8” key to launch the “Advanced Boot Options Menu”.

4. Select the option of “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and hit “Enter”.

5. The next step is to login as the “Administrator”.

6. Then type in “rstrui.exe” in the “Command Prompt” and hit “Enter”.

7. Ensure that “Yes, reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory condition” has been ticked.

8. Wait for the process to complete. Then click on “Finish”.

Method 6: How to Reset a Computer to Factory Settings Windows 10 via Command Prompt?

In this section, we will be using the method of command prompt to reset computer to factory settings. This is a short method that can be completed in only 4 steps. Let’s give it a glance. 

1. Press the “Windows” key.

2. Type in “CMD” in the search box. 

3. Click on “Command Prompt” from the results. Ensure that you run it as the Administrator. 

4. Enter the following command in the “Command Prompt”. Then press “Enter”.


Note: In case you wish to refresh the Windows of your computer, then use type in the following command in the “Command Prompt”.

“Systemreset -cleanpc”

When this procedure has been administered, your Windows 10 computer will have been reset. 

Method 7: How to Reset My Computer to Factory Settings Windows 10 via Windows Installation Media?

If you have the Windows 10 installation media, then you can use it to reset your computer in one of the easiest ways. In case you have got no clue about how to reset computer to factory settings Windows 10 with the installation media, then the following set of 9 steps will definitely help you out. 

1. Turn on your Windows 10 computer.

2. Then click on the “Start Menu”.

3. Type in “Recovery” and then hit the “Enter” key. 

4. When the “Recovery” screen comes up, tap on “Get Started” below “Reset this PC”.

5. When you are asked to “Insert Media”, put in the “Windows 10 Installation Media”.

6. The next step is to tap on “Remove Everything”.

7. On the Windows 10 disk, your computer may be having more than 1 drive partition. If that is the case, choose the option for removing all the files from the “Windows Drive” or “All Drives” only.

8. Then you have to click on “Just Remove My Files”. As an alternative, you can also select “Fully Clean the Drive”, as per your preference. 

9. The final step is to press the “Reset” button and this procedure will get over.

Method 8: How to Reset Your Computer to Factory Settings Windows 10 via Advanced Startup?

“Can I reset my computer to factory settings Windows 10?” Many users of Windows 10 have this question to ask. If the same question strikes you as well, then you will be happy to know that Advanced Startup can reset your PC quickly. This is also the shortest procedure you can use. Check out the 4 steps of this procedure right here.

1. The first step is to boot your Windows 10 computer via the “Advanced Startup” option. 

2. Then click on the option of “Troubleshoot”.

3. Tap the option of “Reset this PC.

4. Now, a set of instructions will be provided to you. Simply perform these instructions and you will be able to reset your Windows 10 computer in no time.

Method 9: How to Reset Dell Computer to Factory Settings Windows 7?

To reset Dell computer to factory settings Windows 7, you can restore it to an earlier point. If you have never restored your Dell computer before, then you can consider reading the 12 steps provided below. 

1. Turn on your Windows 7 Dell computer.

2. Click on “Start” and go to the “Control Panel”.

3. Click on “System and Security”.

4. Then tap on “System”.

5. Under the “Control Panel”, open the home menu.

6. Then click on the “System Protection” option.

7. In case the “User Account Control” window shows up, click on “Yes”.

8. The next step is to tap on “System Restore”.

9. The default setting is the “Recommended Restore Option”. For selecting any other restore point, you can click on “Choose a different restore point”. Then press “Next” and click on a “Restore point”.

10. Again press “Next”.

11. Then press “Finish” for confirming the restore point.

12. For initiating the restoration process, click on “Yes”. Once the restoration process is complete, your Dell computer will restart.

Method 10: How Do You Reset a Compaq Computer to Factory Settings?

For resetting your Compaq computer to factory settings, you can use the Recovery Manager and then restore it. To know the detailed steps of this method, you can read ahead.

1. First, turn off all the programs running on your system.

2. Ensure that no extra hardware devices have been attached to your system.

3. Then restart your Compaq computer. When the start up begins, tap the “F11” key.

4. The “Recovery Manager” will be visible.

5. Tap on “System Recovery”. Then press “Next”.

6. When the “Microsoft Restore” window opens, click on “No”. Then press “Next”.

7. Choose “Backup Your Files First”.

8. Now, insert a blank “CD” or “DVD” or an external “Hard Drive”.

9. The wizard will guide you with the instructions to complete the process. You will be asked to choose the files you would like to save. Then press “Next”.

Now, your “Hard Drive” will be reformatted and your system will be recovered.

Method 11: How Do I Reset My eMachine Computer to Factory Settings?

For those of you who are using an eMachine computer, you can reset it to the factory settings if it is not giving you fast performance. Follow the 10 steps given below to reset it with ease. 

1. Get an external “Hard Drive” and connect it with your eMachine computer. Prepare a backup of your important data. You can also burn the data you need to a blank CD in case you cannot find the external hard drive.

2. Now, connect the “AC Power Adapter”. Also, remove the external drives.

3. Now, turn off your computer and start it again. 

4. When the “eMachines Logo” is visible, press the “Left-Alt” and “F10” keys together.

5. Press “Enter” on the boot screen. 

6. Tap “Restore Operating System to Factory Defaults” in the “eRecovery Management Window”.

7. Then press “Next”.

8. In the “Restore Destination Window”, press “Next”. Then press “Ok” for confirmation. Now, your computer will be formatted. Restart your computer when a prompt tells you to do so.

9. For customization and personalization, you can glance through the on-screen prompts.

10. Finally, you can copy the files you backed up.

Methods for Resetting Apple Computers To Factory Settings

Many of you may be the proud owners of the efficient Apple computers. Resetting these computers to the factory settings from time to time can add to their efficiency levels. There is 1 excellent method that you can utilize for resetting these. Hop on to the section below to know what this method is.

Method 1: How to Reset Apple Computer to Factory Settings?

Take a look at this method for how to reset Apple computer to factory settings. The steps of this method are really easy to follow. Read them carefully and then perform them.

1. When your Apple computer is on, tap on the “Apple Logo”.

2. Then click on “Restart”.

3. Your Apple computer will turn off and then start again. Press the “Command” key along with the “R” key. Keep holding the keys until the “Apple Logo” appears. Stop holding the keys when you see the logo.

4. When you enter the “macOS Utilities” window, select “Disk utility”. Then press “Continue”.

5. Select the “Startup Disk”. Then press “Erase”.

6. Ensure that the selected format is “Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

7. Then tap on “Erase”.

8. When the above process is over, enter the “Disk Utility Menu”.

9. Now, you have to quit “Disk Utility.

10. Keeping your Mac into “Recovery” mode, access the “macOS Utilities” window. Then select “Reinstall macOS”. Now, install “macO S Cataline”.

Note: The last step in the procedure mentioned above is optional. 

Bottom Line

This is one of the best blogs for learning different methods to reset a computer to its factory settings. Easy-to-perform methods have been provided in this blog for Windows 7, Windows 10, Apple computers, Dell Computers, Compaq computers, as well as eMachine computers. 

What are your views on this blog? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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