How To Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7

How To Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7

Over time the computer system slows down, it might not function as par its ability or at times you might decide to give up and sell it. At such a point of time, it is better you turn the clock around and opt for reset. For that, you need to reset your computer to factory settings. In simple words, all the data will be erased from the hard drive. The original software, drivers, and operating system are only left behind in the computer. Factory settings are those settings which are present in the computer at the time when it is purchased from the manufacturer.

There are two ways to restore a computer to its factory setting; one is by using a restore disc and the other is a hidden partition present on the hard drive to restore factory settings. In case you don’t have the restore disc, the computer manufacturer will be able to provide you with one.

Method to Reset the Computer to Factory Settings

  1. Save all your important files and documents to a device or system such as an external disk, cloud storage system, or flash drive. Thus when restored to original factory settings, all the personal data will not be lost.
  2. Next step is to restart the computer and on your Windows 7 computer screen find the appropriate bootup command. The bootup commands in many cases will display at the top or the bottom of the screen.
  3. It is important to press the correct bootup command to access your computer’s recovery partition. Depending on the computer’s manufacturer the bootup command will differ.
  4. Samsung: Press F4
  5. Lenovo: Press F11
  6. Asus: Press F9
  7. MSI: PressF3
  8. Now select the option and restore your computer to factory settings. In a majority of the cases, this option reads as ‘Restore factory settings’ or ‘Perform factory restore’.
Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7
Reset Windows 7 Computer to Factory Settings
Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7
Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7
Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7
Reset Computer To Factory Settings Windows 7
  1. Do make sure to follow the instructions that are displayed on the screen. The computer may reboot several times in the entire process, which may lead to taking up one hour or more to complete. Once it is completed the welcome screen or Windows setup wizard will display.

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