How To Connect My Brother Printer To WiFi, Wireless Network

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Wireless printing can be extremely useful and highly convenient. It not only allows you to generate a print command from any computer on your network, but also frees you of the limitation of staying confined to the same computing machine, operating system, or place for that matter.  

However, setting up a wireless printer connection may require a little more configuring. In case you are looking for help on how to connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi or a wireless network, we can assist. In this article, we have outlined some simple steps to help you set up a Wi-Fi or wireless connection with your Brother printer. Should you need more help, we are just a call away. Simply dial our toll free Brother printer customer support number 1-844-851-9487 and we can guide you on ways to successfully establish a connection between your Brother printer and wireless network, as well as resolve all your connectivity issues instantly.

Ways to connect Brother printer to Wi-Fi

Follow our solution steps mentioned below to set up your Brother printer on a wireless network. However, before configuring the wireless settings, you must know the password and network name of your wireless network. You can usually find this at the back of your modem.

  1. Connect your Brother printer to the power outlet and turn on the machine.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Press the Up/ Down arrow key to select the Network and press OK. 
  4. Now press the Up/ Down arrow key to choose WLAN and press OK. 
  5. Similarly select the Setup Wizard and press OK. 
  6. Once the Enable WLAN command appears, click to enable the wireless network.
  7. Your printer will search for your network and display a list of available SSIDs.
  8. Now press Up/ Down arrow key to select the SSID of your choice and press OK. 
  9. Now perform one of the following operations: 
    • In case you are using an authentication and encryption method, enter the Network Key. Then enter the WEP key and press OK. Choose Yes to apply the settings or No to cancel.
    • In case you are using Open System for authentication, your encryption mode is None. So, simply go to the next step.
    • In case your WLAN access point/router supports WPS, ‘WPS is available’ will appear. Press the Up arrow key to connect your machine using the automatic wireless mode. Then press the WPS button on your WLAN access point/router and press the Up arrow key twice.
  10. Your Brother printer will attempt to connect to the wireless network. Once connected successfully, the machine’s LCD will display Connected. Try to print a test page to check if your Brother printer is printing without any error code.

Simple, isn’t it? This way you can easily connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi or wireless network. In case you face issues while following the above-mentioned steps or need assistance, call us at 1-844-851-9487. We can help you easily connect your Brother printer to the wireless network of your choice for a seamless printing experience across multiple devices at your home or office. For best results, call now!

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