Black Screen Errors

In this day and age, our lives revolve around our cell phones and computers. They have become so integral to us that we cannot function without them. Even though it is a scary thought, its the truth.

Using cell phones to solve our mundane as well as complex problems has become natural for us. Booking restaurants, taking doctor’s appointment or ordering groceries are all done using cell phones these days.

There are many issues that may make your smartphone and computer experience pathetic. Booting up your phone or Windows 10 PC to a black screen is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

What Is Black Screen Of Death

There can be many answers as to why your phone or computer screen turned black. Water damage, loose cable, virus attack, BIOS problem are all possible answers.

Water damage is something that is not easily corrected. If the water damage is more extensive then you might have to replace your phone altogether. Other, less damaging causes might be resolved. For example, a loose wire might be reconnected to your cellphone to solve the black screen issue. Bios can also be reinstalled on PC to check if it was the reason for the black screen.

Different types of black screen in Windows 10

Even though it is a little difficult to believe but there can be different types of Windows 10 black screen.

A Windows 10 black screen can be with or without a cursor. You may also experience a Windows black screen after booting up. Some users have also experienced black screen on Windows 10 after updating the operating system. Some unfortunate souls have also experienced black screen after they boost thier computer systems from sleep mode.

In the earlier versions of the windows one error was quite common. It was called black screen of death. This error used to mostly occur when the system was reeboted and it was unable to load all the files during the boot up. This error has become less common as better versions have been released since then.

Possible Reasons for the black screen

There can be quite a few reasons for getting a black screen. 

Out dated drivers can host a lot of problems. The main components for display are monitors and display drivers. If your drivers are outdated then getting your display port to work is going to be a tough job. Reinstalling those drivers may help solve that issue.

External devices connected to your system may also cause problems. Devices like printer or mouse may cause system disturbance if they are not installed properly.  Even though we have tried to mention as many possible causes and solutions for a black screen, there is no substitute for expert advice. So in case you are not able to rectify the problem on your own, we recommend calling in a professional.