How To Fix YouTube Video Black Screen In Chrome & Firefox With Sound

How To Fix YouTube Video Black Screen In Chrome & Firefox With Sound

As you open to watch a video on your YouTube account sometimes while waiting for the video to load, instead you find that there is nothing that is displayed on the screen and is completely black. There are variations for such issue. The basic issue is that a black screen is displayed instead of video. In some, the YouTube player window remains black for the whole length of the video; while in some, the black screen remains just for few seconds. At other times only the audio plays without the videotape also known as YouTube Video Black Sound.

Why YouTube shows a black screen?

After investigating, we are able to understand the reasons behind this issues. So, before starting to fix YouTube Black Screen issue, let’s first look into the potential causes of this issue, so that you would be more effective in resolving YouTube Black Screen issue with corresponding methods.

  1. Poor network connectivity

If there is a very poor network connectivity, you can easily fail to go a newer web page. So when an error message is displayed on the screen, check and ensure there is a good network connection. And then refresh the web page.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is an important part required for the browser the features to work well. Hence, when it is not running properly on the website the issue may rise up.

  1. Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is also another important tool required by Chrome, Firefox, and other Web browsers, to enables the user to get a better YouTube experience. So, any damage in it cause YouTube videos black screen issue.

  1. Cookies and Cache

Cookies and Cache could be another probable reason for YouTube black screen. If lots there are a lot of cookies and cache accumulated on the website, while playing TV shows or favorite movies on YouTube, then it is likely to cause a problem.

  1. Other common reasons

Occasionally, YouTube black screen arises due to the internal bug. If the user hasn’t logged into the YouTube account, he/she can sign in to check if there is still occurs. What’s more, the unhealthy or illegal videos are banned by YouTube. So if any video that is viewed contains unhealthy or illegal contents, the user need to close down the web page in order to resolve the issue.

How to fix YouTube Video Black Screen in Chrome

Here are some methods that you can apply to fix YouTube Black Screen in Chrome

Reload the page

The simplest method is reloading the current page. If fortunate, by doing so the video will begin to play normally in the browser. If reloading the page fails to resolve the issue then try pausing the ad blocker, then reload the page again. If the video starts to play normally, then un-pause the ad blocker.

Update filter lists and restart the computer

Manually updating the filter lists is also another method of troubleshooting.

  • Clear out old wedged browser data and update the browser
  • Clear browser cookies and cache, then reset the browser settings and ensure the browser is up-to-date.  

Clear browser cookies and cache in Chrome

Disable hardware acceleration

  • In the address bar, type in chrome:\\setting.
  • Next, scroll down the Chrome’s settings screen and then click on the Advanced tab
  • Then scroll down the advanced settings screen.
  • From the System section, you need to turn off the “Use hardware…available toggle” option.
  • Now, click on RELAUNCH to start Chrome again.

Resolve YouTube Black Screen Firefox

If you are having the same problem in your Firefox browser, you also try reloading the page, or Update filter lists and restart the computer. As given in step 1 and 2. Else follow the methods below to resolve it.

  • Remove the YouTube app if it has been installed, you can still watch it on other browsers.
  • B2. Turn on JavaScript, or upgrade the browser to the newest version.
  • Update the Adobe Flash player and ensure it is of the latest version.

Update the Adobe Flash player In Firfox

  • Clear cookies and cache:
  • Click on the Firefox Menu
  • Then select History
  • Clear all Recent History, Details, and Cache by selecting Clear Now option
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