Support For Windows

In this day and age, people use multiple electronic devices and services for their business as well as pleasure. Microsoft windows is at the forefront for providing such technologies. There are literally hundreds of devices and services from Microsoft for us to pick and choose from.

Most of these devices are based on Windows 7 and Windows 10 OS. The downside of this unprecedented use is that such devices become prone to breaking down quite frequently. To overcome this problem we have Microsoft Support as well as more specialized Microsoft Technical support. Errors and problems regarding Windows 7 and 10 can be sorted out by dialing 1-844-414-5222.

When to call the Microsoft Windows helpline?

There are several issues for which you might need to call the helpline.       

  • If the windows is not starting up.
  • If there are multiple errors on booting up Windows 10 or Windows 7.
  • Windows support might be needed if despite restarting the programs are not functioning properly.
  • Support from Microsoft is also provided if popular software like Microsoft Word or Outlook malfunction.
  • Windows might not work properly due to viruses as well.
  • Outdated drivers might also be cause for errors.
  • Microsoft Windows support will also provided if devices like printers malfunction.  

Why call the Microsoft Windows helpline?        

The first and most important reason to call Microsoft support helpline is that they provide best in class service and that to in a time bound manner. Most of the time, even if there are lot of customers, you will be attended to shortly. The reason for this is the world class infrastructure and technology.

Help provided by Microsoft Support specialists is unparalleled. They truly are specialists as they have deep domain and subject knowledge. Providing crisp and to the point solution is a trait that is common in Microsoft tech support.

Even if things are hectic and problems complex, Microsoft support             staff is always courteous and professional. This reflects the standards that the Microsoft have set for customer satisfaction.   

As Microsoft Support is available 24*7 you can get an answer to your problem even at 4 a.m in the morning. This feature is very helpful to people who work in different time zones. 24*7 support is available both for Windows 10 and Windows 7.    

Different ways to contact Microsoft Tech Support

There are multiple ways to contact Microsoft Support. Some of them are mentioned below.

Through phone number:

The easiest and the most common way is to connect through phone number. The number is 1-844-414-5222.

Through Snail Mail:

To get Microsoft support through mail, a person can post his query to the following address:

Microsoft, One Microsoft Way,  Redmond, WA 98052-6399

A tried and tested way to reach out to Microsoft Support is through their official website. The site address is However, it can be a little confusing as there are too many options.

Support for different services

Microsoft offers services across devices, industries and eco systems. They also have specialized support for their more popular offerings. These include but are not limited to the following.              

Microsoft Support for Windows

As there most popular product, Windows get exceptional support from Microsoft. This includes free replacement in case the provided copy doesn’t work.

Information and help is also provided in case there are problems related to installation and activation. Technicians can even connect remotely in case the need arises.

Support for MS office

MS office is synonymous with work productivity. A software that is being used in one form or another in corporations around the world gets full attention from Microsoft Support. From installation to new updates MS office receives all the latest offerings.

Support for MS Outlook

The email client is one of the star jewels of the Microsoft Family. It gets regular updates from Microsoft to support both the Windows 10 and as well as Windows 7 version.

Even though it’s been more than a decade it still gets regular security updates and new features.

Support For Skype  

One of the newly added apps, it gets exceptional support from Microsoft. Microsoft delivers very good video and audio quality. New features are added through updates which makes the app better as well as more productive.

Support for different versions of Windows

Even though different iterations of Windows are available, Microsoft offers unflinching support to both the latest Windows 10 as well as to older versions like Windows 7 and NT.

The continuous upgrades and updates makes the Windows family vibrant and up to date.

A Global Network

With operations in more than 52 countries and counting, Microsoft is truly an international company. Microsoft provides technical support to all the places where they have operations. In case they don’t have support in a particular place, they have tie ups with other tech giants to service those particular geographies. Microsoft has been known to use drones to provide connectivity to remote areas.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Microsoft takes customer service to a different level.  

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