What Is Black Screen Error?

What Is Black Screen Error?

With new updates and growing technology, there are number of laptops and computers being introduced in the market. But, the Black screen error has not been resolved yet. However, it is resolved but only to a certain point.

The Black Screen’ is an error screen which is displayed due to improper functioning of in-built system features which further causes the system to shut down. It is among the most common errors seen on Windows 10. Many people have complaint about this problem. If you ever find such issue, then you need to take care of it.

Like humans, machines also have a brain. Computers and laptops have their own brain which is generally known as Processor. However, it also contains some other important components as well like Motherboard, RAM and ROM. If the system detects that there is some error or any virus in the system, then it stops working in order to restrict virus from damaging the system furthermore. This condition is also coined as ‘system crash’.  This issue can result in hardware problem as well as software problem. Hence, you are advised to resolve it as soon as possible.

Let’s first understand the most common Black screen issues you get on your windows pc:

  1. Cursor error on windows 10:  In this type of error, you will notice that a black screen is displayed in front of you along with a blinking cursor. Generally, there is no message displayed on the screen. In such cases, you won’t be able to do anything with the screen. However, you will be able to move the cursor.

if you face any problem like this, then do not panic and just remove the battery to make it fine or reset your PC. In addition, you can also disable the fast start up or disable the integrated graphic card.

  1. Black screen with the cursor just after login: This problem is very much same as the previous one. You can easily overcome this problem. The most common cause is that your PC is having an Intel on-chip GPU and a standalone AMD/Nvidia GPU combination. This is mostly found in the laptops because it helps in saving power.
  2. Black Screen with the cursor: This kind of error is generally observed in the Windows 10. Usually, the main reason behind this problem is that the system might be outdated or your PC needs an update. The IT department also suggests using an inbuilt lock system. You should never install such locking system from an unknown source because that may corrupt the PC.
  3. Black screen after the update: This kind of problem was noticed after the new update of Windows 10. Such errors may appear after a problematic update. You can resolve this issue by uninstalling the latest update. You cannot ignore this problem because it will cause more damage to your laptop. This problem varies from computer to computer. For instance, PCs from Asus was suffering from the same problem even after removing the latest update. So, in that case, one should immediately get its PC or laptop checked.
  4. Black screen after the sleep mode In Win 10: Though this problem has been resolved now after the new update of windows XP. But, you might have come across this problem especially in case of old PCs and laptops. Such PCs takes a lot of time to start after the sleep mode. It can be resolved after making changes in the power system and in the network settings.

These are the five common problems that you generally observe in your computer systems. As we cannot ignore any kind of virus in our body, and takes medicines to remove it; similarly, we cannot ignore the problems in our PC. We should resolve the problem before the system got damaged.

Some common ways to overcome the black screen problems are as follows:

  • System update:  Always update your PC on time and if you ever feel that any update is not working properly, then you should uninstall the update and go back to the older Windows.
  • Switch off/removing battery: By doing this, you can avoid the black screen problem temporarily. If you still feel that your PC is constantly facing this problem then you should contact an IT person.
  • Install a good antivirus: Black screen can also occur due to the virus. It might be possible that the PC has an app containing a virus. So, in order to prevent this problem, you should download an antivirus so that it will resolve the problem.
  • Research: Always research about the problem on the Internet. You will definitely find a temporary or permanent way to resolve the issue. There is a lot of information about the black screen error.
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