Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows 10,7,8,8.1 and XP – Fixed

Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows 10,7,8,8.1 and XP – Fixed

Fixed: Blue Screen of Death Error on Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

Users with different versions of Windows can find all the help they need in fixing the blue screen of death error. Our solutions have been explained step-by-step. These will be really useful for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 7 Error?

The blue screen of death fixes for Windows 7 includes running the system restore method, removing malware, booting into safe mode, etc. To collect more information about these fixes, you can read further. 

Fix 1: Run System Restore on Windows 7

The Windows blue screen of death problem can be repaired by running the system restore method. You can use this method in 6 quick steps.

1. Open the “Start” menu on Windows 7.

2. Click on the “Search Box”. Type in “Restore”.

restore - blue screen of death

3. Select the option of “Create a Restore Point”.

4. Access the tab of “System Protection”. 

5. Press “Create” under the “System Protection” tab.

6. Now, your system will take at least 30 seconds for automatically making a restore point. When the restore point has been made, you will receive a notification. Then click on “Close” to exit the dialog box. 

After running the system restore method, the blue screen of death Windows 7 error will stop showing up on your computer.

Fix 2: Scan Your Windows 7 Computer for Malware

The problem of the blue screen of death memory management Windows 7 can be a result of malware. Other kinds of security threats like spyware and adware can also result in this error.

To check that malware or any other security threat is resulting in this error, you can scan your Windows 7 computer. The antivirus in your computer will help you in identifying the security threat. Once identified, you will be able to fix it as well. 

Fix 3: Update the Hardware Drivers on Windows 7

Learn how to fix blue screen of death error by updating the hard drivers on your computer. We have explained this fix in 7 steps. 

1. Launch the “Control Panel” on your Windows 7 system.

2. Tap on the option of “Hardware & Devices”.

3. Open the “Device Manager”.

4. Choose the device that needs to be updated.

5. Right-click on the device. Then choose the option of “Update Driver”.

6. Your Windows 7 system will automatically search for the recent updates available. Then the installation process will take place. Wait till the installation process gets over.

7. After the installation is complete, use your computer for some time. Ensure whether or not the Windows blue screen of death Windows 7 error appears again.

Fix 4: Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 7

Did you try booting into the safe mode for mending the blue screen of death Windows 7 issue? In case you didn’t, you can try it now. Its steps have been listed as follows.

1. Turn on your computer.

2. When you reach the login screen of Windows, press the “Shift” key. Hold the key and, at the same time, click on “Restart”.

3. Access the tab of “Recovery”. 

4. Go to the section of “Advanced Startup”. Then tap on “Restart Now”.

5. Boot your Windows 7 computer into the “Safe Mode”.

6. Afterwards, you have to restart your computer in the normal mode. Then the complete functionality of your computer will be restored.

7. After your computer normally starts up, you will not find this error again. 

Fix 5: Attempt to Reinstall Windows 7 on Your Computer

In this fix for the problem of the blue screen of death memory management Windows 7, we’ll show you how to reinstall Windows. Read further to know the detailed steps. 

1. Safely close all the programs running on your computer.

2. Save the work you had been doing.

3. In the third step, you have to back up the important programs as well as files you will need.

4. Now, you have to get the 25-digit “Windows Product Key”.

5. Also, get the “Windows 7 Installation DVD”. Alternatively, you can get a “USB Device” for the same.

6. Then insert the “Windows 7 DVD” in the optical drive. You can also use a “Windows 7 USB Flash Drive” in place of the DVD.

7. Now, restart your Windows 7 computer.

8. You will see the message “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”. Then tap any key and your computer will be forced to boot from the USB device or DVD.

9. The installation files of Windows 7 will take a moment to load. The splash screen of Windows 7 will be visible afterwards. The setup process will soon begin. You will be required to choose a “Language” for installation. Also, select the format of time and currency. Choose the “Keyboard” or the method of input. 

10. Press the button for “Install Now”.

11. Wait until the setup starts. You will see the terms of the Windows 7 software licence. Read it and choose “I Accept the License Terms”. Then press “Next”.

12. Select “Upgrade” or “Custom” as the installation type. 

13. For proceeding further, the Windows 7 partitions and partitions related to the operating system will have to be deleted by you. 

14. Opt for a physical location for installing Windows 7.

15. Now, let the installation process complete. For applying the changes, you will need to restart your computer.

After this step, Windows will get reinstalled on your computer. And the blue screen of death Windows 7 codes problem will stop bothering you now. 

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows XP Error?

We have one excellent fix for clearing the blue screen of death Windows XP problem. Scroll down to know what this fix is. 

Fix 1: Eliminate Virus Using Easy Recovery Essentials on Windows XP

Let’s see how to use this Windows blue screen of death fix by removing the virus from your system in 4 steps.

1. First, “Easy Recovery Essentials” has to be downloaded.

2. Burn the ISO image. 

3. Booting the “Easy Recovery Essentials” is the next step.

4. Select “Virus Scanner”.

When the scanning is over, the error will be repaired. 

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 8?

For different blue screen of death Windows 8 causes, we have different solutions. Let’s go through these solutions one by one and troubleshoot this problem on your PC.

Fix 1: Utilize the Chkdsk Command on Windows 8

You can fix the blue screen of death Windows 8 issue by running the chkdsk command. This command has worked brilliantly for many users. Try it now to solve the problem on your system as well.

1. Begin with inserting the installation disc into your system.

2. Now, start your system again.

3. For booting from the disc, tap any key.

4. Tap on “Repair”.

5. Click on “Troubleshoot”.

6. Select “Advanced Options”.

7. Click on “Command Prompt”.

8. Write the following command and press “Enter”.


The command will repair the problem on your Windows 8 computer.

Fix 2: Reconfigure Boot Configuration Data on Windows 8

Wiping away the blue screen of death Windows 8 causes will aid you in getting rid of this problem. This fix carries 24 steps. Go through these steps and then reconfigure correctly.

1. Use the original installation disk for booting.

2. Press “Repair” in the second step.

3. Click on “Troubleshoot”.

4. Launch the “Command Prompt”.

5. Run the following commands one by one using the “Command Prompt”.





5. Type in “Exit”.

6. Take out the installation disk.

7. Then press “Enter”.

8. Now, restart your system. 

9. If there is no installation disk, then download “Easy Recovery Essentials” as per the Windows version, followed by burning the ISO image. 

10. Booting into “Easy Recovery Essentials” is the next step.

11. Click on “Automated Repair”. Then tap “Continue”.

12. Select the letter of the “Windows Installation Drive”. Then press “Automated Repair”.

13. Wait till the process is over. Then press “Restart”.

14. Check whether the blue screen of death Windows 8 problem got repaired. If not, then restart your system and boot using the installation disk.

15. Press “Repair” and select “Troubleshoot”.

16. Open the “Command Prompt” and paste the following commands.


“sell disk 0”

“list vol”

17. Under FAT32 system, “EFI Partition” will be formatted. Look for the volume item with “FAT32”. This will be in the “Fs” column. In case the volume is “1”, use this command.

“sell vol 1”

18. Choose a letter for the partition by using this command.

“assign letter=x:”

19. After the success message shows up, write “Exit”. 

20. Then paste “cd /d x:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\”. Here, “x” will be the partition’s letter.

21. Use the bootrec command, “bootrec/fixboot”.

22. Now, use the command “bcdboot c:\Windows/1 en-us/s x: /f ALL”.

23. Write “Exit” and pull out the installation disk.

24. Finally, restart your system. 

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 8.1 Error?

The blue screen of death Windows 8.1 error can be resolved by updating your computer. As you read beyond, this fix will become clearer to you.

Fix 1: Update Your Windows 8.1 Computer

Updating your PC is a simple task. This can easily resolve the blue screen of death Windows 98 error on your PC. Read the steps for this below.

1. Click on “Settings”. 

2. Select “Change PC Settings”.

3. Choose “Update and Recovery”.

4. Tap “Windows Update”.

5. Click on “Install Updates”.

How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10?

We have found the various blue screen of death Windows 10 fixes. These range from removing the blocking apps, re-downloading the installation files, detaching peripheral devices, etc. The methods to perform these have been provided in the following sections. 

Fix 1: Remove Peripheral Devices from Your Windows 10 Computer

At a number of times, the problems related to the hardware of your system can cause different kinds of errors. This is especially true when peripheral devices, which are not essential, have been connected to your system. The blue screen of death Windows 10 is one such error. 

In our opinion, you should try to remove the peripheral devices that you don’t need at the moment. You can remove the devices like USB, mobile phone, external hard drive, etc., for some time. Avoid removing your internet connection, monitor, mouse, and keyboard. 

Then upgrade your Windows 10 computer. After the upgrade has been successful, you can attach the peripheral devices you had removed. Then check your system for the error.

Fix 2: Use SetupDiag Tool on Windows 10

In this blue screen of death Windows 10 fix, we will be using the SetupDiag tool. This tool is helpful in detecting the cause of this problem and troubleshooting it. Now, let’s read the steps to use the SetupDiag tool. 

1. Go to the download page of “SetupDiag”.

2. Click on “Download SetupDiag”.

3. You will be required to choose a destination for saving the file.

4. Now, check the location of the download. Then right-click on “SetupDiag.exe”. Choose “Run as Administrator”.

5. Then right-click on the file with the name “SetupDiagResults.log” and choose “Open”.

6. After this, the log file will be open. You will see the “Default Text Editor” app. The results of the tool will be visible. You can check the cause of this error on your computer. Then you will be able to remove the cause and the error will stop coming up on your screen. 

Fix 3: Remove Recent Updates from Your Windows 10 Computer

“The blue screen of death Windows 10 log file location error message is appearing on my system. What should I do?” In this situation, you remove the recent updates. Any fault in these updates will, hence, get removed. And this error message will stop appearing on your system. 

The steps of this fix are as follows.

1. Launch the “Device Manager” from the “Start” menu.

2. Expand the category that may be causing the Windows blue screen of death.

3. Right-click on the error-causing device. Then tap “Uninstall Device”.

4. Press “Ok”. 

The recent updates of the device will be removed. We hope you stop seeing this error now. 

Fix 4: Use DISM to Repair Files on Windows 10

Here is a 3-step blue screen of death Windows 10 fix. Using this fix, you will be able to repair the files. We will be using the DISM command for this purpose. Now, let’s read beyond. 

1. Press the “Windows” key. 

2. Choose “Command Prompt”. Run it as the administrator.

3. Enter the command shown below. Then press “Enter”.


Once the command has finished performing its function, the blue screen of death Windows 10 will stop bugging your computer. 

Fix 5: Remove Blocking Apps from Your Windows 10 Computer

Removing the blocking apps is the best blue screen of death fix for Windows 10. This fix is quick and can be administered in very little time. Its 10 steps have been shown below.

1. Go to the “Settings” of your Windows 10 computer.

2. Select “Apps”.

3. Tap “Apps & Features”.

4. Choose the application which you suspect to be the cause of this error.

5. Press the button for “Uninstall”.

6. Then press the “Uninstall” button once again.

7. You may receive certain instructions on the screen. Follow them to complete this method.

8. In case you suspect that there is more than one application that may be causing the blue screen of death Windows 10 error, you can follow the above-mentioned steps again. All such faulty apps will get removed from your computer.

9. Update your Windows 10 computer.

10. You can install the apps you removed once again.

Fix 6: Do a Clean Installation of Windows 10

“How do I fix the blue screen of death Windows 10 error?” We’ll suggest you try doing a clean installation of Windows on your computer. You can look at these instructions for this fix.

1. Use the “Windows 10 Installation Media” for starting your computer.

2. Click on “Next” in the “Windows Setup”.

3. Tap the button labelled “Install Now”.

4. Locate “I don’t have a Product Key”. Click on it to continue.

5. In case applicable, you can choose the “Windows 10 Edition”.

Important Note: When you choose the “Windows 10 Edition”, ensure that it matches your license’s edition.

6. Now, press “Next”.

7. Click to select “I Accept the License Terms”. Then click on “Next”.

8. Choose “Custom: Install Windows Only (Advanced)”.

9. Now, you have to opt for the partition carrying the present installation of Windows.

10. Then press the “Delete” button. Doing so will delete the partition from your hard drive.

Important Note: Are you having several partitions on your primary hard drive? In case you do, choose all of them. Then delete them. The partitions which are needed will get automatically recreated while the installation process is running. In the case of the secondary drives, deleting the partitions will not be required. 

11. Locate an empty drive with the name “Drive 0 Unallocated Space”. Then press “Next”.

12. The clean installation of Windows will be performed on your computer. When the installation is over, you will receive instructions on your screen. Administer these instructions.

13. A new account will have to be made now. 

14. You can choose the settings as per your preference. Now, the process will come to an end and this blue screen of death fix will be complete. 

Fix 7: Update Your Windows 10 Computer

Is your Windows 10 computer updated? If it is not, then you are likely to see this error. This Windows blue screen of death fix can be done in as little as 3 steps. 

1. Click on “Settings” and open “Update & Security”.

2. Tap “Windows Update”.

3. Click on “Check for Updates”.

The available updates will be downloaded. 

Fix 8: Roll Back Previous Version of Driver on Windows 10

Now, we’ll teach you how to repair blue screen of death Windows 10 issue by rolling back the previous version of the driver. The 7 steps of this fix can be found in this section. 

1. Click on “Start”. 

2. Click on the “Device Manager”.

3. Expanding the device category is the next step.

4. The device needs to be right-clicked. Then choose “Properties”.

5. In the “Driver” tab, tap “Roll Back Driver”.

6. Provide the answer to the question by choosing an option.

7. Tap “Yes”.

Fix 9: Use SFC Tool on Windows 10

Are you familiar with the SFC tool? This is an amazing tool that can remove the causes of the blue screen of death Windows 10 problem. Let’s check out how to use the SFC tool.

1. Access “Start” to launch “Command Prompt”.

2. Right-click on the “Command Prompt”. Choose “Run as Administrator”.

3. Fill in the command provided as follows. Then tap “Enter”.


Important Note: In case you find any error while running this fix, you can use this command at least 3 times for troubleshooting.

Now, your computer will be scanned. Any files which were functioning as the causes of blue screen of death Windows 10 error will be fixed. 

Fix 10: Update Drivers on Windows 10

The Windows blue screen of death sound error can occur when the drivers on your computer have not been updated. You can update them by putting in less effort in just 4 steps.

1. Open “Device Manager” via “Start”.

2. Expand the category of the device that needs to be updated.

3. Right-click on this device and tap “Update Driver”.

4. Tap “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software”.

The new versions of the drivers will be installed. This should fix the problem on your Windows 10 computer.

Fix 11: Remove Incompatible Apps on Windows 10

Do you have any incompatible apps on your computer? Find out how to fix blue screen of death Windows 10 bug by removing such apps. To remove them, follow these 6 steps.

1. Tap on “Settings”.

2. Tap “Apps”.

3. Choose “Apps & Features”.

4. Select the problematic app and press “Uninstall”.

5. Press “Uninstall” again.

6. Perform the directions provided on the screen.

Fix 12: Download the Installation Files Again on Windows 10

Check out how to fix blue screen of death Windows 10 error by re-downloading the installation files. For this, you will have to do the 10 steps given here.

1. Click on the “Settings” of your PC.

2. Next, tap on “System”.

3. Select the option of “Storage”.

4. Go to the section of “Local Disk”.

5. Click on “Temporary Files”.

6. The preselected options will have to be cleared.

7. Select the option of “Temporary Windows Installation Files”.

blue screen of death windows 10

8. Press the button for “Remove Files”.

9. Download and install the recent version available for Windows 10. You can utilize the “Windows Update” option for this purpose.

10. After installing the updates, you will no longer find the Windows blue screen of death issue on your computer.

Summing up

In this detailed blog, we learnt various ways to resolve the blue screen of death on different Windows versions. We hope this blog was helpful to you. Scroll down to give it a great rating!

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