How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

Brother printer paper jam is an issue that users usually report. If this error occurs when you are in the midst of something really important, then it can be the most frustrating interference. And trying to print with the jammed paper still inside can cause damage. So, clearing it will be highly suggested. Resolving the Brother printer paper jam error is an easy task. And with our simple solutions and clear instructions, this task becomes even more effortless. 

Before we tell you the solutions to fix it, first let us look at the causes of Brother printer paper jam error. 

6 Causes of Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

There can be multiple causes of the Brother printer paper jam error. We have identified the 6 most common causes among these. 

1. Using the Wrong Type of Printing Paper

Your Brother printer is configured to use a certain size and kind of paper. Not using the correct kind of paper will trigger the paper jam error. So, you should always check the manual of your Brother printer to make certain that the paper type you are using is correct.

2. Using Inferior-quality Printing Paper

Using a printing paper of inferior quality can definitely be a reason for Brother printer paper jam error and along with that, it will affect the quality of the printed document too. That is why using a printing paper of good quality will be a great suggestion. 

3. Overloading the Paper in Input Tray

It may sound unusual how overloading the paper in the input tray can cause the Brother printer paper jam error but it is true. The rollers of your printer pick the paper from a certain height during the process of printing. That is why overloading the paper in the input tray can interrupt the functioning of these rollers. 

4. Not Loading the Paper Correctly

If you cannot think why does my Brother printer keep saying paper jam, let us tell you that loading the printing paper incorrectly in the paper tray is one of the most common causes of this error. Also, when you place a folded paper in the input tray, there are high chances that a jam will occur. 

5. Not using Good-quality Ink Cartridge

Not only will the ink cartridges of poor quality affect the quality of the print severely but it can also cause the Brother printer paper jam error. It may cost less than a decent one but may also damage your printer at a later point. Therefore, you should always use the ink cartridge that has been suggested in the manual of the Brother printer. 

6. Damaged Brother Printer Rollers

It goes without saying that Brother printer rollers are really important for printing. With time, wear and tear can cause damage to these which can further lead to Brother printer paper jam. Apart from the wear and tear, not handling your device with care can also damage the rollers. 

Now that we have a fair understanding of the causes of this error, let us see how to fix paper jam in Brother printer.

Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

In this section of the blog, we will discuss with you 3 easy solutions to troubleshoot the Brother printer paper jam error. With each solution, we have provided simple instructions. By following these instructions, you will be able to clear up the jam in much less time. 

Solution 1

Removing the Paper Jam from Outside

This is the shortest procedure with only 4 steps.

1. To begin with, turn off your Brother printer and leave it untouched for at least 15 minutes, allowing the machine to cool down.

turn off your Brother printer - brother printer paper jam

2. The next step is to inspect your Brother printer from the outside to clear any debris.

3. Then press the “Clear” button of the device.

4. Now, turn on your Brother printer and print a document to check whether the error has been resolved.

Solution 2

Removing Jammed Paper from Toner Cartridge and Drum Unit

In this solution, we will tell you how to get jammed paper out of Brother printer by removing the paper from the toner cartridge and drum unit in 6 steps:

1. The first step is to turn off your Brother printer and then allow it to cool down for 15 minutes. Make sure that you do not touch any internal parts of the device until the heat has been released.

2. Now, remove the top cover of the device and check for bits of jammed paper.

3. The next step is to gently remove the toner cartridge as well as the drum unit of your Brother printer.

remove toner cartridge - brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed

4. Then remove the jammed paper from this area carefully and then place back the parts correctly.

5. Now, close the top cover of your Brother printer. 

6. Press the “Clear” button of the printer and then give a test print. The Brother printer paper jam error will have been settled by now. 

Solution 3

Checking the entire Printer for Pieces of Jammed Paper

In the third solution, we have explained a detailed procedure to check the entire printer for jammed bits of paper. Learn this procedure in just 6 steps. 

1. When the LED indications on your Brother printer inform you that there is a paper jam error, open the front cover of the device and then leave the machine for 10 minutes.

open the front cover of the device - brother laser printer paper jam

2. Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge as explained in the above method and search for jammed paper. Then pull the paper tray out of the printer. 

3. Open the back cover of the device gently. You will find tabs on the left and right sides of the printer. Pull these tabs for opening the fuser cover.

4. Now remove the duplex tray of your Brother printer and check for jammed pieces of paper. Pull the pieces of paper gently, in case you find any. 

duplex tray of your Brother printer - brother laser printer says paper jam but there is none

5. Place the duplex tray as well as the paper tray back to their original position. 

6. Place all the other parts you had removed earlier in the correct position.

Note: All the parts that you remove from your Brother printer, during this process, should be placed gently on a neat surface to avoid causing any damage to these.

Brother Printer Paper Jam Solutions and Compatible Models

The solutions we have mentioned in this blog can be used for fixing the paper jam error in the following Brother laser printers:

Brother HL 1110 PrinterBrother HL 2030 PrinterBrother HL 2040 PrinterBrother HL 2130 PrinterBrother HL 2140 Printer
Brother HL 2240 PrinterBrother HL 5140 PrinterBrother HL 3140CW PrinterBrother HL 3170CDW PrinterBrother HL L2300D Printer
Brother HL L2320D PrinterBrother HL 2270DW PrinterBrother HL L2340DW PrinterBrother HL L2370DW PrinterBrother HL 5470DW Printer
Brother HL 6180DW PrinterBrother HL 5250DN PrinterBrother HL 5450DN PrinterBrother HL 2070N PrinterBrother HL 1210W Printer
Brother HL 2170W Printer

These fixes can be used for resolving the paper jam error in certain models of the Brother Multifunction printer series given in the table below:

Brother MFC 7420 PrinterBrother MFC 8220 PrinterBrother MFC 8440 PrinterBrother MFC J200 PrinterBrother MFC J430W Printer
Brother MFC J435W PrinterBrother MFC J4410DW PrinterBrother MFC J4510DW PrinterBrother MFC J5720DW PrinterBrother MFC J6520DW Printer
Brother MFC J6710DW PrinterBrother MFC J6910DW PrinterBrother MFC J825DW PrinterBrother MFC 6490CW PrinterBrother MFC 9130CW Printer
Brother MFC 9330CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9340CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9840CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9970CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9440CN Printer
Brother MFC 7860DW PrinterBrother MFC 8710DW PrinterBrother MFC 8910DW PrinterBrother MFC 8950DW PrinterBrother MFC 8480DN Printer
Brother MFC 7360N PrinterBrother MFC 7820N PrinterBrother MFC 7840W Printer

In addition to that, the 3 solutions can also be used for the following Brother DCP printer series and other models. 

Brother DCP 7020 PrinterBrother DCP 7030 PrinterBrother DCP 7065DN PrinterBrother DCP J100 Printer
Brother DCP J125 PrinterBrother DCP L2540DW PrinterBrother DCP T300 PrinterBrother DCP T500W Printer
Brother J430W PrinterBrother TN630 PrinterBrother 2040 PrinterBrother 7820N Printer

Winding it up

When you understand the causes as well as the procedures to clear the Brother printer paper jam error, it saves your time and also prevents your work from being hampered. And since we are the experts, our solutions will definitely help you. 

This blog was amazing, right? Dedicated truly to Brother printer users, we are sure you will like our other blogs too. Is your Brother printer offline or are you in the need of a fix for Brother printer drum error? This is the best place to discover all the solutions!

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