How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

Brother printer paper jam is an issue that users often report. If this error occurs when you are in the midst of something really important, then it can be the most frustrating interference. Trying to print with the jammed paper still inside can cause damage. So, clearing it will be highly suggested. This error can occur in several types. In most cases, the paper may get stuck when you are printing your documents or pictures. Sometimes, the paper jam error message may be continually seen on the display of the Brother machine. In Brother laser printers, you may find that no paper may be jammed and yet this error may be coming up. 

You can clear the paper jam error by checking the paper trays, toner cartridge, drum unit, and other parts of your printer. Additionally, you can let the printing device cool down to avoid overheating. Then you can start it to find no paper jam error on the display.

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Causes of Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

There can be multiple causes of jammed paper in the Brother printer. Here, we have identified the 6 most common ones among these:

  • Using the Wrong Type of Printing Paper

Your Brother printer is configured to use a certain size and kind of paper. Not using the correct kind of paper will trigger the paper jam error. So, you should always check the manual of your Brother printer to make certain that the paper type you are using is correct.

  • Using Inferior-quality Printing Paper

Using a printing paper of inferior quality can definitely be a reason leading to this issue. Along with that, it will affect the quality of the printed document too. That is why using a printing paper of good quality will be a great suggestion. 

  • Overloading the Paper in Input Tray

It may sound unusual how overloading the paper in the input tray can cause the Brother printer paper jam error but it is true. The rollers of your printer pick the paper from a certain height during the process of printing. That is why overloading the paper in the input tray can interrupt the functioning of these rollers. 

  • Not Loading the Paper Correctly

Loading the printing paper incorrectly in the paper tray is one of the most common causes of this error. Also, when you place a folded paper in the input tray, there are high chances that a jam will occur. 

Not only will the ink cartridges of poor quality affect the quality of the print severely but they can also cause this problem. Such cartridges may cost less than an original one but may also damage your printer at a later point. Therefore, you should always use the ink cartridge that has been suggested in the manual of the Brother printer. 

  • Damaged Brother Printer Rollers

It goes without saying that the Brother printer rollers are really important for printing. With time, wear and tear can cause damage to these which can further lead to the paper jam error in your Brother printer. Apart from the wear and tear, not handling your device with care can also damage the rollers.

Now that we have a fair understanding of the causes of this error, let us see how to fix paper jam in Brother printer.

Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error With No Paper Jammed

For the issue of paper jam in your Brother printing machine, you can remove the stuck pieces of paper by carefully pulling them out. In case the outer parts are not carrying jammed paper, you can check the toner cartridge as well as the drum unit. On the off chance that the paper jam error is still not resolved, you can check every part of the Brother machine.

These measures for resolving the Brother printer paper jam error have been discussed in length in the following parts.

Fix 1: Removing the Paper Jam from Outside

In some situations, the paper jam may only be in the outer parts of your Brother printer. Thus, you will not be required to inspect the interiors. To check your printer in such a situation, you can turn it off. You can leave the device idle for as long as 15 minutes. When the device is not heating, you can check it from the outside. On the off chance that you find any debris or pieces of paper, remove the same. Once the issue of the Brother printer paper jammed inside gets fixed, you can tap on Clear and start the device.

  • To begin with, turn off your Brother printer and leave it untouched for at least 15 minutes, allowing the machine to cool down.
turn off your Brother printer - brother printer paper jam
  • The next step is to inspect your Brother printer from the outside to clear any debris.
  • Then press the “Clear” button of the device.
  • Now, turn on your Brother printer and print a document to check whether the error has been resolved.

Fix 2: Removing Jammed Paper from Toner Cartridge and Drum Unit

The toner cartridge can get affected when the paper is jammed in it. The same can happen with the drum unit as well. To remove the jammed paper from these parts of your Brother printer, you can take off the device’s top cover. If you find any paper stuck here, then remove it. After this, you can check the toner cartridge as well as the drum unit of the Brother printer. If any bits of paper are observed here, make no delay in removing them. Followed by this, you have to tap the Clear key. Now, when you use your printer, such an error shouldn’t emerge.

To know more about how to get the jammed paper out of the Brother printer’s drum unit and toner cartridge, you can read here:

  • The first step is to turn off your Brother printer and then allow it to cool down for 15 minutes. Make sure that you do not touch any internal parts of the device until the heat has been released.
  • Now, remove the top cover of the device and check for bits of jammed paper.
  • The next step is to gently remove the toner cartridge as well as the drum unit of your Brother printer.
remove toner cartridge - brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed
  • Then remove the jammed paper from this area carefully and then place back the parts correctly.
  • Now, close the top cover of your Brother printer. 
  • Press the “Clear” button of the printer and then give a test print. The Brother printer paper jam error will have been settled by now. 

Tip: At the end of this fix, if successful results are not obtained, then you can ensure whether or not the drum unit of your Brother printer is faulty. In case there is an error in the drum unit, it will have to be fixed. Once the drum unit is error-free, you can try applying this fix one more time. Hopefully, it should work this time.

Fix 3: Checking the Entire Printer for Pieces of Jammed Paper

In certain instances, the paper can get jammed in various parts of your Brother printer. You may not be able to examine these parts just by looking at the exteriors of your device. For this reason, you will be suggested to check the entire machine. 

To learn how to fix the paper jam in the Brother printer in this way, you will have to remove the front cover of the machine and let it stay open for at least 10 minutes. Once your machine becomes cool, you can take out the drum unit, toner cartridge, and paper tray. Then you can open the back cover. After this, you can remove the duplex tray as well. Now, you can thoroughly check the different parts of your printer. 

Important: All the parts that you remove from your Brother printer, during this process, should be placed gently on a neat surface to avoid causing any damage to these.

  • When the LED indications on your Brother printer inform you that there is a paper jam error, open the front cover of the device and then leave the machine for 10 minutes.
open the front cover of the device - brother laser printer paper jam
  • Remove the drum unit and toner cartridge as explained in the above method and search for jammed paper. Then pull the paper tray out of the printer. 
  • Open the back cover of the device gently. You will find tabs on the left and right sides of the printer. Pull these tabs for opening the fuser cover.
  • Now remove the duplex tray of your Brother printer and check for jammed pieces of paper. Pull the pieces of paper gently, in case you find any. 
duplex tray of your Brother printer - brother laser printer says paper jam but there is none
  • Place the duplex tray as well as the paper tray back to its original position. 
  • Place all the other parts you had removed earlier in the correct position.

Important: After checking your entire device, it is possible that you may not be able to find any paper. This will be the case of Brother printer paper jam error with no paper jammed in actual. Then you can simply clear the debris or unwanted elements sheltering inside your device. You can place back all the parts and start your device. It should work now without displaying the error.

How Do I Clear the Brother Printer Paper Jam Error Message from the Display?

In an instance in which the Brother printer paper jam won’t clear from the display, you can remove the various parts of the device. You can remove the front and rear cover for easily taking out these parts. The Print Quality Check Sheet can be printed multiple times in the process for ensuring that the paper isn’t getting stuck.

To know more about this measure, you can read further.

Fix 1: Check Different Parts of Brother Printer and Print Quality Check Sheet 

The Brother printer paper jam error message can be cleared by removing various parts of the device. In addition, you have to check that the PE Actuator isn’t damaged or incorrectly installed. You can also try printing the Print Quality Check Sheet and inspect it for issues. Once this has been done, the error message will get cleared from the display.

  • Take out your device’s paper tray.
  • Inspect the cavity where the installation of the paper tray occurs. If you find the paper here, then remove it.
  • The next step is ensuring that your device’s “PE Actuator” is in its position and not broken.

Important: The “PE Actuator” can be identified as a small piece of plastic in white. It resembles a fork. You are likely to find it near your Brother printer’s rear center. This is the area where you can slide the paper tray. You can also identify it by looking between 2 gray rollers. If the “PE Actuator” is not in its place or is broken, then connect with your device’s manufacturer.

  • Access the back of your Brother printer.
  • Take out the “Rear Cover”.
  • Make sure that the plastic tabs are pointing upwards.
  • Check the area of your printer that you can see. If you find any paper, then remove it.
  • Pull out the paper tray from your printer’s rear. Gently remove the paper.
  • The “Jam Clear Cover” has to be reinstalled now. 
  • Place the rear cover and ensure that it is completely placed.
  • From your printer’s front, lift up the scanner and ensure that it gets locked when kept in the open position.
  • Check the open area beneath the scanner. If you find any paper here, then ensure that it is removed.
  • Unlock the scanner and place it down.
  • Your machine may get reset now. Also, its display may be on stand-by.

Important: In case this doesn’t happen, connect with the manufacturer of your Brother printer for inspecting the real issue.

  • In this step, the “Print Quality Check Sheet” has to be printed for checking your printer. Press the following:


“OK (Test Print)”

“OK (Print Quality)” 


  Now, the “Print Quality Check Sheet” will be printed.

  • In case the print is fine and doesn’t get stuck, the paper jam error will have been fixed. You can tap “1” along with “Stop” for viewing the “Standby Display”.
  • If you still see the paper jam error message on your Brother printer’s display, then all the steps given above have to be performed one more time.

Important: Also, check that you are using the printing paper of the correct size. For printing photos, the paper type and size can be checked from your device’s manual. Avoid paper that is wrinkled, not in the right shape, curled, textured, or damaged.

  • Ensure that your device’s paper tray has been configured and is loaded with paper.
  • Take out the tray, access its cover, remove the paper that is placed here. 
  • “Paper Side Guideslocated” has to be adjusted to the maximum width.
  • The “Paper Length Guide” has to be correctly adjusted. Its pointer should be lining up with the paper size’s indicator mark.
  • You can try fanning the paper stack so that jams do not occur. 
  • Add paper to the tray. 
  • Ensure that the “Paper Side Guides” are adjusted to accommodate the paper’s width.
  • After the cover of the paper tray has been placed, the tray has to be installed over.
  • Another “Print Quality Check Sheet” can be printed now. Press the following:


“OK (Test Print)” 

“OK (Print Quality)” 


  • Check that the sheet gets correctly printed and doesn’t get stuck in the device.
  • To go back to the time and date, tap on “1” together with “Stop”. 

Important: If you can still see the paper jam error message, then you can communicate about the same with the Brother printer’s manufacturer.

What is the Way to Fix the Brother Laser Printer Paper Jam Error?

To fix a paper jam in a Brother Laser Printer, you can refer to its manual. The directions presented in it can help you in removing the paper. In addition, you can check the parts of your printer like the paper trays and cartridges to find and pull out the pieces. For issues like printer says paper jam when there is none in Brother Laser series, you can let your device cool down. Then you can start it later. The display shouldn’t mention the error.

Fix 1: Check Brother Printer’s Manual

At the time of purchasing your Brother laser printer, you would have received a manual. It usually lists information about the device and how you can set it up. In addition, it can also carry the measures to fix certain printing errors. So, when the paper jam error occurs on your Brother printer, you can first check the manual to look for the fix. In case the fix is found, you can implement it.

Fix 2: Find the Guidelines on Your Brother Printer

Certain laser printers featured by Brother can carry certain guidelines on the machine itself. In case a paper jam is observed, you can check for these guidelines and administer them. On the off chance that your Brother Laser Printer says paper jam but there is none, then too you can look for the instructions on the device to mend it.

Fix 3: Turn off Your Brother Printer for Cooling it

In this fix, we will suggest you to turn off your Brother printer for some time. It is possible that your printer may only be displaying the paper jam error due to overheating of its body. Once you turn it off, you can let it sit idle for enough time. After the body is cool, you can start it over. This time when you try to print or use it, the Brother Laser Printer paper jam error shouldn’t emerge.

Fix 4: Access Printer Door and Check for Jammed Paper

While printing any of your documents, if a paper jam had actually occurred, then you can prefer opening the door of your device. Followed by this, you can slide its tray. After sliding it, you can find out where the jammed paper is. Then you can pull the stuck pieces of paper towards the front direction. Ensure that you are gentle while pulling it out. Later, you can place the tray to its original position as well as put the printer door. You can try using your Brother printer now. Hopefully, no jam will be observed.

Fix 5: Check for Stuck Paper by Inspecting Printer Parts

In case you were unable to find the paper that is stuck in your Brother printer, we will suggest that you remove its parts. Parts such as the toner cartridge, fuser, input tray, and output tray can be removed. You can properly inspect these parts. You can clear the paper when found. In addition, you can also clear any debris or dirt. It is possible that the issue of the Brother Laser Printer paper jam error with no paper jammed may be being experienced due to the dirt or debris. Thus, when you clear it, the error may not persist.

Brother Printer Paper Jam Fixes and Compatible Models

The fixes we have mentioned in this blog can be used for fixing the paper jam error in the following models of Brother Laser Printers:

Brother HL 1110 PrinterBrother HL 2030 PrinterBrother HL 2040 PrinterBrother HL 2130 PrinterBrother HL 2140 Printer
Brother HL 2142 PrinterBrother HL 2240 PrinterBrother HL 5140 PrinterBrother HL 3140CW PrinterBrother HL 3170CDW Printer
Brother HL L8360CDW PrinterBrother HL L2300D PrinterBrother HL L2320D PrinterBrother HL 2270DW PrinterBrother HL 2280DW Printer
Brother HL L2340DW PrinterBrother HL L2370DW PrinterBrother HL L2395DW PrinterBrother HL 5470DW PrinterBrother HL 6180DW Printer
Brother HL 5250DN PrinterBrother HL 5450DN PrinterBrother HL 2070N PrinterBrother HL 1210W PrinterBrother HL 2170W Printer

These fixes can be used for resolving the paper jam error in certain models of the Brother Multifunction Printer series like the ones given below in the table:

Brother MFC 7420 PrinterBrother MFC 8220 PrinterBrother MFC 8440 PrinterBrother MFC J200 PrinterBrother MFC J220 Printer
Brother MFC J430W PrinterBrother MFC J435W PrinterBrother MFC J870DW PrinterBrother MFC J985DW PrinterBrother MFC J995DW Printer
Brother MFC J4410DW PrinterBrother MFC J4510DW PrinterBrother MFC J475DW PrinterBrother MFC J480DW PrinterBrother MFC J497DW Printer
Brother MFC J5720DW PrinterBrother MFC J5910DW PrinterBrother MFC J6510DW PrinterBrother MFC J6520DW PrinterBrother MFC J6530DW Printer
Brother MFC J6710DW PrinterBrother MFC J6910DW PrinterBrother MFC J6920DW PrinterBrother MFC J825DW PrinterBrother MFC 6490CW Printer
Brother MFC 9130CW PrinterBrother MFC L8900CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9330CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9340CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9840CDW Printer
Brother MFC 9970CDW PrinterBrother MFC 9440CN PrinterBrother MFC L2700DW PrinterBrother MFC L2710DW PrinterBrother MFC L2740DW Printer
Brother MFC L2750DW PrinterBrother MFC 7860DW PrinterBrother MFC 8710DW PrinterBrother MFC 8910DW PrinterBrother MFC 8950DW Printer
Brother MFC 8480DN PrinterBrother MFC 7360N PrinterBrother MFC 7820N PrinterBrother MFC 7840W Printer

In addition to that, the fixes can also be used for the following Brother DCP Printer series’ and other models:

Brother DCP 7020 PrinterBrother DCP 7030 PrinterBrother DCP 7065DN PrinterBrother DCP J100 Printer
Brother DCP J125 PrinterBrother DCP L2540DW PrinterBrother DCP T300 PrinterBrother DCP T500W Printer
Brother J430W PrinterBrother TN630 PrinterBrother 2040 PrinterBrother 7820N Printer
Brother DCP T310 PrinterBrother DCP T700W Printer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we have covered certain FAQs based on the error jam issue in Brother printers. By reading these questions, you can find more information about this problem.

1. Why does my Brother printer keep saying paper jam?

In your Brother printer, the paper might have got stuck or jammed during the printing process. It is also possible that you may not have kept your device clean. Additionally, the paper tray may have been overloaded. Thus, the paper may have got jammed into the device.

2. How do I reset my Brother printer after a paper jam?

After a paper jam, you can reset your Brother printer by unplugging it. Close the “Paper Support Flap”. Also, ensure that the “Paper Support” has been closed. Now, the paper tray has to be pulled out. You can pull both the levers in green. You can find them inside your printer. The jammed paper will be removed.

3. What do I do when my Brother printer says paper jam but there is none?

If your Brother printer displays the paper jam error but there is nothing stuck inside, then you can let the machine cool down. The error may be appearing due to overheating. So, you can use the printer when it is cool.

Winding it up

When you understand the causes as well as the procedures to clear the Brother printer paper jam error, it saves your time and also prevents your work from being hampered. Since we are the experts at troubleshooting such problems, our fixes would have definitely helped you out. We helped you learn the different types of this error. Based on the type, we suggested you the fixes to restore your Brother printer to its normal state.

Dedicated truly to the Brother printer users, we are sure that you will like our other blogs too. Is your Brother printer offline or are you in the need of a fix for your Brother printer in an error state? This is the best place to discover all the fixes for such errors.

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