Can One Xbox Live Account be Used on Two Consoles?

Can One Xbox Live Account be Used on Two Consoles?

Do you know how to get Xbox live on 2 consoles? Check out here!

“Can one Xbox live account be used on two consoles?” is one of the many questions that Xbox users generally stress about. If your life is too puzzled around that then you can finally heave a sigh of relief as we, in this guide, are going to discuss two different ways to get your Xbox live account on your Xbox consoles.

Xbox Live has two different versions. Xbox Live Free which is the default one. You can sign up for this by creating a Microsoft account. By using this account, you can download amazing games and streaming apps such as Netflix, YouTube, and more.

Those who want to play games online have to upgrade their Xbox Live account to Xbox Live Gold, which costs $9.99 for a month. It provides free games, online multiplayer, and more. For more advantages, users can also upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It provides various free games including the benefits of an Xbox Live Gold account.

Create Your Xbox Live Account

Now before sharing Xbox live account on 2 consoles, users have to create their Xbox Live account online. For this process, you will require a Microsoft account. In case you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can create one and then create your Xbox Live account. This can be done by following these ways:

  • Visit Xbox website (
  • Click on the icon located on the top right.
  • When Microsoft prompts you to sign in, click on the “Create one” option.
  • Enter the email address you wish to link with the Xbox Live account.
  • Hit the Next button.
can i share xbox live on 2 consoles
  • Enter the password and go Next.
  • Add your name and click the Next button.
  • Now, confirm your date of birth and location from the drop-down menus.
  • Hit the Next button.

You will receive the verification email at the email address you added. After visiting and clicking on the email verification link, you can complete the process of creating your account.

  • On the Xbox website, enter the security code you received.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Follow the security instructions and click the Next button to complete the process.

On your next screen, you can click on the I Accept in order to confirm that you are going to create your Xbox profile. Now that you have the Microsoft account on Xbox One, you can sign up for Xbox Live using the different consoles.

Xbox Live using Xbox One Console

To sign up for the Xbox Live, you can use the Xbox One console. For that, you will have to boot the Xbox one and its controller. Once it is turned on, you can use the Xbox button on the controller. Thereafter, you can do the following by using the controller to navigate through the features.

  • Select the “Profile & system” tab located on the left.
  • Choose the “Add new” button.
  • Use the “A” button.
  • If you have a Microsoft account, enter your email address with the help of the controller.

Note: In case you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can choose the Get a new email option, press the A, and add your new email address.

  • Hit the “Start” button.
  • Enter your name and hit the “Start” button.
  • Enter the password for the Xbox Live account and hit the “Start” button.
  • After confirming your password, choose the birth date.
  • Go “Next” and Press A.
  • For security preferences, choose Add email or Add phone.
  • After you agree to the privacy statement, go “Next” and press A.
  • Now, you can enter your name on Xbox for Gamertag.
  • Go “Next” and press A.

You are done adding an Xbox One console. You can follow the on-screen instructions for security settings. Then, you can play games online and share Xbox Live Gold on 2 consoles.

So those who ask can I use Xbox live on 2 consoles must have got their answers. All you have to make your main Xbox account your home Xbox. Then whoever signs in to this home console can access all the Live Gold features.

Frequent Questions Asked by the Xbox Users

Q1. How to Sign Out of Xbox Live on All Consoles?

Changing the password can help you to log out of Xbox Live from all the consoles. Alternatively, you can follow these ways to remove the Gamertags:
Go to the “Settings”.
Choose the “System” option.
Click “Storage”.
Click on “All Devices”.
Choose “Gamer Profiles”.
Click on the Gamer tag that you prefer to remove.
Hit the “Delete” button.

Q2. Can I Share Xbox Live on 2 Consoles?

To share your Xbox Live on two consoles, you will have to set your primary account as Home Xbox. This will allow the user to share the account. In case multiple people are sharing both then you will have to go for a second subscription.

Q3. Is It Possible to share an Xbox Live Account on 3 Consoles?

No. Sharing Xbox live account on 3 consoles won’t be possible as the Xbox home console can run between two consoles.