100016 ERROR CODE; XP 4100


I have an epson xp 4100 Its not connected to my network because I can not connect it!
Because I keep getting an error message during initialization. So there is literally no way for me ti fix this driver issue!

So i just had an extremely shitty conversation with one of your reps
who not only didnt help me at all. but cut the conversation off and wiped the chat window then closed
the Chat option so I couldn’t contact them back and report her!

the rep didnt know what 100016 error was and literal asked me if there packaging in my printer.
After repeatedly asking for a technician and not a front line chat agent she simply disconnected the chat and blocked it from her end.

and your technician who initialized the conversation, then dropped it, and was rude by assuming my knowledge of what an 100016 came from a google search, which she specifically mentioned as to denounce my knowing as insignificant to hers, when i was going off what the device said, not a google search at all. furthermore she didn’t not know what the error code meant and did not offer any help past check inside for packaging.

and when i asked to be escalated to someone more knowledgeable she disconnected the conversation and  for a split second a number showed but then conversation was wiped away.

venmartin Changed status to publish September 3, 2019
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