congratulations note from Epson WF- 3720 clear but documents printing from my computer are not.


I have been using Epson printers with my Mac for years! Love them. Just recently, I bought the WF- 3720 and have had nothing but problems with the printing. Today I decided to register with Epson and download new printer in case that was the problem. What is strange is that when I downloading I was asked to print off the Congratulations notice. The printing came out clearer than past. Decided to print a document after and the quality was very poor as it had been. My question is: why would the congratulations note from Epson be clear while the documents printing from my computer are not. Makes not sense! I have also done the maintenance at least 6 times hoping to improve quality. letters do not align. print is faint. complete lines are not printing. I have done the cleaning etc many times 

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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