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I am looking for direction to connect my printer to Wi-Fi and print using the HP app. I am trying to find instructions on HP Ink Tank 415. Can you help?

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For Android device – To connect your printer to your mobile device using the HP app, firstly you have go to Google play store and download and install the HP Print Service Plugin.
Make sure your Android device is connected to the same wireless network that your printer is connected to.
Open the HP Print Service Plugin and enable the Plugin, and now your mobile device are ready for printing.
Further steps if you need help in printing the document or photo
-Open the photo or page you want to print, tap the menu icon and select ‘Print
-Select your HP printer model time.
-Confirm the correct printer and tap the print button to print.
Some applications do not have the Print option in the app menu. However most apps provide a Share option, you can use that option to share photos and PDF documents to the HP Print Service Plugin to print them.
For apple devices, mobile printing is easy with AirPrint. Make sure your device and printer are connect to the same network and follow the steps below
Open the page or photo you want to print and tap the ‘Share’ button.
Swipe the screen to the left or right to find the print button on bottom row of the screen, and then tap on the print icon.
Confirm the correct printer; tap ‘Print’ to print!

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