connecting problem on my laptop with hp laserjet pro p1102


I cant connect my printer anymore on my laptop its a wireless printer I have the hp laserjet pro p1102
and it was working normal but now I cant connect to

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The following guidelines gives you the step by step guide to configure Laserjet P1102W Wireless Setup on Windows and mac to print wirelessly.

Initially we will learn on how to setup the printer on Windows 7 machine.

  • Insert the HP installation disk in your CD drive.

hp installation disk

  • Open the disk drive folder and select HP Setup and follow the instruction.

printer setup hp

  • In the Pop-Up menu select Add another printer. And Click Next.
  • Select HP Laserjet Professional P1102W Series, i.e. the model of your printer and then click Next.

hp printer model number choose

  • Now, select Configure print over the Wireless Network. Click Next.

usb printer wireless

  • This will take some time and then click Next.
  • Now turn on the Printer and connect the printer to your computer. Click Next.
  • On the pop-up menu, select the method of discovery for your wireless network. Automatic is recommended if your wireless network is not hidden. Then Click next.
  • In the connectivity menu fill in the credentials and your printer is wirelessly connected.


  • Set up, print your page to confirm installation.

Here are the steps on how to setup the printer on Mac OS.

  • Connect your mac computer to a wireless network with the laserjet printer close to it.

laser printer wireless

  • On your mac, open Safari and navigate to
  • Click download and save the installation file.

  • Open the saved file to launch the software.
  • Click the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions and then click continue.
  • Your printer will appear in the list, select the printer and then click continue.
  • Follow the remaining on screen prompts to complete the software installation.
  • After this when the download completes, click continue.

Your printer is now enabled and connected to your Mac OS system.

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