my HP T120 printer stop printing after i came back from a long vacation. is it about the ink?


I have a HP T120 ink jet and after I returned from vacation i could not get the machine to print. Something about the ink. No signal that the ink is low. The command said to upplug and re start the printer. also if that did not work, I then should contact HP.

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My son wanted to use the printer for his school project and it had been a while since we had used it. To our surprise when we turned ON the printer, it did not work. Whereas, the last time I used it, it was working perfectly. I thought that the ink must have dried but it did not. After browsing a bit I found the following solution to the error of “HP T120 printer stop printing”

  • Turn on the printer.
  • The printer wheels must be locked (brake lever should be pressed downwards) in order to stop the printer from moving.
  • on the left-hand side of the printer, there is an ink cartridge cover which needs to be opened.
  • Wait for the carriage to stop moving and do not go further until it stands still
  • Unlock the ink cartridge by pressing it
  • Take out the ink cartridge.
  • While installing the ink cartridge you have to ensure that they match the colour coding in the slot.
  • Close the ink cartridge by shutting down the cover back in place
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