Google Play Store Error 406


i am getting an error 406 on google play store

venmartin Changed status to publish August 13, 2018
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This error occurs if you have registered a new Google account on your phone or if you have restored your phone to factory settings. Try these methods

  1.    Clear all the Cache and Data – Go to your phone settings >> Go to Apps >> Find the Google Play Store >> Force Stop the application first >> Go to Storage >> Clear the Data and Clear the Cache. Now restart your phone and try to download the application again
  2.    Remove all Google accounts and Re sign-in – Go to your phone settings >> Go to Accounts >>go to Google >> remove Account. Restart your phone and go to Google Play Store and sign-in
  3.    Internet Connection – Most of the time this error 406 occurs due to the slow internet connection. To check if the issue is caused by the internet speed, you can switch your internet connection from Wi-Fi connection to Mobile data which has resolve for many users.
venmartin Changed status to publish May 9, 2018
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