How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online?

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Can Any One help me In cancelling my Planet Fitness subscription. I Don’t know how to do that officially. I need help?

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someone sign me up my card and did not no it until I got my check statements I wanted to talk to manager but they could not make time they just acuse me of doing it im living on fix income I have a muscle diese so they already took 23 dollar now that 41 really will hurt me so please help me with this and talk to the manager about come out of the office no matter what and work the proble out and believe in people

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Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online

Planet Fitness, one of the largest fitness club franchise has number of locations and locations. Being the member of the Planet Fitness club you can avail unlimited access to the home club. Not only this but also you can enjoy the support of our friendly, knowledgeable staff round the clock.The Planet Fitness members with Black Card are authorized additional benefits, that permits you to get a guest along with you for free and access to any of the Planet Fitness club locations. The club authority provides guidance/inspiration to assist you meet your fitness goals. The members can benefit out of the fitness training that is for free.

Despite of so many perks and favors there are some members you look for how to cancel the Planet Fitness membership online?. It is a very simple and easy process. You just have to fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club. Else you can also choose to send a letter to your club requesting cancellation via your registered email id. But Planet Fitness club do not entertain the membership cancellation through email or phone. Note that the cancellation request that you make is related to the obligations of your membership agreement. The terms and conditions of your membership agreement will be reviewed by your club staff and will answer your queries and doubts. In case the reason of your cancellation is because of the unsatisfactory service with your Planet Fitness location, then feel free to discuss the same with your local club manager prior coming to your final decision. Your feedback is appreciated and acknowledged and will be considered to improve that might change your decision.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership?

For cancelling the Planet Fitness Membership you will have to go to your Planet Fitness location and fill out a cancellation form. Also you can send a letter through your registered email to the respective club, mentioning the reason for cancelling request. The mandatory information that you have to provide are as follows:

Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

  • Statement of intent to cancel membership
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Birth date
  • Membership ID
  • Last 4 digits of credit card associated with account

Think twice about your Planet Fitness membership cancellation request. If you owe payments and your cancellation request is received on or before the 10th of the month, in case you change your mind to be billed on 17th of the current month.

How to Shift Membership to a different Planet Fitness Club?

It is just two click away if you want to shift your Planet Fitness club membership online. You just require your Planet Fitness key-tag number. Make sure of certain things prior making a transfer: It is mandatory that you should have been a member at one Planet Fitness location for minimum period of three months. You should carry a monthly membership (make sure not annual). And lastly that you can not owe any outstanding dues or fees at your recent Planet Fitness club.

For details about Planet Fitness Club and its online cancellation you can connect with the renowned support agency The in house professions will clear your queries and guide you the right procedure of cancelling the membership. You can connect with the team via the Planet Fitness Customer Service.

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