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I bought a new LED TV and i already have computer. I want to connect my computer to my brand new TV. What are the steps can anyone tell me. I have less knowledge about computer.

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To connect a computer to a TV, there are two ways to do it and that is if your LED TV supports a wifi connection. The first method on how to connect a computer to TV is by using a HDMI cable and it is easy to set it up. All you will need for this connection is a TV with a HDMI input port, a HDMI cable that will connect the computer to the TV and a HDMI port on the computer. Follow this instruction to connect a computer to the TV.
Step 1: bring the computer close to the TV and ensure that both the computer and the television can reach each other via the HDMI cable.
Step 2. Make sure that both the computer and the TV is powered off. Now connect the HDMI cable one end to the computer and the other end of the HDMI cable to the TV. (the HDMI port looks familiar like a USB but it is not rectangular in shape)
Step 3.  Turn on the computer and the TV.  and using the TV remote press the “AV” mode on the TV remote to change the video mode to HDMI Input.
Step 4. Your computer screen is now on your TV and this is one of the easiest ways on how to connect a computer to TV.

Second method on how to connect a computer to TV using wireless connection. To proceed with this step will will need a TV that has wifi enabled and a computer that is connected to the same wireless network.
Step 1: Turn on the TV and Computer and from the TV menu settings enable the Wi-Fi mode.
Step 2: From the TV manual, follow the instructions on how to link the TV to the  Wi-Fi network. Enter the password to your wireless network which will allow your wireless network to recognize the TV and get it connected.
Step 3: On the computer, you should be prompted to select the Wi-Fi connection to the TV. Some computer have a dedicated button on their laptops to activate this connection.
Step 4: The TV will display a four-digit passcode for you to enter on the computer. Enter the code and the computer should then recognize the TV as a device connection
Step 5: Your computer screen is now visible on the TV
Step 6: In some cases even with the correct settings selected on the TV, there may not be a display on the computer screen. If so, go to the computer control panel and select “Adjust screen resolution.”
Step 7: Click on display number 2 Now choose “Extend the desktop onto this monitor” and Click “Apply.”
Step 8: The HDTV screen should now show the Windows desktop photo. If prompted, click “Keep display settings.”

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