How to Connect Laptop to TV With Wirelessly Without HDMI?


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In this digital world, when everything has been globalized and smarter, you might want to connect your Laptop to Television to make it more entertaining and user-friendly. By connecting your laptop up to the Television setup, you can access your TV into a media house watching your favorite Hulu and Netflix content, also playing media stored and YouTube videos on your laptop. You get the opportunity of playing games on the large screen without hurting your eyes. Perform the instruction to connect your laptop to TV with Wireless without HDMI.

Point to remember: Connection Basics

  • Identify which video port your laptop consists. There are many probable types; your laptop may consists. These are positioned on the back panel of your laptop, though sometimes they are positioned on one of the sides
  • Verify which video input port your Television includes: This depends on whether your Television is a high-definition TV or standard-definition. Video input ports are positioned on the back of the Television, but may also be positioned on one of the sides too.
  • Get the exact video cable for connecting with your laptop to your Television. If you have numerous choices like S-video, VGA, and HDMI ensure to connect with the highest quality connectivity. HDMI is perfect for newer HDTVs and laptops, and as a consequence, you get the least amount and best quality of executing adjusting settings.

Connect your laptop to a Television using external hard drive/USB stick

Depending on your Television capabilities, you can watch video content which you have stored on your laptop by transferring it to an external hard drive/USB stick and plugging that into the Television.

Given that the video format is supported by the Television, watching content must be as easy as plugging your external hard drive/USB stick into your Television, choosing the USB input and selecting the video you wish to watch through the Television’s file explorer software.

How to Connect Laptop to TV With Wirelessly Without HDMI

  • Make sure that the video file format is supported with your Television (you can verify this by looking for your Television model on the specifications and manufacturers website)
  • Copy the video file to the USB drive.
  • Insert USB into Television.
  • Choose the USB channel on your Television.
  • Use the Television’s file explorer to localize and play the favorite video.



Connect a laptop to TV using VGA

Another simple method to connect the laptop to your Television is by using VGA port on devices. This is possible to only be chosen for those with a laptop that is old.

VGA is led by a short video that you must to connect from the headphone socket of your laptop to audio in port of the external speakers or Television

Using VGA means Windows should configure the settings automatically using an HDMI cable. Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing complications


  • Start your Television and laptop.
  • Connect both your TV and Laptop to your VGA cable
  • Now perform the same with the 3.5mm audio jack by using the headphone port on the audio and laptop in your speakers or TV
  • Click to Control Panel > click Display > and then Adjust Resolutions and perform the above-given directions.



Wirelessly connect a laptop to TV

If you don’t wish to have a wire between the Television and laptop, another choice is to go wireless. There are numerous preference is depending on your laptop’s competencies because some laptops have a built-in wireless system known as (Intel Wireless Display) which function with a well-matched receiver like Netgear’s Push2TV.

There are wireless systems which are plugged into the HDMI port on your laptop and Television, sending the video wireless. These aren’t generally though, cheap, and most wireless video systems have a hit on video quality and can also announce a disparity between audio and video.

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