how to fix error code 21400


an error code 21400 is displayed on the scanner screen on the mac

Beth Kaminstein Answered question November 15, 2019
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While the error code 21400 persists on my MAC OS, all I knew was to restart my device. However, this fixed the issue for quite some time but after a while, it became more stubborn.

The below-mentioned solution is the easiest way out if you are facing the error code 21400.

  • Firstly start by clicking on the Apple menu
  • Go to the System Preferences
  • Now you will be able to witness the option of “Print and Fax” or “Print and Scan” or “Printers and Scanners” on the screen
  • Make a selection as soon as you observe the aforementioned options
  • Click on the option of “Resetting Printer Settings” after right-clicking on the Printers windows
  • Once the confirmation window pops up you have to select on “Reset”
  • Click on “OK” after you have entered the Administrator name and Password

After the execution of the above-mentioned steps, you will get rid of this issue.For instant help, you can chat with expert.

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