How to Fix Windows 10 Start Menu & Taskbar Not Working


Total frustrated with this error. Help?

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A number of users have stated issues with their Start Menu while using Windows 10. They have clearly reported that their Windows 10 start menu is not working 2016. The Start Menu is where all the features and programs are on Windows, so it can be pretty frustrating if it abruptly stops operating – and can make it nearly difficult to get anything performed on your PC. If you’re undergoing any of these technical bugs, try the answers we’ve set out underneath and probably your Start Menu will start working and running like usual again.

How to Fix Start Menu In Windows 10 Not Working?

How to Fix Start Menu In Windows 10 Not Working


Check and repair corrupt Windows files

Windows files can sometimes become nefarious and this can damage your PC to a great extent — comprising a stuck Start menu. Luckily, Windows 10 has a built-in approach to fixing this.

  • Step 1-Launch Task Manager: Firstly, you need to tap the Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons on your keyboard all at the same time. Then you need to right-click the Taskbar and then select the Task manager.
  • Step 2-Run a new Windows task: When the Task manager window inaugurates, tap on the More details tab to enlarge it, then choose the Run new task option from the File menu.
  • Step 3-Run Windows PowerShell: After the Run new task dialogue box begins, you need to type PowerShell, tick the box for Creating the task with administrative rights and click finally click on the OK option.
  • Step 4-Run The System File Checker: Then you need to type sfc /scannow into the window and then you need to press the Return key. The scan may consume some time and will terminate with one of three results. They are- Windows Resource Protection identified corrupt files and improved them which means now there are no corrupt files, Windows did not observe any integrity infractions and, Windows Resource Protection discovered corrupt files but was powerless to fix some of them shows a problem.
  • In this latter case, type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth into the Power-Shell window and tap on the Return button. This will enable the downloading of files from Windows Update(Delete Windows Update Files) to supplant the corrupt ones and, repeatedly, this may need some time.

2.Reinstalling all the Windows applications

Sometimes, executing this particular step solves the issue of Windows 10 taskbar start menu not working 2017. You need to simply uninstall the existing applications first and then again require to reinstall them. This step can solve your issue.

3. Create A New User Account

If reinstalling the Windows apps doesn’t work out for you, then devising a new user account normally will. If you’re presently operating a Microsoft account, your settings will also shift to the new account once you update it from the default restricted account. You’ll require to convey your confined files from one account to another in other situations, though. Your established software won’t be changed and thus your problem will also be solved.

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