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My printer is working fine. But but when i try to scan a document to my computer it showing me an error. Its urgent for me can anyone tell me how to scan to computer.

Connor Answered question September 5, 2018
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It is very easy to scan to computer on windows. Since you have not mention any operating system, i will only talk about  how to scan to computer using windows and not mac or for mobile devices. If you want steps on how to scan to computer for other devices, comment in the below section and i will gladly provide it.
To begin, ensure that the scanner is switched on and it is connected to the computer.
Place the document that your want scan on the glass tray.
On your computer screen, click on the windows search box which is located at the bottom left side of the screen. Type in the search bar, “Windows Fax and Scan” and click on windows fax and scan to open a new window. Select on New Scan and select your correct printer/scanner model number from the list and open it. Select the type of document you want to scan to. To do so, click on profile drop down box and select the type of document you want to scan to. To change the scan color settings, click on Color Format drop down list and select to either scan in color or only in black and white. Click on File type drop down list and select PDF. if there are any other changes you want to make before scanning, select as per your liking. Click on the preview before you begin the scan to computer. Once everything has been finalize, click on Scan and your document will scan to your computer.

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