How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr App In iPhones & Android?


Its quite impressive question. I bet most of people don’t know about this Who are using tumbler??

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Tumblr is a highly successful blogging and micro-blogging software founded in the year 2007 by David Karp. This program enables its users to design their personal blog and a user can advertise anything like videos, images, post, quotes, audio and much more on their individual blog. You can utilize Tumblr on any smartphone equipment and laptop browser smoothly. Tumblr app is further accessible on the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

The greatest feature of this social networking website is you can also re blog other user’s column, videos, etc. And you can share and retweet another person’s blog too on Twitter by an individual mouse click. But there are various users who reported a problem about the safe mode won’t turn off and it states you are under 18. Several users have the problem “How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr Android Or iPhone?” Well, this article is all about how to guide you through this particular problem. Take a look at the further sections to know how you can deal with the issue.

What is Tumblr Safe Mode?

Usually, safe mode filters delicate content in your principal dashboard live feeds and your search outcome. If this option is approved, then you will see a report like “This post may include delicate media”. For viewing this column, you can only click on the View Post key.

How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr Android?

How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the Tumblr Android application and then you require to Login with your personal credentials which include the username and password.

Tumblr app username Password

  • Step 2: Then, you have to click on the Profile Option which you will find at the bottom right corner.

Click on profile Option

  • Step 3: Furthermore, under the profile option, you need to click on the Settings Option which you will be able to locate at the top right corner.

Click setting Option

  • Step 4: Now, you will have to choose the General Settings option. Make sure to select the first option under the general settings tab. Here you can locate the option known as Filtering. You need to further click on it.

General setting

  • Step 5: Then, simply Toggle On or Off Safe Mode choice as per your requirement.

Click safe mode

How to Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr iPhone?

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to open the settings application on your iPhone or iPad device.

  • Step 2: Then you need to navigate to the installed app segment and locate the app.
  • Step 3: Furthermore, you need to simply click on the option and you can notice the Safe Mode settings.

Safe mode setting iPhone

  • Step 4: You will find lots of settings available like Just hide sensitive search results, don’t hide anything, and hide all sensitive contents. Choose the one according to your requirement and your task is done.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know turn off safe mode in tumblr, execute the task on your iPhone or Android and try to repeat the steps mentioned above. If the problem persists, you may require to contact an expert tech specialist.

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I never knew that there was a safe mode option in tumblr app. That is the reason why when someone shared me a video it shows as a delicate video and i could not view it

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I actually came in to check for questions about not able to post or save files in tumblr but got a new information on how to turn off safe mode in tumblr. Great!!

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The option to turn off safe mode on tumblr app is greyed out. When i touch or tap on it, nothing happens. I force shutdown the app and restarted it but it is still showing the same thing. I checked the whole settings option and found most of the options are greyed out and i cannot select or change anything. I did not have this problem on my previous phone.

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Answering to Macy’s comments on her The option to turn off safe mode on tumblr app is greyed out. If you are under the age of 18, you will not be able to turn off tumblr Safe Mode. Because the birthday you have entered while registering on Tumblr, you won’t be able to change it once it is done. You are stuck in Safe Mode till you reach the age of 18.

On how to turn off tumblr safe mode, you will find it to disable safe mode in the settings section for both iOS, Android phone and Website

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