How To Unfreeze A Computer


My Computer is working very slow. Sometime it got hang. So that time how could i get rid of this. Can anybody tell me step by step solution To Unfreeze A Computer.

Jackson Answered question September 5, 2018
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Every once in a while our computer display screen freezes and we are left with nothing to do. Hitting the keyboard or clicking randomly on the screen will not help either. There is nothing much we can do but try some few basic steps to unfreeze a computer.

  1. Wait for a few minutes to unfreeze the computer. Be patient and give the computer some time to respond that way you might be able to save all the data that you have worked on.
  2. Open the task manager by pressing and holding the three keys at the same time “Ctrl” “Atl” “Del” on the keyboard. On the task manager window, click on the application tab and check if there is any application that shows as not responding. If so, select that application by clicking on it and and click End Task to unfreeze the computer
  3. If you are using a laptop, remove the power source from the laptop.
  4. Press and hold the power button for more than 5 seconds. This will force shutdown the computer and remove all unsaved work that you were working before. Wait for a minute after the computer has completely shutdown and restart the computer again.  
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