HP photosmart will not print. replaced ink, reset, calibration setup. what next?


HP photosmart will not print. I have replaced both black and color ink and followed every reset, calibration setup there is.

Mattias Sullivan Answered question November 22, 2019
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Even I faced the same issue for a while and kept scratching my head to know the reason behind this problem. One of my friend who is full of technological knowledge also gave up on this one. As nobody knows it all, I started searching about the issue and came across this really helpful which was full of possible issues with HP Photosmart. I was satisfied with the solutions provided as it not only helped me but I introduced it to my friend as well. No wonder this one really won our hearts.  My HP Photosmart printing issue was solved in a snap.

Get more solutions- https://www.errorsdoc.com/hp/how-to-fix-carriage-jam-problem-in-hp-photosmart-officejet-printers/

venmartin Changed status to publish January 2, 2020
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