Ink Cartridge error WF-3640


I had my blue/pink/yellow ink cartridges refilled but I keep getting an ink cartridge error for my WF-3640 after I put them in.  I have taken them out & re-inserted but keep getting the same error on the blue & yellow only.

Roseanna Answered question November 22, 2019
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Hi there, I have faced the same issue in the past. At that time even I was confused and did not know what should be done to get rid of this error. My research has brought me down to the conclusion and the following quick fixes. Try the solutions mentioned below if you are facing the issue of “Ink Cartridge error WF-3640”

  • Replace the cartridge with the new one. Wait for 10 minutes before using it.
  • Remove the cartridge. Place it in a clean and safe place where the cartridge or the surface won’t be damaged.
  • Turn the printer off
  • Unplug the power cable of your printer from the socket as well. Wait for about 10 minutes approx.
  • Plug your printer power cable back to the wall socket.
  • Insert a new cartridge
  • Turn ON your printer

If you have any other issue with your Epson printer, here is the guide with solutions-

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