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In QuickBooks it is possible to merge accounts. Many times various accounts are made to represent the same type of item or expense. As an example I often see two expense accounts in the same chart of accounts called Repairs and Repairs Expense.

Most likely the repetitive account was set up by another user that was not keeping consistent with the previous person handling the bookkeeping.

Inexperienced QuickBooks users have a tendency to want to re-code each transaction and then delete the unwanted account.

A much faster solution to this resolving this issue is to merge the accounts.

QuickBooks action to merge accounts:

  • Go to your chart of accounts
  • Right click on the account you want to keep and click Edit Account
  • Copy the name of the account you want to keep
  • Go back to your chart of account and right click on the account you want to merge with the account you are keeping
  • Paste the name of the account you are keeping over the name of the account you want to get rid of
    Click Save & Close
  • QuickBooks will display a message that says: “This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?
  • Click Yes and your accounts will be merged


If you are using Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online to merge QuickBooks accounts, you’ll want to avoid creating new accounts. First, your import file should contain either the lowest sub account number OR the entire account:subaccount, not both. If you’re using account numbers, select the Options button and turn on the Transaction Pro Importer option to enable account numbers and not add new account numbers.

Merging accounts in QuickBooks Online is a simple process, once you get the hang of it. If you still have problems, please reach out to our Customer Success team at [email protected].

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