my iMac can’t find my officejet 8720


my iMac can’t find my officejet 8720 when I go into the iMac system preferences and try to discover the printer, it comes up with “fax”

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Uninstall the printer drivers from the computer and download/install the latest drivers from the hp support site. If you have done the same. I would suggest you to restart your iMac and reset the printer system from your computer.
Go to System Preferences – select Print and Scan – from the list of printers listed find your printer, Right click on your printer and select Reset Printing System ( Warning this will delete all the printers that are listed)
Now select the Plus symbol to re-add a printer, select the Default tab on the top of the window. Search and select for your printer and then next to Use pulldown. Select your printer model ( not the airprint). Wait for a few seconds till the Add button becomes visible and then click on it.

venmartin Changed status to publish June 22, 2018
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